Satyamev Jayate Season 2: Fighting Rape

  1. Ipman 8 years ago

    saw smj episode 1. the topic was on rapes.must say the show has improved a little bit from the previous season. the melodrama and fake acting has been toned down, though there is still the occasional canned expressions from the audience and aamir, the content of the show seems to be better this time. covered up the elementary aspects. its good that the show highlighted that its the men who have to be blamed , not the women, although the show was focussed mainyl on what to do after rapes instead of preventing them in the first place by empowering women and educating the men. they need to edit out the cheesy end songs at the end of episode. it is embarassing and makes the whole show look juvenile and filmy

  2. sputnik 8 years ago

    Bekhauff Song – Satyamev Jayate 2 Episode 1

  3. Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

    That Mahopatra should be first kicked off and yes I agree they should stop songs at the end of the show.

    But I really want aamir’s team to take up issue of blind-faiths in wake of murder of Dabholkar last year. this season or next but sooner the better.

    For women empowerment Rahul is there 😉 😛

    • Ipman 8 years ago

      yes issue of blindfaiths would make a great episode. for india, i cant think of a bigger issue than blind faiths. every misery of ours starts from it

    • Ipman 8 years ago

      btw if milind is watching the episode, he wont like the part where the women says its written in medical books to suspect the victim and not believe everything she says!

    • sputnik 8 years ago

      Have not watched the episode yet as it is still not available here. But did the episode cover women who were raped during riots? It seems to be that its ok to rape women during riots because nobody talks about those women who were raped during riots.

      I would like to see an episode on all riots in India too.

      Watch this video of women talking about her rape during riots from the TV show Zindagi Live.

      And a kid talks about seeing women being stripped and killed during riots from the documentary The Final Solution.

      Knife to son’s throat, she was allegedly raped during Muzaffarnagar riots


      Sikh rights group decries “silence” over 1984 victims

      Rights group Sikhs for Justice (SFJ), while sending its “deepest condolences” to the family of the Delhi gang rape victim, has questioned the silence of the administration, politicians and the justice system over the rape of women of the Sikh community in broad daylight during the genocide that followed the assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi on October 31, 1984.

      “BUSES USED”

      In a release, the SFJ said it shared the pain of the family who lost her for no fault of her own. During the November 1984 riots, Delhi public buses were used to transport squads that raped Sikh women in November 1984, it alleged.

      Responding to Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s statement that as a woman and mother, she could understand the protesters’ emotions, the SFJ wondered if she had conveniently forgotten the “vicious cycle of rape and murder let loose against Sikh women in 1984 at the behest of her husband.”

      Why did she or Prime Minister Manmohan Singh never visit the hundreds of Sikh victims languishing in “Widow Colony” just a few miles from the Parliament of the greatest democratic country, it asked.

      For the last 28 years, successive Indian governments had given open immunity to those who perpetrated violent crimes against Sikh women, it said.


      • Ipman 8 years ago

        the discussion was on rape. they didnt talk about such incidents during riots. but what is the difference between a rape on a normal day or in a riot? rape is rape.both are equally horrific

        • sputnik 8 years ago

          Yes rape is rape but the people who are very actively demanding justice for rape victims when there is a rape during normal time suddenly become silent about rapes that happen during riots. You will never see them post these videos on their FB profiles.

          And while there is at least some chance for a woman who was raped on a normal day to get justice the chances for a woman who was raped during riots is almost null. But then it is the same with someone getting killed on a normal day or killed in a riot.

          • Ipman 8 years ago

            ” the chances for a woman who was raped during riots is almost null”

            very true. and the ppl who turn blind eye to such horrific events are mostly hypocrites and are known to support a specific party (you know who) 😉

          • Ipman 8 years ago

            now that you have said it, i think it should have been discussed. its an important issue. bcos the glaring loophole/advantage to rapists in riots is that there is no particular name or identity to them. they escape under the excuse of crowd. bheed ka koi naam nahi hota – is what the courts/politicians would say

      • hithere 8 years ago

        You may try this:

        I thought it was good episode. But It needs to be more incisive. They are not even trying to name cities or states fearing controversy.

