Saw Bang Bang: This is how Dhoom 3 should have been

Bang Bang was a movie I was keen to see right since the cast was announced.

It makes me cringe to see the way Hrithik has lost time since he debuted in 2000. He takes 2-3 years to complete movies like Guzaarish and mohenjodaro where his performances add up to just about tolerable levels if not bad. Its not his terrain. I am a firm believer that one should exploit his USP. And Hrithik’s USP is the Bang Bang/Dhoom genre. It took him 8 years to get back to this genre. Katrina on the other hand has been smart in choosing her scripts and roles. She knows her USP and largely her career decisions have been better. This is why she continues to stay on top in an industry/country she was once alien to despite desperate PR attempts by the likes of paadakauns and so on.

Bang Bang is the remake of knight and day. A film which starred Tom Cruise (equivalent to the stage SRK is in right now) and Cameron Diaz (someone like Preity Zinta). When you cast such old exhausted has-been actors for this genre, you are going to get crap. It would be equivalent to Bang Bang starring SRK and Preity Zinta. Its a disaster right on paper. This is the mistake bang bang makers corrected in the remake. I am not going to talk much about its story as its already known. Some scenes like the Aeroplane flight scenes, drugging scenes etc are modified/Indianized bcos they have to add songs. The first half has some cheesy comedy scenes involving Katrina’s dadi which I didn’t like. I dont think when you have cast such big stars you need to give screen time to side actors. They should have negligible role. That includes scenes of Danny/Pawan Malhotra/Javed Jaffery and so on. Their roles are not much but why to give them even that much screen time? No one comes to watch them.

That brings me to the leads – Hrithik and Katrina. Both are in top form and continue from where they left in ZNMD. In fact they have consolidated on it big time with the best kissing scene i have seen in Bollywood since Arjun and Sasha Agha’s Aurangzeb. Matlab poori tarah se le liya hai Hrithik ne Katrina ko is film mein πŸ˜€ Salman and Ranbir must be fuming.

The action scenes are better than Dhoom3, Kick because Hrithik has done most of his stunts by himself. Hrithik surprised me in the hand to hand combats. They were well choreographed. Slow motion was avoided. The first roof run scene was good though Hrithik used cables occasionally. They had hyped the water ski scene a lot but it didn’t impress me bcos cables were used extensively and one could see that in the body language of Hrithik.

Footnote: A lot of khan-paid reviews/critics/fans will compare this remake of Knight and Day to Raid Redemeption or Skyfall and bash it for its story. You know the ones who loved Ra.One, Kick and Dhoom 3.

  1. cr7 10 years ago

    You liked Bang bang ? What a surprise ! πŸ˜›

  2. sputnik 10 years ago

    Read HrithikRules’s replies to my tweet of your review.

    Its nice to see this tweet from someone who manages a fan club account.

    “I would hate it if he became one of those actors who has the biggest hits but no growth as a performer.”

    • Baba 10 years ago

      LOL. I think they wanted to share my review but the opening line butt hurted them.I dont think there is any need to do films like guz and mohenjodaro. its not about the BO. its about acting/peformance only. hrithik was not good in guz. he looked uncomfortable in that role.while he is a natural in films like d2 and BB.

  3. yakuza 10 years ago

    Not seen yet, but feedback is mostly negative. Its biggest problem seems “Stale” in every department and not-so-popular music. May see Haidar tomorrow, the way Haidar evoked controversy over its story line .. created more interest.

  4. Baba 10 years ago

    found the kiss scene. isko bolte hain kiss πŸ˜€

    i forgot to mention the songs. tu meri choreography was very good. uff is a good song but it comes very early after the first song finishes. but my pick is the meherbaan video . hrithik was almost eating katrina away towards the end! will try to find its full video

  5. Baba 10 years ago

    a surprising review from one of hrithiks biggest hater-critics rangan. he has made similar points about the movie and what i said about hrithik

  6. yakuza 10 years ago

    Coming back from BB .. went because of family. It was just okayish .. nothing special, way too long and boring at places. Action scenes are saving grace .. but unfortunately it was way too repetitive and getting on nerves during climax.

