Scene of the Week : Veergati

Today is Salmans Birthday so check out this superb scene from one of his most underrated films Veergati.

Superb raw fight scene from it

Had written a review on imdb :

An Underrated Gem in Salmans career
5 June 2013
I never quite understood the indifference by majority of viewers to this film. its an excellent dramatic action film in the mould of Krantiveer and Agneepath with its cynical take on the corruption in the 90s.Smart and hard hitting dialogues.superb performances from the cast with a special mention to Kulbhushan Kharbanda and Akhilendra Mishra. But it is Salman who has the best actorly moments throughout the film. His confrontation scenes be it with his father or Villain are excellent. He gets the angry brooding persona just right.If karan arjun was a trailer , this is a full 3 hour film of that intense kickass attitude.

a fav scene from KA too. great BGM

  1. sputnik 8 years ago

    Did not like the scenes much – typical 90s movie scenes. The first one is good till Salman is playing Taash but then Akhilendra Mishra aka Kruer Singh is very irritating. And that mother scene is so cheesy/typical of 90s movies and actually reminded me of scenes from Naam. The background music in the casino scene is copied from the Beverly Hills soundtrack and it has been copied in many scenes/songs.

    The second scene has a very prolonged fight but it is a typical 90s fight. Its not OTT like today’s southern masala movies. The Thakachicka in the background is annoying.

    Salman is good in both the scenes. He is cool/casual in the first scene. In the second scene he looks good with his real physique which is not fake/cgi created and also he is good in some of the fight scenes. Akhilendra Mishra was very annoying in both the scenes.

    Salman was good in Karan Arjun and in that scene his character gets all the plus points of being a protective elder brother when he tells “Bhaag Arjun Bhaag”. SRK was overacting like he usually does in action scenes. I think that background music in Karan Arjun is from The Last of the Mohicans.

    • Baba 8 years ago

      “typical 90s movie scenes” agreed. it is a typical 90s masala movie. when i first saw this film, i was in school πŸ˜€ krur singh /akhilendra mishra had come to our school annual day function and he asked if anyone of us had seen his veergati. 1-2 ppl raised thier hands πŸ˜› it is then i checked the film and for the first time , it was a laugh riot for me πŸ˜€ its a low budget masala film but it takes itself very seriously. dialgues have a cult feel and each character is a personality in itself!. I had written about it once

      But over the years , I found the film very endearing and sincere πŸ˜‰ mostly due to salmans acting. He was awesome as the angry brooding guy.He was intense but subtle.Ofc everything around him is OTT but not like the south movies of today as you said.its more like the sunny deol-rks mode.And most importantly, his character is vulnerable, not superherioc like today. The villain is equally strong and salman is killed in the end.He never smiles, never does cheesy comedy, dances. It was an intense film for many of his own fans to was a BO flop.

      If you give a thought to salmans career, he has hardly taken himself seriously either as an actor or scripts.Finding an acting oriented film of him is a task in itself. he started out as a chocolate boy and till 1994 looked like one. In 1995 I thought he brought a significant improvement in his demeanour and perosnality. He was the first guy to start the gym body trend. I know there were aksahy and sunil but they were more about being macho than looking like a gym dude.In both KA and veergati, He was great as the angry young man. Ka, an otherwise cheesy OTT film interestingly had a very subtle salman khan.

      Post 1995, he delved in comedy till 2000. 2000s decade was probably his worst. He got a few hits here and there but was confused how to take his career forward. Then ghajini came and started the trend of ott formulaic south remakes and salman latched on to it. But even now, if tries to do anything remotely serious his fans simply disown him.

    • Manish 8 years ago

      “SRK was overacting like he usually does in action scenes.”

      true even in his Don 2 entry scene he is rotating his shoulder excessively while trying to walk stylishly .. maybe its his insecurity of nt being able to do axn movies as well as romance bt it shows he tries too much and it doesnt come thru almost always…..

      “I think that background music in Karan Arjun is from The Last of the Mohicans.”

      yeah its from TLOM

      • Baba 8 years ago

        completely agreed. and this is not just don2. pick any of his film where he has to do action, his hamming starts – chahat, army,don, ram jaane and so on. Even in an otherwise well made and well acted movie baazigar, he hammed it up in the climax where he starts shaking his lips when he is stabbed.

        wacth from 10:40

  2. Manish 8 years ago

    I like Veeergati its better than most of the sallu movies of 90s .. i think it was probably bit too slow maybe thats why didnt work ….

    sallu as brooding uninterested guy looks the best maybe thats how he is in real life

    • Baba 8 years ago

      agreed. I think the closest he got to this mode since those films is wanted in 2009.

      • Manish 8 years ago

        yes good one .. i was trying to think some recent movie where he did some role of that kind … and one can see wanted is considered as one of the better masala movie

  3. Dhamaka 8 years ago

    After Karan Arjun I became fan of salman his attitude,Style and mannerism was awesome in that movie and then i watch the trailer of this movie Salman in same KA arjun mood and it became one of my most awaited movie of that time. I remember trailer of this movie was awesome salman shown shirtless having sword in his hand and i thought this guy suddenly transformed himself into action hero and a good one at that.

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