  4. Bored 8 years ago

    Aamir’s sly motto – Raise some issue in all its vagueness, then get over-emotional to make ur audience overemotional (shed a few obviously fake tears if neccessary and also emphasize that the tears are so real). Add some cheese and unwanted songs – and Aila! It is trademark Aamir film or TV sow! Clap Clap.

    Why the hell care abt ‘Why’ the issue exists? Who the fuck wants to know to ‘How’ to prevent it?

    As far as Aamir can get his audience emotional, his business is assured …

    • Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

      Very true.

      Also audience gets informed on different angles of the issue and get very useful information. So audience satisfaction is assured.

  5. sputnik 8 years ago

    Watched the episode thanks to the link from @hithere. Agree it was a good episode. Two rape victim’s faces were not blurred and they did mention Calcutta. So I don’t think not naming cities or states in other cases was because of fearing controversy. The victim and their families may not have wanted that revealed.

    Agree with @baba-ji that “the show has improved a little bit from the previous season. the melodrama and fake acting has been toned down though there is still the occasional canned expressions from the audience and aamir” Aamir was much better and more serious this time.

    The first clipping of rapes that happened in different parts to women of different ages was very spine chilling. A girl being repeatedly gang raped by the same rapists after having complained part was very disturbing. I could not understand though how someone can leave the girl alone at home when she was gang raped twice.

    I think the show did a good job of informing people of their right to file a FIR and that the two finger test was illegal. It also made a good job in highlighting the callous nature of the police and the doctors.

    A women waiting for 21 years for justice was very depressing. The lady talking about how the govt lawyer meets the victim at the court for the first time and how the victim is not given any papers part was very good. One stop crisis center part was very informative.

    There were good points made about how the victims are blamed and boycotted instead of the rapists and how the dress they wore was not responsible for the rape. The two women from different class of society coming out in open and telling their stories was good.

    Agree with Baba that “the show was focused mainly on what to do after rapes instead of preventing them in the first place by empowering women and educating the men.” The last part should have had some inspiring stories where the women successfully defended themselves from their rapists thereby inspiring other women.

    Its like the show wanted to project the Abla Nari stereotype of women and the cheesy song just reinforced that. Agree that “they need need to edit out the cheesy end songs at the end of episode. it is embarassing and makes the whole show look juvenile and filmy” Don’t like Sona Mahapatra’s voice/singing and all SMJ songs from Ram Sampath sound the same.

    • Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

      Just finished watching the show. Had watched on TV only first 10 mins.

      “I think the show did a good job of informing people of their right to file a FIR and that the two finger test was illegal.”

      The lady talking about how the govt lawyer meets the victim at the court for the first time and how the victim is not given any papers part was very good. One stop crisis center part was very informative.

      Apart from that it was very surprising to know that FIR copy is not available to the victim.

    • Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

      On the “preventing rape” part I agree with Baba.

      But then there is a limit to what all a show can show in 90 mins.

      I disagree with Sputnik saying “abla nari” sterotype as the show tried to show that rape is not end of life. But on the other end I agree with the woman saying that “victim should be seen as a suspect is written in medical books”. I dont know whether it is written in medical books but there should not be a any justice/investigation being over-emotional about women and their problems. (Life of David Gale?)

      • sputnik 8 years ago

        Yes. They did a very good job by saying rape is not end of life.

        But forget saying that women can kill the rapist in self defense they did not even mention a line about protecting themselves from rape by arming themselves with at least a pepper spray. No guest who teaches self defense to women or saying that every women needs to learn self defense. So my criticism of “Abla Nari” still stands.


        This link here says “The Indian government has introduced a new lightweight handgun designed for women to protect themselves from rape and sexual assault. ” Its expensive though. And surprisingly the women’s organizations are against women carrying gun to protect themselves. Women have a choice – they can either try to protect themselves by learning self defense, using pepper spray or carrying a gun or just rue after getting raped and going around seeking justice.


        Here is a link to a news story where the girl killed her brother-in-law who tried to rape her.

