SOTD: Kashmir – Led Zeppelin

  1. Ritz 9 years ago

    Loved the song.


    But nothing to do with Kashmir, does not evoke any any feelings of Kashmiris – no instrument used which is Indian/Kashmiri / No theme which is Indian/Kashmiri …to tune of Baansuri or Sitar / or a Tambura…..why the song is called “Kashmir”??

    From the sound it seems like the singer is feeling for “victims” of Kashmir/ victims of terrorism etc…but then….by the beats and loud screaming in between I can sense that.

    But then how is it related to “Kashmir” ?

    It can be related to any trouble / political trouble region in world. Why name it Kashmir when there is nothing related to Kashmir in terms of flavour and sound?

    • Author
      sputnik 9 years ago

      From Wikipedia

      ‘The lyrics to the song—originally called “Driving to Kashmir”—were written by Plant in 1973 immediately after Led Zeppelin’s 1973 US Tour, in an area he called “the waste lands”[6] of Southern Morocco, while driving from Goulimine to Tantan in the Sahara Desert.[1][2] This was despite the fact that the song is named for Kashmir, a region in the northwestern part of the Himalayas.[8] As Plant explained to rock journalist Cameron Crowe:

      The whole inspiration came from the fact that the road went on and on and on. It was a single-track road which neatly cut through the desert. Two miles to the East and West were ridges of sandrock. It basically looked like you were driving down a channel, this dilapidated road, and there was seemingly no end to it. ‘Oh, let the sun beat down upon my face, stars to fill my dreams…’ It’s one of my favourites…that, ‘All My Love’ and ‘In the Light’ and two or three others really were the finest moments. But ‘Kashmir’ in particular. It was so positive, lyrically.[1]

      Plant has also commented on the challenges he faced in writing lyrics for such a complex piece of music:

      It was an amazing piece of music to write to, and an incredible challenge for me … Because of the time signature, the whole deal of the song is… not grandiose, but powerful: it required some kind of epithet, or abstract lyrical setting about the whole idea of life being an adventure and being a series of illuminated moments. But everything is not what you see. It was quite a task, ’cause I couldn’t sing it. It was like the song was bigger than me. It’s true: I was petrified, it’s true. It was painful; I was virtually in tears.[9]

      In an interview he gave to William S. Burroughs in 1975, Page mentioned that at the time the song was composed, none of the band members had ever been to Kashmir.[10]’

      Here is the link to the lyrics. Read the comments too. Some are bashing the lyrics as crap and some are saying as they are talking about drugged stupor. 😉 It can also mean Kashmir as “heaven on earth”.

  2. Ritz 9 years ago

    Some typos in my above comment.

    Loved the song.

    Havent heard the lyrics of the song clearly. (Btw cant make out the lyrics even of a Hindi song in today’s days so forget abt english) But its nothing to do with lyrics….the song sounds hollow when heard in context of “Kashmir” which is “OUR PART”.

    Its like someone singing a rap song on Shirdi Saibaba. (not a fan of saibaba or rap – just giving an example).

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