Scene of the Week : The Hurt Locker

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    aryan 9 years ago

    Excellent Scene and horror of humanity lost in Iraq.

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    narad_muni 9 years ago

    Do u have a review of this movie? I somehow managed to miss this.
    Does this fall into ‘must-watch’ category according to you?

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    narad_muni 9 years ago

    Thanks for the review link Sputnik.
    I think u got it wrong about my standards… may be I have a slightly different taste.

    I will give this a watch and let u know my thoughts.

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      sputnik 9 years ago

      When you ask for “Must-Watch” I am thinking on lines of all time best so its hard to recommend movies especially the new ones like that.

      By the way I saw A Separation again. The movie has so many layers and there are subtle things that one might miss on the first watch. After watching the movie again I started reading some very interesting discussions on IMDB. Someone mentioned that the movie has no background music except for the last scene. If that’s true I did not even notice that there is no background music.

      I know you liked the movie a lot and I think we should have a spoiler filled discussion on A Separation here with all those who have seen it.

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    sputnik 7 years ago

    Kathryn Bigelow’s Next Film, ‘True American,’ Will Star Tom Hardy

    Megan Ellison’s Annapurna Pictures is busy in Cannes at the moment, but it has acquired rights to Anand Giridharadas post-9/11 book, “True American: Murder and Mercy in Texas.” Tom Hardy is attached to star, and Kathryn Bigelow will direct.

    “True American” turns on the true story of Bangladesh Air Force officer Raisuddin Bhuiyan, an immigrant whose dreams of American life are upended when, just after 9/11, a revenge-seeking US citizens shoots and nearly kills him in Dallas. WW Norton & Company published the book earlier this May.

    Hardy can currently be seen in his one-man “Locke,” a brilliant feat of experimental filmmaking, and coming down the pike this year will be Fox Searchlight’s “The Drop” and Summit’s “Child 44.” The “Max Max” reboot, in which he plays the titular road warrior, is in post, while his role as Elton John in “Rocketman” is just beginning.

    Bigelow last directed “Zero Dark Thirty,” the controversial Oscar nominee about the search for Osama Bin Landen. Meanwhile, Mark Boal, her writer/producer on both “Thirty” and Best Picture winner “The Hurt Locker,” has new production company Page 1 under Annapurna. Will they collaborate again on “True American”?


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      cr7 7 years ago

      Looking forward to it . Loved both ZDT,THL 🙂

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        sputnik 7 years ago

        Did you know his story before as he is from Bangladesh? The way he has reacted is very praiseworthy. Stroman killed a Indian and a Pakistani too. He was executed in July 2011. Link

        “Less than two weeks after 9/11 Mark Anthony Stroman, a man on a horrifically blind mission of revenge, shot a man in Dallas, believing that he was firing on an Arab. The victim was Raisuddin Bhuiyan, a 37-year old immigrant and former Air Force officer from Bangladesh. He was shot while working at a friend’s convenience store as he tried to establish a foothold in America.

        Bhuiyan was one of several people shot that day by Mark Anthony Stroman. Two others were killed. Bhuiyan survived, partially blind in one eye after Stroman shot him in the head with a shotgun.

        And while Stroman was arrested for the attacks, convicted, and sentenced to die in Texas, Bhuiyan did not celebrate. Instead, he campaigned to save the life of the man who had shot him. A book, The True American: Murder and Mercy in Texas by Anand Giridharadas, chronicles the story. And now Kathryn Bigelow will team with Annapurna Productions to create a film based on the book, with Tom Hardy starring.

        Here is Raisuddin’s and Stroman’s interview.


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          cr7 7 years ago

          Unfortunately I didn’t know anything about him . Thanks for the link . Will got through them . Sounds like an incredible story .

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