        “In a rare case, the Madhavaram police booked the girl under the milder IPC Section 304 (Culpable homicide not amounting to murder), and released her on bail. “She killed him in an act of self-defence,” said an officer. Police seek exemption under IPC section 100, which makes killing a person not an offence, if it was for self-defence.”


        • Ipman 8 years ago

          i agree with sputnik completely. infact i would go so far to say that killing a rapist at the time of rape should be completely legalised apart from allowing women who work in night shifts to carry revolvers. also fast track courts for rapes and there should be capital punishment in public view.i know this has a flip side and it is very extreme but they can try it on a temporary basis. times are extreme

          • hithere 8 years ago

            It will be very similar to Florida’s stand your ground rule. In essence State is abdicating its responsibility and let citizen do fend for themselves.

        • Ipman 8 years ago

          also i dont see much benefit in the demand for more police force etc. i have no faith in those losers. these corrupt ppl themselves rape the victim. a law should be passed that if the police doesnt arrest the rapist within 2 days, the reporting officer be suspended

        • Ipman 8 years ago

          an equally important factor which i had clubbed with empowering of women was educating the men especially the young minds. It is that even if a girls lifestyle doesnt qualify what you perceive as “good/normal” , you dont have any right to question her character.she should have the freedom to live the way she wants

          • Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

            I completely agree on educating men, but I dont know how much it is going to help. I always say more of this is because of cultural shock/economical gap between rich/poor/ Urban vs rural gap/ uneven development of the country.

  6. sputnik 8 years ago

    Girl in police protection gang-raped

    A gang rape survivor was kidnapped from police protection, gang-raped again on Tuesday night, strangled and dumped in the farm fields of Ferozabad on Wednesday apparently after the accused presumed she was dead. Though the kidnap took place in the presence of two constables posted for her security, the Ferozabad police rounded up her family members claiming they had packed her off to some place to implicate those who were accused of raping her.

    The girl was found lying unconscious in the farm fields the next morning. She told the doctors she was gang-raped once again, strangled and dumped apparently after the perpetrators presumed she had died. Doctors at the district hospital too confirmed that the girl was gang-raped and injury marks on her neck suggested serious attempt to strangulate her. Senior superintendent of police (SSP) Ferozabad Rakesh Kumar described her condition as “not serious”.

    Two armed police constables posted for her security at her house claimed they were having dinner when the crime took place. When they heard a commotion they came out see what had happened but returned quickly to wear their shoes. By the time they put on with their shoes, the accused had escaped. Though this statement was offered by one of the constables while talking to TOI on phone from the scene of crime barely an hour after the incident, the SSP told TOI that the constables had informed him the kidnap never took place.

    Prime accused in the first gangrape case is Dalbir Singh. His wife is a pradhan and has a strong influence across 18 villages in Firozabad. The couple are said to have secured over 30,000 votes for SP MLA Ramveer Singh Yadav, leading to his victory in the 2012 UP assembly elections. Ramveer Singh Yadav is another important part of Akshay Yadav’s election campaign which could be the reason police did not take action. Despite a named FIR no action was initiated against the named accused in the gangrape case till date.

    Justice delayed by police laxity

    The girl was kidnapped from her house in Jeragaon village under Eka police station of Feorzabad on November 5, last year. Initially police were reluctant to lodge an FIR and it was only when the district police chief intervened that a case was registered 14 days after the incident. The delay by police helped the rape accused as nothing substantial could be found against them in the medical examination of the girl 14 days after the crime.

    On December 22, the survivor tested positive for pregnancy while undergoing treatment at a hospital in Lucknow. The family later sought intervention of then director general of police Rizwan Ahmed who directed the Ferozabad police to provide protection to the girl and also helped the family send the foetus for DNA profiling before the abortion. Ever since the police made no attempts whatsoever to secure samples of the named accused for DNA profiling to confirm if and who among them were responsible for the girl’s condition.


    • Bored 8 years ago

      This is getting intolerable now … everyday there is a rape. And some will go after Kejriwal/AAP bcoz they did a Dharna in demand of police accountability ?????

      IMO its just not police accountability – the local MLA shud be forced to resign whenever a rape happens. We need all around accountability from police, politicians and judiciary. Multiple heads need to roll for each rape case to bring in accountability.

