Shanghai Has Poor First Day

Shanghai had a poor first day as it collected around 3-3.25 crore nett on its first day. The opening was never expected to be big but with good promotion and a decent cast, a total towards 4 crore rather than 3 crore would have been expected.

The film has just managed average collections at some high end multiplexes of metros but in most places the audiences gave it a miss and preferred Rowdy Rathore which has tremendous appreciation all over.

The film is a disaster in places like CP Berar and Bihar where the film has been sold to independent distributors, even a miraculous turnaround will see heavy losses as first day is so low.

Shanghai has been released on nearly 1000 screens across India which is far too wide for a film like this as screens outside metros have hardly contributed to its business.


  1. Baba Ji
    Baba Ji 8 years ago

    It is understood that a high brow film like shanghai wont do well in Bihar and CP Berar.Why to highlight it specifically as if they are some important circuits for this kind of film? If RR really had “tremendous” appreciation all over the country,it would be challenging the collections of BG.77 cr week 1 is not at all All-India appreciation.

    • Avatar
      narad_muni 8 years ago

      I wonder if RR will overtake 3 Idiots… trememdous appreciation should result in ATBB.

      BOI is trying to compare with Dabang which was released 2 years back.. sick ppl!

    • Avatar
      hithere 8 years ago

      haha… they contradict themselve when they try to say good things about Hashmi in Dirty Pictures and associated good collections.

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