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Despite speculation that Saif was likely to ditch the project in the wake of the Himmatwala debacle, the Go Goa Gone star has remained committed to the film. There might be some good news in store for everyone who has been criticising Shah Rukh Khan’s reluctance to venture too far from his comfort zone as far as his film choices go. Despite having delivered credible performances in such films as Swades and Chak De India, he has preferred to work in mostly romantic films and large-scale entertainers that have built-in audiences and virtually guaranteed bank-breaking box-office returns.

But now it appears that the actor has said yes to a ‘relatively serious’ film to be helmed by Parzania director Rahul Dholakia that SRK’s friends at Excel Entertainment, Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani, will produce. Details on the project are still sketchy, but according to those in the know, the story is set in Gujarat, whose outdated liquor prohibition policy has famously resulted in large-scale alcohol smuggling across the state. Shah Rukh is likely to play a small-time bootlegger who subsequently becomes a liquor baron.

The film is slated to go into production after Shah Rukh wraps up initial schedules of Happy New Year, and there are plans to announce the project shortly before the release of Chennai Express on 8 August. Insiders say the producers are planning a launch campaign with SRK sporting the look of the character that he will play in the film.


Not Easy to Topple Sajid Khan

For many of us, the memory of Sajid Khan’s spectacularly underwhelming Himmatwala remake is still fresh—it has only been three months since it released—but the filmmaker himself appears to have moved on, with few scratches to show for it.

Earlier this week, Fox Star Studios announced a joint production with Vashu Bhagnani’s Pooja Films on what they have declared will be ‘the biggest comedy entertainer of 2014’. The film, to be directed by Sajid Khan and titled Humshakals, will star Saif Ali Khan, Ritesh Deshmukh and TV heavyweight (pun unintended) Ram Kapoor, each in triple roles.

Reportedly, this is the same Angoor remake that Sajid has been working on for some months now, and over which he also clashed with Rohit Shetty some months ago. The Chennai Express director had apparently acquired the official remake rights to Angoor and was in no mood to let Sajid make his own ‘unofficial’ version.

Despite speculation that Saif was likely to ditch the project in the wake of the Himmatwala debacle, the Go Goa Gone star has remained committed to the film. However, insiders say that he is being ‘very well compensated’ for his involvement in the project.

Sajid had lesser luck with Amitabh Bachchan, who reportedly pulled out of the film stating the usual date problems. Bachchan was hotly pursued for the film, with Sajid once even flying into Bhopal and showing up on the sets of Prakash Jha’s Satyagraha to narrate the film to the actor. TV star Ram Kapoor of Bade Achche Lagte Hain fame has taken on the role Sajid had written for Bachchan.


No Performance Bonus

There are murmurs that the director of a recent blockbuster film is feeling slighted since he wasn’t “suitably compensated” for the project. Signed to helm the film for an agreed (reasonable) sum, rumour mongers are saying that the director hoped to see a fancy bonus come his way when the film broke box-office records, but was left wanting by his mentor-producer. The director also allegedly visited another ‘blockbuster filmmaker’ known for blowing up cars in his movies, to understand the intricacies of Bollywood numbers and box-office business, and also for advice on what salary he ought to quote for subsequent film projects.


  1. Serenzy 11 years ago

    The Shah Rukh Movie can be Quite Controversial to say the least(Add to it, what if BJP comes to power in 2014 🙂 )


    The Director is either Ayan Mukherjee(YJHD) OR Mohit Suri(A2).
    I feel it is Ayan.

  2. Bored 11 years ago

    Its Mohit

  3. phoenix 11 years ago


    I think so too. Internet Hindus are already hate SRK branding him typical case of pro-Pakistani ‘traitor’ Indian muslim.

  4. ank_16n 11 years ago

    then i would love to see BJP coming to power in 2014..!! 😀

  5. ank_16n 11 years ago

    ” I think so too. Internet Hindus are already hate SRK
    branding him typical case of pro-Pakistani ‘traitor’
    Indian muslim.”

    u seem to have some in depth knowledge….can u elaborate it ????

    please enlighten us with ur knowledge….!!!

  6. phoenix 11 years ago

    BJP’s Youth wing with strong internet presence. I mean the core Hindutva-RSS ideology. They are call themselves Internet Hindus. Offlate my facebook pages have been loaded with weird supposed NGO communities like ‘Proud to be Hindu’ ‘Internet Hindus’ .. etc .. openly proclaiming they want Ram temple and how they want to reclaim India etc …

    I am Hindu myself. Not particularly pro-Congress. But if these jokers come to power, there is a 100% chance of Major riot and blood shed happening all over the country.

  7. ank_16n 11 years ago

    ok….so its based on a blog post……

    now i can understand ur feeling..!!

    Mr. phoenix you seem to be child who believes all what u see on internet…!!

    “Proud to be Hindu’ ‘Internet Hindus’ .. etc .. openly proclaiming they want Ram temple and how they want to reclaim India etc ”

    even i m proud to be a Hindu….want Ram temple so what… it a crime???

    2morrow i would be doing a puja in a temple what would u say that i m hating islam or Sikhism or christians bcoz i m worshiping Bhagwan instead of Allah/Guru nanak dev /Jesus(don’t want to offend anyone if they still get offended then sorry in advance as its just an Example)…


    who knows 2morrow if some people or state want to Re-built Kedarnath temple(got damaged in Uthrakhand floods) u might term them anti-social or communal because they are not building a church.!!

    that’s just stupid, i can only pity on ur thinking..!!

    “I am Hindu myself. ”

    cut this crap i have listened it many times….!!

    its like saying I m engineer and all other engineer(except few like me) are fools who don’t know any thing technical about Engineering and don’t deserve to be Engineer..!!

    i can also share many such post but thing is i don’t believe in what is said or written on Internet….i use my own brain which u seems to not be using..!!

    nor do i have time to Debate about different religions and their teachings just for Defending an actor who is living in a 100 cr Bunglow and earning 100’s of crores every year just because his dumb fan want’s to project him as a victim and trying to gain some sympathy..!! 😀 😀

    @Stupnik if u think i have said something wrong u can delete my comment….but i can’t take someone saying shit about a religion just on the basis of a blog post or taking it as an excuse to why his Fav. actor has not given a single superhit from last 5 years..!!

  8. ank_16n 11 years ago

    i do joke sometimes in my comments…..but above comment is serious..!!

    i don’t wanna discuss this topic further because i don’t want to discuss religions because fans want to defend their Fav. actor..!!

    END of DISCUSSION..!! 😛

  9. phoenix 11 years ago


  10. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    Confirmation from Ritesh Sidhwani that SRK is doing Rahul Dholakia movie.

    “After the box office success of the ‘Don’ franchise, actor-filmmaker Farhan Akhtar will be teaming up with Shah Rukh Khan yet again but for a Rahul Dholakia project, where the superstar is likely to play a Gujarati don.

    The film will be produced by Farhan and his partner Ritesh Sidhwani under their home banner Excel Entertainment Pvt Ltd, and is currently under scripting stage.

    “SRK is doing the film. We are not sure when it will go on floors exactly but it will be next year. Shah Rukh is excited about the film but we need to work out the schedule as he has prior commitments,” Ritesh said.”


  11. Bored 10 years ago

    This will be a good project for SRK in between HNY and Rohit Shetty film.

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