Shirish Kunder apologises to Shah Rukh Khan

If sources are to be believed, Shirish Kunder has extended the olive branch to Shah Rukh Khan. Yes, Farah Khan and Shirish Kunder made their way to Shah Rukh Khan’s residence, Mannat, this evening and Shirish we hear said ‘Sorry’ to SRK!

It was Sajid Khan and Sajid Nadiadwala who played mediator and peace-maker, and made the two parties kiss and make up.

Shah Rukh Khan, we hear, was in a rather forgiving mood, and simply went ahead and hugged Farah and Shirish. Farah, too, said she was sorry, or so we hear.

Shah Rukh Khan and Farah Khan have been good friends for far too long and it’s not easy for one to remain angry on the other for a long time.

So all’s well that ends well, we guess.


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    sputnik 12 years ago

    It was getting very ugly: Farah Khan

    “What’s been happening since yesterday was really ugly, and it was also getting blown out of proportion. It was a pretty monumental thing that happened. There were different kinds of stories and rumours. There was just too much negativity to handle so I’m very happy that Sajid Nadiadwala and Sajid Khan took the initiative and we all met up.

    “Shah Rukh was unhappy about the whole thing, so was Gauri, so was Shirish, so was I. Anyone who wishes us well was not happy with what had happened. Fights happen in every family, you have to sort it out.

    “Whenever Shah Rukh and I meet, everything is back to normal. It’s like nothing ever happened. There’s no problem, there’s no misunderstanding. We just need to hug and cry and everything’s fine. What we spoke is a very personal thing, but everything is sorted now and for the people who were getting entertained by all this, sorry, you won’t be getting entertained anymore.

    “Shirish was not happy about what transpired last evening. It was not a pleasant episode to happen. Things were really going out of hand. Everyone wants to take sides and they want to ciculate stories. Shah Rukh, Shirish, me and Gauri – we are the four people who are affected directly by what has happened and we have to know that we are fine with each other.

    “There is great love between all of us. Shah Rukh and Gauri have done my kanyadaan for God’s sake. He’s a witness on my marriage certificate. So, this can’t be happening. I’m very grateful to my brother, and to Sajid Nadiadwala who intervened and got us all together. It was important that we met. We were there for about two-and-a-half to three hours – we cried, we laughed, we joked…”‘


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    sputnik 12 years ago

    Shah Rukh-Shirish patch up, courtesy Sajid Khan

    After a tumultuous day of muck-flying and titanic tweeting battle-scarred party-bashers Shah Rukh Khan and Shrish Kunder called it a truce on Tuesday afternoon, courtesy Shrish’s brother-in-law Sajid Khan and Shah Rukh’s wife Gauri Khan.

    Apparently Sajid and Gauri called for a meeting at Shah Rukh Khan’s residence Mannat between the two warring parties. Over a hot meal and cool discussion, the acrimony was wiped clean.

    Apparently Shah Rukh and Shirish have decided to start their rapport all over again.

    Confirming the reconciliation at Mannat Sajid Khan said, “Yes, I felt terrible about the ugly turn that the whole affair took. Shah Rukh and Shirish had a fight, agreed. But the media didn’t have to play it up to the point of making it on the front of national newspapers.”

    Getting sentimental Sajid Khan says, “Do you know when my sister Farah and Shirish got married there were only three witnesses. Me, Sajid Nadiadwala and Shah Rukh. We’re family.And there’re bound to be differences between family members. Yes, Gauri and I took the initiative.All of us met at Mannat over a meal.And it was all sorted out.”

    Adds Farah Khan, “I can’t begin to tell you how relieved I am. This had turned really ugly. And before it got uglier my brother took matters into his hands.Full credit to Gauri for making the reconciliation happen.When my brother asked her where we should meet she said Mannat ,because she said it’s Farah’s home. I am so moved.”

    Farah says this is not only the end of the ugly spat between her husband and Shah Rukh, it is also a new beginning for her and Shah Rukh. “I really liked what he said. He made us promise to wipe out all the bitterness of the last two years and start afresh.I feel like a big burden is off my back.”

    All is well that ends well.’


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    sputnik 12 years ago

    SRK and Shirish call truce

    All’s well that ends well. Shah Rukh Khan and Shirish Kunder called a truce Tuesday, a day after they were embroiled in a scuffle at a party. Shirish said their friendship has become stronger than ever now.

    “Sajid Nadiadwala and Sajid Khan were the mediators and had arranged a meeting. Whatever issues we had, we kept before each other and the misunderstanding has been solved. Things are sorted out now and our friendship is renewed,” Shirish told IANS, after the patch-up.

    Shirish along with his wife Farah Khan, brother-in-law Sajid Khan and producer Sajid Nadiadwala had arranged the meeting at Shah Rukh’s house Mannat.

    “It was a mutual thing and was not about saying sorry to each other. Since I am younger I can’t expect Shah Rukh to say sorry. We kept our egos aside and were gracious enough about it. Being the younger, I should have not reacted like this. Our relationship has become stronger like never before. Everything that was said has been cleared face to face now,” he added.

    Shah Rukh is alleged to have hit Shirish at a bash organised by Sanjay Dutt to celebrate the success of Agneepath. The fight is said to have taken place at a popular club in the early hours Monday.

    Farah, who was the first one to speak about the incident, is also happy that things are sorted out.

    “It was really ugly what has been happening since yesterday. It was getting blown out of proportion. With all kind of different rumours and stories, it was just too much of negativity to handle. I thank Sajid Nadiadwala and my brother Sajid Khan that they took the initiative and we met up,” she told the media.

    “It is not pleasant episode to have happened. Things were going out of hand, everyone wanted to take sides and Shah Rukh, Gauri, Shirish and me were the ones who were getting affected directly by what was happening,” she added.

    “Fights happen in every family and you have to sort it out and ours is now finally sorted. What we spoke is a very personal thing but everything is sorted and all the people who were getting entertained by this, just want to say ‘sorry’, as they won’t be getting entertained anymore,” she added.’


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