Scenes from Housefull 2

  1. Baba Ji
    Baba Ji 9 years ago

    Thanks for posting this sputnik,absolutely loved johny lever in first video!

  2. Avatar
    hithere 9 years ago

    Mere sar mei to dard go gaya picture dekh kar..

    • Avatar Author
      sputnik 9 years ago

      Ha ha LOL

      Seems too loud & silly going by just the climax scene. Haven’t had the courage and time to watch it yet 😉

      • Avatar
        hithere 9 years ago

        Everyone said it is better than HB and HF..Then only I tried..

        I watch silly movies but there needs to be a coherent flow…I like Harold and Kumar series or hot tub time machine…

  3. Avatar
    aryan 9 years ago

    Before watching HF2 don’t forget to keep a headache tablet.

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