    Completely disagree that D3 should have been made like this .. BB has nothing except action. D3 had many things at right place including action/emotion/suspense/shocking moments. One drawback of both D3/BB is excessive length. But difference is while D3 maintained interest till last shot .. audience wanted to finish BB at least 20-25 minutes before. Climax is complete drag.

    Thank God D3 was not made like Bang Bang, otherwise CE would have been highest grossing movie till now .. πŸ™‚

    • Baba 10 years ago

      d3 was a 80s masala with retarded twin brother angles and so on. it had only the garb/brand of dhoom and that is what got it to a good week 1 collection.i agree on the length issue of both films. btw i understand why BB is doing better in plexes than ss. its a commercial film but not exactly a film meant for rickshawaallas. some scenes are too subtle for them like the climax scene

      • yakuza 10 years ago

        If masala is another term for content .. then BB don’t have any content at all .. it has nothing except VFX action. BB doing better in plexes means it doesn’t have wide appeal .. and BB not doing as good in plexes as Dhoom-3 means even multiplexes audience not liking it to that extent.

        Anyways .. audience wants entertainment only .. on that front BB is just okayish, Very boring at many places. It will reflect in collections from Monday onwards (Though drop is already there)

        • Baba 10 years ago

          what content? putting stale twists of 80s is content for you? the dhoom brand is not exactly known for baap ka badla! that is why aamirs mentally retarded acting was bashed by all critics from rangan to masand. this genre is about style and attitude of the actors.the hw equivalent of films like fast and furious. i have already said why d3 did better in week 1 in my above comment.

        • yakuza 10 years ago

          But BB don’t have any content at all except action .. stale or no stale is another thing. So Baap ka badla is Stale .. and Bhai ka badla is not stale .. Wowww πŸ™‚

          So you mean first week should not be compared and second week of Bang Bang will be better than D3 second week ?? Movie which is already on consistent drop from day 1 .. you are expecting it will have better second week ? .. Loll

          • Baba 10 years ago

            dont know what you mean by “content”? have you seen any of the fast and furious films? BB is not a bhai ka badla film. its a love story with action as backdrop where both the leads have equal roles. d3 was total baap ka badla and twin bother emotions. katrina had guest apperance in songs. abhishek was reduced to the roles ifthekar used to do in amitabh films!

            what drop? so you expected sat a working day to be higher than a holiday day? LOL

          • yakuza 10 years ago

            If you have any idea about plot .. BB is about Bhai ka badla only …. Love story ?? Movie where lead pair don’t have any chemistry .. Heroine unable to emote even a bit .. every song/boring scenes in between was just an opportunity of afternoon nap for audience.

            You can pretend whatever .. But BB is only about displaying action without content. Its one liner plot is 80’s Ghisa Pita stale Bhai Ka Badla .. That’s it. Salman’s Wanted on similar lines was thousand times more entertaining.

          • Baba 10 years ago

            ya you are right! actually jimmy shergill was the herione in BB. it was his romance with hrithik that got meherbaan, tu meri and title track a combined viewership of 18 million on youtube and he was the one who had an equal role to hrithik throughout the movie and the public is watching the film to see them making out πŸ˜‰

          • yakuza 10 years ago

            No .. actually you are right, Jackie Shroff was Heroine of Dhoom-3. it was his romance with Aamir that got Malang, Kamli and title track a combined viewership of 50 million on youtube and he was the one who had an equal role to Aamir throughout the movie and the public is watching the film to see them making out .. πŸ˜‰

          • Baba 10 years ago

            atleast be original in your rebuttals :yawn:

          • yakuza 10 years ago

            That mimicry was original .. someone don’t have brain to get it .. πŸ˜‰

          • yakuza 10 years ago

            And that was to show stupidity of your comment .. Loll .. Get it man, Bhai ka Badla is as much 80’s masala as Baap ka badlaa …. πŸ™‚

          • Baba 10 years ago

            someone who is so intellectually bankrupt to even make original comment talks about brains.

