Songs from Maya Memsaab – An Underrated Music Album

On Hridayanath Mangeshkar’s birthday check out songs from the movie Maya Memsaab. Its an underrated music album. Great lyrics by Gulzar as usual.

The song Ek Haseen Nigah Ka was broken into parts and picturized on all three male leads. So here is the best joined video I could find which is not the complete song.

Love the following lyrics from the song Yeh Shehar Badaa Purana Hai.

“Yeh Basti Dil Ki Basti Hai
Kuchh Dard Hai Kuchh Ruswai Hai
Yeh Kitni Baar Ujaadi Hai
Yeh Kitni Bar Basaai Hai
Yeh Shehar Badaa Purana Hai…

Yeh Jism Hai Kachchi Mitti Ka
Bhar Jaaye To Risne Lagta Hai
Baahon Mein Koi Thame To
Aagosh Mein Girne Lagta Hai
Yeh Shehar Badaa Purana Hai…”

Another lovely number Khud Se Baatein

Hridayanath Mangeshkar reused his own Marathi song Mi Raat Takli for O Dil Banjare. Thanks to hithere for this.

Here is Mi Raat Takli from Jait Re Jait.

Could not find a video version so here is the audio version of Mere Sarahane Jalao Sapne.

  1. hithere 10 years ago

    Love this album!

  2. Baba 10 years ago

    good album but i never had the courage to watch this film. have bad faint memories of it

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      Its officially adapted from a French novel Madame Bovary. The movie is a good adaptation except for the stupid climax/ending with some magic potion and all. I saw it the second time hoping I will understand the ending but could not. Read about Madame Bovary on wikipedia and the ending is not weird/ambiguous like that. So don’t know why Ketan Mehta decided to ruin the story like that.

  3. aryan 10 years ago

    Its a excellent music album liked all the songs in the movie great work by Gulzar.

  4. Jaya Lahori 10 years ago

    Very good album.. and great lyrics

  5. Anajanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    Nice album. One thing about Hridaynath Mangeshkar is he always gave music Only when the lyrics is very good poetry – he refuses composing on lame poetry. He mentioned that in his marathi interviews (when asked why is so choosy).

    Mi Raat Takli / O Dil Banjare is an alltime fav.

  6. John Galt 10 years ago

    I never liked the album that much..It has okay melody but the repeat value for me is almost negligible.

    Hate the way Kumar Sanu says “Hasin” …Its Haseen (eee)…and Kumar sanu made such mistakes throughout his career.

    The only song in this album that I find good enough with some repeat value is “Khud se baatein Karte rehna”

    Also I think Mere Serhane has very good lyrics and composition but the singer choice of Lata is not good..For such songs a perfectly trained singer sometimes doesn’t do that intended job….Asha would have been a much better choice….Amongst men, Ghulam ALi would have taken this song to a totally different level.

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      Disagree on the repeat value of the album.

      Don’t know why Kumar Sanu sang “Hasin” instead of “Haseen” throughout the whole song when he has never pronounced the word like that in any other song as far as I know. He has sung the word as “Haseen” in songs like Kitna Haseen Chahra and Ek Din Wo.

      Yes correct pronunciation is important but the song should have lyrics which the character might sing. Why would a ordinary middle class character played by Amol Palekar be using hifi Urdu/Hindi words written by Gulzar/Indeevar/Yogesh?

      And why should someone who is playing a normal guy sing songs in correct classical manner when they are not playing classical singers in the movie?

      Ghulam Ali may be a great classical singer but his voice is unique and it does not suit any actor. So he fails at the basic step of playback singing involving lip syncing.

      Playback singing is like dubbing – there should only be one playback singer for one actor for one movie and his voice should suit the actor lip syncing on the screen. Playback singing originated when they wanted good singers to sing for actors who could not sing. But with today’s technology I don’t think we need any playback singers. Let the actors themselves sing for themselves.

      Once upon a time playback singers like Rafi and Kishore were almost like stars and they used to get all the credit for the hit songs but today music composers do not want to share that credit. That is the reason why they choose multiple singers and they sing many songs themselves.

      Naushad also composed for the movie Guddu and had a song “Thandi Mein Pasina” sung by Kumar Sanu πŸ™‚

      • John Galt 10 years ago

        I think you did not get my point about classical singers…I meant Lata is too trained for this song and fails to embrace the song the way Aasha or Ghulam Ali would have.

        I wasn’t commenting in context of PLayback singing but just commenting about how the lyrics and music of this song would have been done more justice by the singers I mentioned.

  7. Anajanpur685Miles 10 years ago


    You mentioned somewhere on this forum about Udit not being relevant these days and how ppl identify with Mika for Hero’s voice.

    Couldn’t agree more.

    Like Naushad said, “mai woh Sone ka sikka hu, jo aaj ke baazar me nahi chalta” πŸ˜‰

    • hithere 10 years ago

      Precisely that is why we have transition from one top singer to other. People tastes change. Rafi and Kishore were at top for longer period. Suggesting they adapted well or there was less competition.

  8. Anajanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    @John Galt

    I wanted to comment on that but I think I criticized too many ppl in a day (on other thread). Kumar Sanu is same as Kishor Kumar for me btw – both who didnt respect anything about pronounciation and singing. (Kishore was bit better – just about).

