SOTD: Dikhayee Diye Yun – Bazaar

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    sauravjha 8 years ago

    Lovely song, there are some fantastic songs in this album my favourite being “Dekhlo aaj humko” treat to watch it on lovely pair of Supriya Pathak n Farooq Sheikh.

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    Ritz 8 years ago


    Lyrics is not by “Makhdoom Mohiuddin”. If they have credited so in the film, its wrong.

    Its a Meer Taqi Meer ghazal which has ‘matla’ as “faqiraana aaye sadaa kar chale, miyaan khush raho hum duaa kar chale”.

    The song has just taken one of the other sher in the ghazal as its opening line.But the song doesnt have a single word outside of that Ghazal.

    I think you should also add Meer Taqi meer in the tags.

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      Ritz 8 years ago

      Just checked the film credits and yes it does crdit Meer in opening credits (at 2:13) as Mir Taqi Mir

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      sputnik 8 years ago

      You are right. The lyrics are by Mir Taqi Mir. Thanks for the correction.

      I wrongly assumed the lyrics are by Makhdoom Mohiuddin as Phir Chiddi Raat was written by him.

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