            **partly edited**

          • yakuza 10 years ago

            someone having no idea about spoof and mimicry. Answered you in your own words

            **partly edited**

  7. sunil 10 years ago

    Bang bang is a liked film.Yakuza is wrong.Its a far better film than dhoom3.

    • yakuza 10 years ago

      We will know on Tuesday Sunil …. though drop in collections till now indicating something else. It will not crash .. but it will not go beyond just respectable total. As i said it is Okayish .. not bad.

    • yakuza 10 years ago

      My one liner take .. Bang Bang = Dhoom3 – (Content) + (Extra Action)

  8. Baba 10 years ago

    Hrithik Roshan in an exclusive interview to Talking Moviez speaks about the success of Bang Bang, Salman Khan, His upcoming projects and lots more. Have a look-
    Q. Are you happy with the kind of business Bang Bang is doing?
    Hrithik- The only way you can judge the success of a film is by the kind of business it does and Bang Bang is doing very well at the box office. Some films I have done have been on spiritual side and I have been surrounded by 10,000 people who have given me so much praise for those films, but they were the only 10,000 people who praised me. But through numbers we get to know how much the film has been accepted. Bang Bang has opened very well and we have broken the records of Krrish 3 and Kick and what is to be noted is Krrish 3 and Kick were solo releases and we are not a solo release, we didn’t increase the ticket price and we don’t have that many screens, still we have broken the record of Krrish 3 and Kick and I am very happy.
    Q. Does movie reviews bother you?
    Hrithik- Opinion of every person matters to me but I feel no film in 100 crore club has got positive reviews; all of them have got mixed reviews. I have got reviews which have made me a god but those have not done good business at the box office. The vision of Sid matches with my father. They both like to make entertaining film with everything in it. Sid has surpassed my father as Bang Bang has crossed the first day collection of Krrish 3 and I am very happy with the same. But I can’t tell If my father is happy or no (Laughs). This is a growth for me as it is one step ahead of my last film. We have just crossed the 100 crore mark and we have done 100 crore in just 3 to 4 days. Very few stars manage to achieve this feat. I got respect after I worked in Guzaarish and Agneepath but after Bang Bang all I got is people got entertained and I have pleased a section of an audience in a different way.
    Q. You are very selective about the kind of film’s you do. So any plans to have regular releases now?
    Hrithik- I am pushing myself to have regular releases since I started my career but somehow it is not happening. I want to do 2 to 3 films a year and I will make sure that I plan my calendar in such a way that I can have atleast 2 releases every year.
    Q. Except Salman, everyone has completed your Bang Bang dare. So what is you take on that?
    Hrithik- Well, Salman is SALMAN KHAN. Salman Khan always makes an entry and he will make an entry when it is least expected. So just wait for it.
    Q. How did the idea of Bang Bang dare come to you?
    Hrithik- I want to believe that we are much better human beings than the success of a movie. I want to have healthy competition and with Bang Bang dare I wanted to create that. I created platforms where all stars had to do something for their fans. Ranveer, Shraddha, Arjun, Nargis, Farhan all have done a great job and all so loving came forward and did something. I want this to go down as a history in the industry. I am still receiving Sms that people want to get Bang Bang dare.
    Q. Agneepath, Krrish 3 and now Bang Bang, so how would you approach your upcoming projects?
    Hrithik- I am open to do any kind of film. I am an artist and if I love a particular script I would love to do the film. I did Bang Bang because I loved one EK DIN concept from the film. And if you come up with a good script, I will do the film irrespective of the genre. EK DIN concept is what the film is all about and that is what Bang Bang is all about. I am open to do an ensemble film, I am open to do a two hero film and I am open to do a offbeat film.
    Q. Your next film is Mohenjo Daro. So how are you preparing for that?
    Hrithik- I am not preparing for the film at all. I am talking about Bang Bang now, then I am taking a break of 6 days and then I will move on to Mohenjo Daro.
    Q. Would you like to feature in an out and out dance film like Any Body Can Dance?
    Hrithik- Bang Bang was a complete dance film. I danced my heart out in Bang Bang. But you never know, the film needs to have something to inspire me to do the film like Bang Bang had EK DIN which means Hope.
    Q. Do we see you doing television show yet again?
    Hrithik- I would love to do a television show again. If I get a good show and I have the time, I would love to be a part of that.
    Q. What are your future projects?
    Hrithik- My next film is Mohenjo Daro with Ashutosh Gowariker. We are planning Krrish 4 but before that my dad is working on something else with me. Sid and I are working on something and let’s see how it progresses.