    • hithere 10 years ago

      I don’t see why there is emphasis on correct pronunciation of words. We generally pronounce words incorrectly. Does it matter that hero needs to lip sync to correct pronunciation? if yes, then every actor should act has Delhite (assuming they speak the right Hindi) instead of Punjabi, Tamilian..!

      • John Galt 10 years ago

        come on πŸ™‚

        I think pronunciation is an important part of singing or even acting.

        I watched Boss recently and I was pissed at the joke of a pronunciation they had for the Haryanvi accent..I think its part of the deal as an actor and “acting”.

        If any specific singer is singing a language that is not native to him/her then either they should get their pronunciation right (at least for the words being used in the song) or be ready to be criticized for it.

        I haven’t seen Lincoln but I assume Daniel Day Lewis got lincoln’s accent right…Do you remember Irrfan’s south Indian guy portrayal? He got it spot on…Same goes for anyone who’s playing a punjabi/Gujarati. etc…and same goes for singers, singing in a particular language.

        • hithere 10 years ago

          That exactly is the point. If a Hindi movie is set in Mumbai. No one speaks proper Hindi then why expect actors to lip-sync in proper English?

          • John Galt 10 years ago

            so you would have agreed to my statement had Maya Memsaab been set in Delhi?

            I think that just too much specification..I think correct Pronunciation is an integral part of singing, unless the singer is deliberately pronouncing it different/wrong, because the actor(or rather character) is such in a movie that he/she’d pronounce it that way…

            I don’t think Raj Babbar/Farrow Sheikh/Srk’s pronunciation in the movie was wrong.

            Here’s an interesting example- The Aati kya khandala song in Ghulam is a tapori song..The song is sung by both Aamir and Alka Yagnik… While Alka’s accent/pronunciation is proper because that’s how Rani’s character is, while Aamir’s singing in a tapori’s way..

            In the same movie, they have other romantic duets picturized on them as well..where the singers are singing in proper hindi..and that’s because the songs itself were simple hindi duets.

            Now Ignore all what I said above..As a hindi/urdu speaking guy, I find it grossly odd when someone says Hasin instead of Haseen and that too in a song πŸ˜€

          • hithere 10 years ago

            Correction : “in proper English”
            In proper Hindi.

            ” my statement had Maya Memsaab been set in Delhi?”
            You are not getting my point. My position is that it is not important if you are able to convey the expressions.

            “As a hindi/urdu speaking guy, I find it grossly odd when someone says Hasin instead of Haseen and that too in a song πŸ˜€ ”
            But many people don’t care or in many cases don’t even use in common lingo.

          • John Galt 10 years ago

            Okay, so if you are going out for dinner and order something Punjabi..wouldn’t you find it worth criticism if the food wasn’t really punjabi but someone’s attempt at it..or would you say, “well you know, not everyone makes good punjabi food, and if most do not care, hence criticism is unnecessary.”

            I get your point about most nor caring, but as a listener if I know the authentic pronunciation of words in a specific language, I have every right to criticize if I hear the wrong pronunciation from a guy who is a renowned singer and has been paid handsomely to sing a song in that particular language.

  9. Anajanpur685Miles 10 years ago


    Even music directors that time (golden period 50s 60s) made fun of Lata’s poor urdu prounciation (including Dilip Kumar also). And no, I may not be knowing more than them but the way ppl criticize greats like Tendulkar, Dhoni or a Gavaskar I can also do in music domain (referring to other thread).

    If you are pissed off by my criticism on Manna?

    Its important to pronounce words correctly when song is in a particular language / thats why I find Lata/Sanu poor in Urdu songs(heck, Sanu is poor even in Hindi) . well, John Galt has said it better.

    If they wanted the singer to sound like a proper Mumbaiyya then get that slang properly. I dont see that was the intention here.

    • hithere 10 years ago

      “if you are pissed off by my criticism on Manna? ”
      No. I am not. But I know you are wrong or biased.

    • hithere 10 years ago

      So Aamir in RDB was sufficient with his Punjabi accent except for Punjabi speaking population. Govinda doesn’t speak proper Bhojpuri but he does a good job for most with Bihari. The point is if most people are Okay, it doesn’t need to be most correct.

  10. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    @John Galt,

    The romatic duets in Ghulam should also have been in the same Tapori accent for Aamir. In Rangeela, Kya Kare Kya Na Kare and Yaaron Sun Lo Zara both have Udit singing in Tapori accent for Aamir. Mangta Hai Kya had Rahman singing in his horrible accent.

    I agree with you that wrong pronunciation sounds bad specially for words that are of common usage.

    “I watched Boss recently and I was pissed at the joke of a pronunciation they had for the Haryanvi accent..I think its part of the deal as an actor and β€œacting”.’

    As hithere said most people will take Akshay’s accent as Haryanvi except for people from Haryana. A lot of actors (Mehmood, Naseer in Hero Hiralal, Boman Irani in Well Done Abba, Aamir in an ad, one of the guys in Rocket Singh) have tried to speak in Hyderabadi accent but none of them have got it right. The Angrez had authentic Hyderabadi accent because it was played by actors from Hyderabad.

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