Singer accuses Samir Karnik of harassment

Filmmaker Samir Karnik’s last film Chaar din Ki Chandni seems to have brought him a lot of attention. And not for the right reasons. Firstly the film was rated zero by a critic which made the filmmaker not too happy. And now, Mirror has learnt that Samir has been accused of harassment and not honouring a film commitment by singer Anaya Brahma. In fact, Anaya had filed a non-cognizable report at Oshiwara police station.

Though it was Samir, who had given Anaya her first Bollywood break in his film , the singer has claimed that she was promised a full fledged video as well. “I was promised a three-minute video towards the end of the film and was assured that it will be promoted well. When I finally got the video copy choreographed by Bosco Ceasar, it was only two-minutes long,” complained Anaya who composed sang the number titled DJ Play That Song in the film. She even got the due credits as a music director.

Reacting to Anaya’s allegations, Samir said, “I have given the video to Anaya some 15-20 days back and her song has been used with the lead actors of the film. If she is making these allegations, it is very stupid. Her payment would be i the form of a music video. And we have already done it.”

This, however is just one of the accusations that Anaya made against the filmmaker. “One night he asked me to join him and a few other boys at a party. I thought it would perhaps not be safe for me to go alone. But late in the night, he started calling me. He was in high spirits and he kept asking me why I hadn’t turned up. He even threatened that I would have to pay for it. He even wanted to come over to my place. He started asking for my address. However, the following day he sent me an SMS apology,” revealed the singer.

“He did not speak to me for a few days. I messaged him to check on the status of my song. Then one day, he called me to an editing room. His behaviour continued to bother me. Since I had taken someone along with me, the way I always do, he got really angry and told me, ‘Why do you bring people along. Your promo is about to hit the screens, samajh sakte ho na main aapke liye kya kar raha hoon’.”

Surprised with her serious allegations, Samir simply told Mirror, “I treat her like family. She is like my sister. If she is making these allegations, I think its rubbish. Every allegation needs proof. She was extremely happy to be a part of my film. I helped her out when people accused her of stealing a tune. What saddens me is her behaviour. I did not expect her to make such a serious allegation after I have given her the tapes.”


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