      Personally, Congress LokPal was Jokepal bill (as Arvind rightly said). That can only satisfy a pseudo-activist like Anna. Even Delhi Lok Pal Bill that AAP drafted seemed quite mild to me, but BJP/Congress did not even allow them to table it, forget passing.

      • Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

        You seriously need to watch Satyamev Jayate.

        • Bored 8 years ago

          My comment had nothing to do with Aamir or SJ2 … it was in response to the news Sputnik posted.

          But since u brought it up …

          Whether u like it or not, SJ2 episode 1 is not going to reduce rape cases in India, just like Anna Hazare’s aanshan didnt reduce corruption in India. Its not surprising that Aamir sided with Anna but isnt willing to give AAP a chance. Likes of Aamir n Hazare are made for each other.

          • Bored 8 years ago

            And the similarity does not end there. Anna joined Mamata, Aamir supports Salman’s craps … go figure.

            Sad embarrassments in the name of social activism.

          • Ipman 8 years ago

  7. sputnik 8 years ago

    AAP is the first party that says ‘give us your vote and you shall rule’: Aamir Khan

  8. sputnik 8 years ago

    And these are our politicians and they hold views like this.

    Here is the video.

    Mulayam’s shocker on rape: Boys make mistakes, why hang them?

    Uttar Pradesh politician Mulayam Singh Yadav has sparked outrage with his comments questioning the death sentence to three men who were convicted of two gang-rapes in Mumbai last week. “Should rape cases be punished with hanging? They are boys, they make mistakes,” he said today while campaigning for the national election.

    The three men have been handed the death sentence under a new law that punishes repeat offenders; they were found guilty of gang-raping two women, a photo-journalist and a telephone operator, at the abandoned Shakti Mills in Mumbai.

    “Boys and girls ….later they had differences, and the girl went and gave a statement that I have been raped. And then the poor fellows, three of them have been sentenced to death. Should rape cases lead to hanging? They are boys, they make mistakes. Two or three have been given the death sentence in Mumbai. We will try and change such laws…we will also ensure punishment of those who report false cases,” he said in Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh, the state his party has governed since 2012.

    A complaint has been filed against him with the Election Commission and the National Commission for Women.

    The comments come at a time rising crimes against women have triggered a nationwide debate on laws and the need to change deeply-entrenched chauvinism in large parts of India.

    Mr Yadav has promised in his party’s manifesto for the polls to check “the large-scale misuse” of the tougher anti-rape law introduced after the fatal gang-rape of a young woman on a moving bus in Delhi in December, 2012.

    When the new laws were proposed in Parliament, Mulayam Singh’s party had objected to features including stalking being made a criminal offence, arguing that they could be twisted to implicate men in fake cases.

    “There is a large scale misuse of laws including anti-dowry, SC/ST (atrocities prevention) act and the new anti-rape law that came into existence after ‘Nirbhaya’ rape case…SP is in favour of implementing them strictly and at the same time will initiate strict action against those misusing them,” the party’s manifesto said.


  9. Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

    Btw, is Atalbihari Vajpayee alive?

    • sputnik 8 years ago

      Yeah. He had a stroke which impaired his speech. Recently this was in news.

      A peek into the life Atal Bihari Vajpayee now leads

      Less than a five-minute drive from the Ashoka Road headquarters of BJP, where the old guard is losing ground to the new, Atal Bihari Vajpayee sits quietly in a wheelchair in his SPG-guarded Krishna Menon Marg bungalow watching snatches of television and reading newspaper headlines.

      The master orator, who was silenced by a stroke in 2009, cannot grasp either the small print or the big picture of what’s happening within the party he nurtured. The three-time Prime Minister — last between 1999 and 2004 — bid adieu to active politics almost a decade ago. Now, as Modi — whom he’d wanted removed as Gujarat chief minister after the Godhra riots of 2002 — tightens his hold over BJP, some of his close friends and followers are feeling slighted or pushed to the wall.

