Set for a new Don – Farhan Akhtar Interview

How different is Don 2 from Don?
It is a new story and he plays a different role in Don 2. It is a further development of the character.

Isha Koppikar is not seen in Don 2. Is there any reason for dropping her?
Not just Isha Koppikar’s character, there are quite a few others too who are not seen in the sequel. It’s simple; the script didn’t demand those characters.

The posters of Don 2 say the ‘King is back’. Do you think Shah Rukh is the King of Bollywood as well?
He is the king of this film. When we say ‘the king is back’, we are referring to the character; and not alluding to the King of Bollywood. When I was writing the script of Don, I had Shah Rukh in my mind. He liked it so I got what I wanted.

Piracy has become the staple before the release of a film. How nervous are you prior to Don 2?
I am scared of piracy — and it is not just me, it’s the case with all the producers and directors. We are working with people whom we trust. But at the end of the day, one can’t predict … piracy can happen. I hope that the content of the film does not get leaked before its release. I appeal to people to ignore the pirated version even after the film’s release.

You had consulted Salim Khan for Don. Did you consult him this time too for the story?
I sought his permission to make a sequel. I had told him that some of the characters and people will not be there in the sequel and he was okay with it. He was happy andwished me luck.

The dialogue of Don “Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi namumkin hai” became very famous. Can we expect more of this?
There are other lines that will add spice to the film. There was a lot of emphasis on drama and action in the first part — we have maintained that. ”



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