  9. Baba 10 years ago

    Bang Bang & Haider movie review – ETC Bollywood Business – Komal Nahta

  10. Baba 10 years ago

    Hrithik creates another franchise. I want the sequel to be something on the lines of Mr and Mrs Smith

    • yakuza 10 years ago

      Generally sequel of flop/Average movie don’t work unless prequel is highly appreciated and creates brand for itself. Except Phir Hera Pheri, none worked. Bang-Bang is disappointment .. makers should not try sequel. Vaise bhi Bhai ka badla to poora ho gaya .. πŸ˜‰

      • Baba 10 years ago

        “Generally sequel of flop/Average movie don’t work” yes that is why bhoothnath returns and sarkar raj flopped. that is why the dostana sequel isnt being made and krrish,krrish 3, dhoom 2, dhoom 3, race 2 became hits

  11. Baba 10 years ago

    One of my fav scenes from the movie bcos of the way its shot. almost like a wong kar wai scene. Hrithiks on screen aura really comes up in scenes like this where he is shown as a mysterious guy.

  12. Baba 10 years ago

    Exclusive Interview – Katrina Kaif talks on Bang Bang, Phantom & More

    • Baba 10 years ago

      there is a reason why only aamir was giving interviews defending d3 after its release. katrina/abhishek both stayed away. as i had said in my review, they had guest appearances/insignificant roles so they didnt care. while katrina in BB is the protagonist. its her film

  13. Baba 10 years ago

    Katrina Kaif’s Exclusive Interview On Bang Bang Part 1

  14. Baba 10 years ago

    Almost a year after scoring a huge double century with Dhoom 3 (which just fell short of the triple century mark), Katrina Kaif is now back with Bang Bang which is quickly marching towards the Rs. 150 crore mark. If in the Aamir Khan starrer she was a dancer, in the Hrithik Roshan affair she is enacting the part of a simple girl who finds herself amidst chases, bullets and blasts. It all stays on to be fun though for Katrina who has now scored her fourth 100 crore success in a row after Ek Tha Tiger, Jab Tak Hai Jaan and Dhoom 3.

    The biggest outcome of Bang Bang has turned out to be its action, which was also promoted as the USP, right?
    Yes, in terms of action, I believe this is probably the best visual action film till date. I may be sounding biased but then I can’t think of any other film in the recent times. Also, my personal style of action is such that it should be woven into the film. That way, Bang Bang is the first of its kind. It works both as a love story as well as an action film and which of the two factors you prefer depends upon you as a person. It is not a film where action comes as a set piece; it is inherently a part of the film.

    For someone inherently beautiful as you, it took time to digest that you played someone unexciting who couldn’t even find a nice boyfriend.
    (Smiles) That was the beauty of it all. I think Sid (director Siddharth Anand) got that all sorted out really well. In fact, even when my friends saw the film, they told me that I didn’t come across in the same manner as it has been in many other films. See, for the story to work, it was really important to showcase that this girl has not been dancing or partying; we had to make audience believe that. We had to show that perhaps maximum distance that she has covered is going for a date, and that too with not much of a great style. Otherwise how could she be so dumbstruck on seeing Hrithik for the first time?

    Why not?
    Arrey, in that case she could well have gone like – ‘Hey, so you cool, I am cool, we cool – we belong together’. But no, the idea was for her to get a shock of her life, first on seeing him and then knowing his reality. Otherwise if both would have been equally cool then Bang Bang could well have turned out to be just another film about two spies on the run.

  15. Baba 10 years ago

    Katrina Kaif + Anaita Adajania = AWESOMENESS!!!

  16. Baba 9 years ago

    some scenes from bang bang (HD)

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