      Unlike the good old days, no one comes calling on him with complaints about the party or to listen to his poetry. The only regular visitors are N M Ghatate, Vajpayee’s friend of nearly six decades, L K Advani and B C Khanduri (the general-turned-politician who was chief minister of Uttarakhand), who come to sit by his side or ask daughter Namita about his health.

      Ghatate who visits him almost every week, sometimes even twice, says, “Prime Minister Manmohan Singh makes regular inquiries about his health and never misses wishing Vajpayeeji personally on his birthday.” The two, Ghatate says, have an old association. Ghatate remembers how then PM PV Narasimha Rao called Vajpayee to complain that his finance minister Manmohan Singh had taken criticism of his budget by the opposition to heart and had offered to resign.

      During a career spent mostly in opposition, Vajpayee had criticized everyone, from Nehru to his daughter Indira, but never realized it could hurt someone so much. Ghatate says Vajpayee immediately called Singh and told him not to take such comments to heart as they were meant to score political points. The Rao government was saved an embarrassment, and a new friendship was forged.

      Ghatate says Vajpayee is still mentally alert. “But the stroke he suffered does not let him speak.” Till then, he’d kept himself busy with books and writing. Within two months of the 2004 electoral defeat, he wrote a four-page article on the successful NDA coalition experiment and how even Congress had to fall in line; he argued that coalitions were here to stay.

      A better part of Vajpayee’s day, Ghatate says, is spent with physiotherapists, doctors and nurses. “I go there and just watch him or talk to family members. He understands everything but cannot have a conversation,” he says. Vajpayee’s favourite food — Chinese and prawns — is now served only in small portions.

      Advani, who was deputy PM in the last NDA government, is reported to have wistfully told some people that Vajpayee would consult him on “everything”. When asked if BJP leaders still asked him for advice, he is believed to have replied, cryptically, “When they need to.”

      For Ghatate, who first met him in the 1950s, the sight of the silent statesman is heart-rending. Vajpayee, who had known Ghatate’s father, Babasaheb Ghatate, a senior Hindu Mahasabha leader, took the young law student under his wing in Delhi and treated him like a younger brother.

      Of all the things that the protracted illness has taken away, Ghatate misses Vajpayee’s sense of humour the most. When Ghatate gave him the news of the death of JN Dixit, Manmohan Singh’s first national security advisor, Vajpayee said, “He was a good man. His problem was he used to work hard and worry a lot about the consequences.” Ghatate pointed out Vajpayee’s NSA and Dixit’s predecessor Brajesh Mishra was also hard working, to which Vajpayee retorted with a mischievous smile, “Yes, Brajesh too was hard working, but then I had to worry about the consequences,” Ghatate recounted this to Mishra and the two had a good laugh.

      Ghatate has been busy compiling Vajpayee’s jokes and witticisms into a book. He has so far collected about 80; he knows there are many more out there.


      • Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

        Oh I did not know he has lost his speech.

        Btw it was a jibe at BJP supporters when I asked if he is still alive. All abt modi modi modi… 😉

      • Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

        RSS/BJP tried everything to neglect Vajpayee and promote Modi back then – Advani tried to protect Modi when Vajpayee wanted to kick him out.

        Now Advani is paying the price of protecting Modi.

  10. Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

    I dont know if its good or bad for the forum. But I wish SB to be opened around next month 3rd week – for the greatest show on the earth.

  11. sputnik 7 years ago

    Classmates rape girl, burn her to death

    The final-year pharmacy student Nidhi Agarwal, 23, who was allegedly raped and set ablaze by her class mates in Kasrawad hamlet on Saturday, nearly 90 km away from state’s commercial capital, succumbed to her injuries on Sunday morning, at a private hospital, here. She battled for life for nearly 20 hours with 96 per cent burn.

    All three arrested accused were produced before Kasrawad court from where they were sent to jail till May 23.

    Till Saturday, police investigations which were confined to spurned love affair with one of the three accused broadened further a day after the incident. The short post-mortem report revealed injuries on private parts confirming rape. Forensic experts including Dr Bharat Vajpai and Dr P Azad did the post-mortem at district hospital after which the dead body was handed over to the family members. The last rites were performed at Ojhra of Kasrawad hamlet from where girl belonged.

