Scene of the Week: Black Friday

  1. aryan 11 years ago

    First one is the Out standing scene I didn’t see Black Friday after seeing all the scenes I must see the whole movie.

  2. Baba Ji 11 years ago

    very good scene. though there is something about menon. watch him here ,shaurya and in mumbai meri jaan. he always plays the guy against the muslims. does he consciously do it?

    • Author
      sputnik 11 years ago

      hmm Here he is going after the bad guys but he is blasting fanatics/idiots of both religions who believe their God condones these attacks. He is suspicious of Muslims in MMJ but he becomes fine at the end na.

      Have not seen Shaurya. I know it is inspired from A Few Good Men from what I read and I thought it was against Pakistan?

      Watch the second and third scene too Baba. Pavan Malhotra is brilliant in both scenes. He is one underrated actor who never really got his due.

      ‘Three days before the bombings took place on 9 March 1993, a small time hood from the Behrampada slum in North east Bombay named Gul Noor Mohammad Sheikh a.k.a. “Gullu” was detained at the Nav Pada police station. A participant in the communal riots that had rocked Bombay the previous year, Gullu was also one of the 19 men handpicked by the gold smuggler and chief mastermind, Tiger Memon and sent to Pakistan via Dubai on 19 February 1993, for training of the use of arms and bomb making.[11]

      Upon completion of his training, Gullu returned to Bombay via Dubai on 4 March 1993, only to find that in his absence the police had picked up his brothers to get him to surrender. In a vain attempt to secure his brothers’ release, Gullu surrendered to the police. He confessed to his role in the riots, his training in Pakistan, and a conspiracy underway to bomb major locations around the city, including the Bombay Stock Exchange, Sahar International Airport and the Shiv Sena Bhavan. However, his conspiracy claim was dismissed by the police as “mere bluff”.[11]

      The arrest of Gul Mohammed spurred Tiger Memon to advance the date of the blasts which were to coincide with the Shiv Jayanti celebrations in April 1993 to 12 March to pre-empt any police action.[11][12]’

      The second scene from last is also interesting. If the cops had taken that Gul Mohammed’s confession seriously the Bombay Blasts could have been averted.

      • Baba Ji 11 years ago

        The police itself is one of the prime reasons why these riots continue for days together. they dont do their job honestly. so he cannot blame the ppl alone for such incidents. In shaurya,he played anti-muslim ,same for mumbai except that he becomes normal in the end.

        • hithere 11 years ago

          At end of day political establishment is to blame for any law and order. If police can not maintain law and order you have to call army. Even rioters know, they don’t mess with Army because they would be shot in no time.

      • Baba 10 years ago

        you think the film had anti-muslim/right wint tone? there is a lot of focus and detailing of how a an average muslim spends a day in dongri or mahim khau gali etc. linking acts of terrorism to praying together and eating non vegetarian food etc

        • Author
          sputnik 10 years ago

          I saw the movie on youtube back when it released and was banned or about to be banned. Have been wanting to rewatch it since a long time. I don’t think the movie was right wing.

  3. Serenzy 11 years ago

    ‘Black Friday’

    Best Ever Kashyap Movie Ever…Amazing and Hard-Hitting in Every Sense!


    I Also saw PAANCH Recently and Liked it.

    It is One of Kashyap’s Underrated and Better Works till date[wrt Gulaal, GOW Series, TGIYB, NS].

    The Basic Setup of Shaitaan is Lifted up from Paanch.

    But unlike Shaitaan, Paanch isn’t a “Wannabe Cool” Types Movie.

    The Characters of the Rock Band[KK, Srivastav, Kolhapure, Maurya, Lobo] have Grey Shades to them and all the Performances were Good.

    There’s Something Brutally Honest abt this AK Movie which makes it a MUST WATCH.
    The Point/Level to which an Evil Idea in a Person’s Mind can go to, is Disturbing to Watch.


    The ENDing was Abrupt and Dissapointing though.

    • saurabh 10 years ago

      I also liked Paanch… Especially acting of K.k. and its songs especially Khuda Hoon Main.. That too such a great Band song they made in those years, Music directed by Vishal bhardwaz and songs written by Piyush Mishra..

      I also was disappointed by the ending..

      Liked Gulaal too but LIked Paanch more… In Gulaal also songs and k.k. menon’s acting is very good.. and its lil different concept… was not able to digest the main plot in first watch.. also the sounds/dialogues which they were playing on the radio was very slow.. couldn’t get 100% of those dialogues..

      Didn’t like TGIYB much… haven’t seen NS..
      GOW was good… entertaining… 1st part was better than 2nd part.. but it had many flaws.. most irritating was Manoj is not at all proactive in taking revenge from Tigmanshu..

  4. Baba 10 years ago

    saw the film finally.the last chase video is too long.i got bored of it after a while. second video pawan malhotra acted well. his acting is the best in the film. planning video is decent

  5. saurabh 10 years ago

    It is based on a book Black Friday.. I think the movie was neutral.. he showed videos of Babari maszid too…

    The book is about how all things happened, which is exactly movie trying to show…

    Though I do not know how he managed to take name like Thakre and Advani.. its seriously daring and lil shocking..

    About K.k. Menon,.. his acting in shaurya is too good at the end.. only thing is he actually played roles full of angst many times.. like in gulaal, some scenes in Life in a metro, Shaurya, Paanch

    I liked the acting of Aditya_Shrivastava which is with K.k. menon in the first scene… in other movies also he acted pretty well.. He acted many times with K.K like in Paanch, Gullal and then one episode of CID..

    Always liked Pawan malhotra, his first movie which i watched was Saleem langde pe mat ro.. but in BMB he overacted lil in few scenes especially in train scenes.. IMO he acted best in Black Friday..

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