Shah Rukh faces MCA ban from entering Wankhede Stadium

Shah Rukh faces MCA ban from entering Wankhede Stadium Bollywood superstar and IPL franchise Team Kolkata’s co-owner Shah Rukh Khan could be banned by the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) from entering the Wankhede Stadium after he got into a scuffle with security and officials of the association.

According to Times Now, MCA has lodged a police complaint against Shah Rukh for his behaviour.

The incident took place when a jubilant Shah Rukh, who was not at the stadium during the match, arrived at the Wankhede after the post-match presentation ceremony with several children.

Sources said soon after, he flew into a rage and got into a fracas with security guards posted there.

Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) officials said Shah Rukh lost his cool when he was denied entry with his entourage. MCA joint secretary Nitin Dalal said the actor pushed security guards and also abused some BCCI and MCA officials.

Sources close to the Team Kolkata camp said Shah Rukh felt offended when one of the security personnel spoke rudely to him.

When contacted, Shah Rukh refused to comment.


  1. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    Some pictures of the altercation. This just doesn’t look good. The security guard looks like an ordinary guy doing his job and SRK showing off his power. He needs to stop believing in this whole BS about being a ‘King’ having surrounded himself with sycophants all these years. Something is wrong with SRK. He seems to be losing it – first with the Shirish Kunder altercation and now this.

  2. aryan 10 years ago

    SRK looks disturbed.

  3. Milind 10 years ago

    Many papers have different take on this.But SRK should try not to project himself as this.This looks bad!

  4. Milind 10 years ago

    This ,man needs to pull up his socks,take a break from public appearances and just focus on his work. When he knows whatever he does becomes a national news,why not let things cool off! Where is this man’s so called famous PR that rival fans have been saying made up a career for him.I guess there was no such PR. It is all about success.Currently he is on a low,so whatever news is there is negative. Success speaks for self.What he needs is big BB at the moment,not such brawls!

  5. salil 10 years ago

    He has lost it…sad but true…

  6. aryan 10 years ago

    I agreed completely definitely he needs big BB at the moment.

    • Milind 10 years ago

      If SRK-YRF next and CE are big enough,tides will change.That is the rule of life!

  7. Serenzy 10 years ago

    He still is the King isnt it..
    My KING KHAN..!!!

    #SRKian for Life..!!

  8. Milind 10 years ago

    SRK says– His 13 year old dfaughter along with other children were manhandled.I can see Suhana there.

    He said– He was abused in Marathi.He asked them to talk Hindi.He says he “may” have abused.Though there are audio clips where you can hear him abusing.

    He says– He was standing outsde the boundary line and that what danger can 13 year old kids pose.They were not on the pitch even.I agree there

    All I can sense is that this is not some sycophancy about being KING KHAN.It is about his daughter being manhandled in some manner and the a father retorting.That he is in no mood to bow down and ask forgiveness,elucidates that.I do not understand that why does the security need to even get into a fight with a team owner who is with his daughter and they are there for post match celebrations when all have gone home.

  9. Milind 10 years ago

    “Somebody physically pushed Suhana for playing in the area! And they dıdnt even apologıse after misbehaving! Any parent would have done what Shah Rukh did! Why wouldnt he be angry? This whole media reportage on unfairly maligning Shah Rukh is not only unfair…but pure lies!”

    This is by Mushtaq Sheikh. Knowing how protective SRK is of his children,I would be led to believe this although I do not like Sheikh a bit.Had SRK been wrong,MCA-BCCI would have taken stringent action immediately.But I guess none of this is going to happen.

  10. Milind 10 years ago

    SRK was banned from coming to cricket matches – He bought #KKR. Now he is banned from Wankhede…. Ab Tera kya hoga MCA ? A tweet !

  11. aryan 10 years ago

    Press Conference Live: I got angry when they manhandled children: Shah Rukh Khan

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