Scene of the Week: Ankush

  1. aryan 9 years ago

    Fantastic scene and Nana is Brilliant

    • aryan 9 years ago

      Off Topic – Here is bad news
      Asha Bhosle’s daughter Varsha commits suicide

      The 50-year-old daughter of renowned playback singer shot herself dead at Mumbai’s [ Images ] Pedder Road residence Parbhu Kunj. The reasons for her action are unknown, and further details are awaited.

      Asha Bhosle [ Images ], at present, is in Singapore for a concert.

      Varasha had previously attempted suicide by consuming an overdose of sleeping pills. On September 9, 2008, she was admitted to Jaslok hospital in Mumbai after she took an overdose of medicine.

      Varsha has worked as a playback singer in Hindi and Marathi movies, and appeared in concerts with her mother.

      Varsha was a fine journalist, and has written extensively for

      Asha Bhosle, who is still active in films and television, celebrated her 80th birthday last month.


  2. Ritz 9 years ago


    were you imagining yourself in place of Nana in this scene? with all these plagiarization / copying claims of urs? 😛

    Nana was loud, as he was in those days….but liked the scene …especially the tears in Nana’s eyes when he was fighting and shouting with the Principle – he was not plain angry like in his later films …not just plain angry against the system …..the tears showed his disappointment with the system – while he was arguing with the Principal.

    • Author
      sputnik 9 years ago

      Ha Ha.

      Yes Nana is loud and hysterical as he is in most movies of his but I like him here because as you said he is “not just plain angry against the system …..the tears showed his disappointment with the system – while he was arguing with the Principal”. There is a vulnerability to him here.

  3. Baba Ji 9 years ago

    This is a typical 80s film.”main aapko chhodunga nahi sir” sounds too dumb! I think nanas best moment as an actor is Krantiveer “khoon ” scene. 😀 he had a much smarter character here.

    • Author
      sputnik 9 years ago

      Ankush was a hard hitting movie of the 80s about a issue of those times – unemployment.

      In a way it is like RDB. Ankush also has four young men who take revenge for something that happens to their friend. They all give their views before being hanged instead of getting killed by bullets.

      Parts of Ankush where the rowdy gang becomes good with the advent of neighbors is from Gulzar’s Mere Apne.

      Krantiveer is a typical 90s movie but yes Nana’s popularity was at an all time high after Krantiveer due to his role and the “khoon” scene.

      • Ritz 9 years ago

        Actually I didnt like Ankush at all due to the ending and then I was a big fan of Nana. And despite being fan of Aamir I didnt quite “agree” with the ending of RDB also.

        Krantiveer was one of Nana’s worst movie and too much masala and melodrama. It was a cringe-worthy movie back then …and still is. (Baba I will hit dislike for ur comment now – and dont ask me why – cause I have already explained it here)

        I had said this number of times earlier, but saying it again – that Nana’s work in Prahaar is one of the best works in Hindi cinema (not only by Nana standards) – when that movie was not even nominated (or won a single award?) in filmfare – I lost all the respect for award shows and stopped watching them.

        esp, I loved the ending of Prahaar very much.

        • Author
          sputnik 9 years ago

          I did not like the ending of Ankush too – I did not like the court scenes where Nana started lecturing.

          I liked Prahaar until the scene where Nana single handedly started bashing all the goons who were teasing Dimple. That over violent scene went on & on and it looked out of place in the movie for me.

          I liked Nana the most in a movie called Diksha (1991) which I saw on DD many years back. He played a untouchable in it. I also liked him in Agnisakshi, Parinda and Raajneeti.

          • Ritz 9 years ago

            I was talking about his last speech in Prahaar and then how it ends – him dreaming …running with kids.

            Had seen Diksha on DD and liked it – dont remember much of it now.

            Also loved him as Barishkar in is Thodasa Rumani Ho jaaye

  4. Serenzy 9 years ago

    Nana Patekar – Shetty Bhai – Welcome!


    “Aaj kal to Biscuit ko bhi Parle-G bolte hain…Aap toh phir bhi Doctor hain”

    • Author
      sputnik 9 years ago

      Ah I forgot Welcome. Liked Nana in Welcome too but for me Anil was the best in that one.

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