Shikayatein Song – Lootera

  1. ank_16n 8 years ago

    movie will be good and Interesting watch IMO..!!

  2. Serenzy 8 years ago

    Coming from UDAAN, I’m highly anticipating LOOTERA which will be a very Interesting Watch.
    Loving the Old-World, 50’s Settings here.

    Not to forget, it’s a damn costly movie(it went Overbudget) – Around 50cr, I heard incl. PnP.

    • Serenzy 8 years ago

      Balaji already had a “Not so Good” Experience of another Near-50cr Movie this year with SHOOTOUT AT WADALA.!


      Gather up some Steam OUATIMD bcz CHEENAI EXPRESS coming to get ya..

      • ank_16n 8 years ago

        na Lootera Budget is 38 cr(incl. P % A)(its 28 cr + 8-10 cr)

  3. mate 8 years ago

    This is a guaranteed Flop. It is a non-starrer with a flop director, there is zero buzz at all, added with the worst promos and songs, it’s is on its way to become a mega flop considering the budget of the movie.

    • ank_16n 8 years ago


      saving ur comment for future reference…!! 😀

  4. Bored 8 years ago

    The director is good (from what I saw in Udaan). But he is trying to go larger with romance and stars – no idea how he can deal with all this. But songs are nice and visuals are good.

    Will be nice to see such films succeeding.

  5. ank_16n 8 years ago

    Special shows of Lootera to start much in advance
    By Joginder Tuteja, June 28, 2013 – 10:43 hrs IST

    Lootera would be out there and in the open much in advance before its planned theatrical release. Though the Vikramaditya Motwane-directed film is scheduled to release on July 5, the makers have decided to host multiple special screenings of the film starting from this weekend.

    “Though these days it is a norm to host pre-release trials of films maximum three days in advance. The invitees are mainly friends and family. However those behind Lootera have decided to change the rules,” informs a source.

    This means that from this weekend, more than ten screenings have been planned for Lootera in Mumbai. Ranveer and Sonakshi are expected to play the perfect hosts.

    “The word has already been spread,” says the source. “As the film is backed by Balaji, there is a huge spread of people, from within as well as outside the industry, who are being extended invitations,” the source adds.

    Though in the past there have been a few instances of filmmakers opening up their films long before they hit the screen, it has primarily been done for offbeat affairs to ensure strong word-of-mouth. However, it is a different case with Lootera, which, despite being a commercial star-studded affair, is being brought out in the open so much in advance.

    Confirms a Balaji insider, “On watching the final cut, everyone were so pleased and confident that we wanted to begin showing it to all our friends from within and outside the film industry in advance. We have a quality product in hand. It is a celebration no less for us and we wish to begin the party sooner than later.”

    Concludes Ekta, “Lootera is among the most special films we’ve produced. We’re extremely proud of it. It has great universal appeal and word-of-mouth potential. That’s why we are confident to show it well in advance to people.”

    • ank_16n 8 years ago

      this shows that movie is very good…….abey yeh Vikram aditya motwani ki movie hai…… udaan is a cult Classic for me..!!

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