    Nidhi, a daughter of cotton-miller was student of GRY Pharmacy College in Kasrawad, an institute owned by Congress MP Arun Yadav. She had suffered 96% burns and was rushed to Choithram Hospital in Indore.

    Writhing in pain and gasping for breath in the burns ward, Nidhi named the accused — Ankit Rathore, 21, of Indore, Akshay Joshi, 22, of Bakaner and Vishal Chaudhary, 21, of Pandhana in her dying declaration. She had given statements to tehsildar Pradeep Kaurav who had kept portion of statement confidential due to judicial inquiry.

    On Saturday afternoon, the girl was alone at home when three of her college mates came to visit her with an invite for a function. Once inside, they bolted the door, poured kerosene over her and set her ablaze, police said.

    Her screams alerted neighbours and an uncle of the victim, who rushed inside and nabbed the accused. Residents informed the police, who took the three into their custody.

    The three accused, Ankit, Akshay and Vishal are inmates of a hostel of GRY Institute of Pharmacy, just metres away from the girl’s house. Kasrawad police station in charge, Girish Jejurkar, said, “As the autopsy report has confirmed rape with the victim girl, the charges of rape and murder will be registered against the accused. Further investigations in the case are on.” A complaint has lodged by the girl’s uncle, Jitendra Agrawal.


  12. sputnik 7 years ago

    Two Sisters Allegedly Gang-Raped, Hanged From Tree in UP Village

    Two teen girls were allegedly gang-raped and later hanged from a tree in a village in Uttar Pradesh’s Badaun district on Wednesday.

    The two girls, who were cousins aged 14 and 15, went missing from their house on Tuesday night. Their bodies were found hanging from a tree in Katra village in Ushait area on Wednesday morning.

    The incident triggered protests in the area with villagers alleging police apathy following which an FIR was registered against seven persons including constables Sarvesh Yadav and Rakshapal Yadav, who were suspended.

    One of the accused Pappu Yadav has been arrested while others are still absconding, Superintendent of Police, City, Man Singh Chauhan said.

    As soon as the news spread, villagers gathered at the site and claimed that police had refused to register an FIR on Tuesday night. They alleged that the girls were gang-raped before they were hanged by the attackers.

    Villagers blocked the Ushait-Lilawan road, where they kept the bodies, and demanded suspension of all the policemen posted in Ushait police station.

    Later, police controlled the situation and convinced the villagers to lift the blockade.

    Two other accused are Brijesh and Awadhesh while two others are unidentified, SP Chauhan said.

    Police are awaiting the postmortem report of the two girls.


  13. wonder why those girls didnt wear the modi t-shirt on those occasions. it woudl have surely scared off the rapists as shown in those promotional bjp ads!

  14. sputnik 7 years ago

    And this is from Madhya Pradesh a BJP ruled state which is the state with the highest number of rape cases in India. Link

    Madhya Pradesh woman allegedly raped, paraded naked in village

  15. aryan 7 years ago

    Ban Ki-Moon slams ‘destructive attitude’ of ‘boys will be boys’

    Meanwhile, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has demanded action against sexual violence and appealed to the society to reject the destructive attitude of “boys will be boys”.

    “In just the last two weeks, we have seen despicable attacks against women and girls around the world — from Nigeria to Pakistan and from California to India. I was especially appalled by the brutal rape and gruesome murder of two teenaged women in India who had ventured out because they did not have access to a toilet,” Ban said here yesterday.

    Decrying the recent attacks against women and girls around the world, Ban stressed that “violence against women is a peace and security issue. It is a human rights issue. It is a development issue.” He said nations must respond on all fronts and achieve full equality for all women.

    “We say no to the dismissive, destructive attitude of ‘Boys will be boys’. Together, we can empower more people to understand that violence against women degrades us all,” Ban said at the launch of a video campaign on ending sexual violence through gender equality.

  16. sputnik 7 years ago

    A social experiment in New Delhi of a staged rape.

    • cr7 7 years ago

      • sputnik 7 years ago

        Excellent video. Loved the shaming part at the end.

      • Baba 7 years ago

        though this experiment has been successful in showing the truth but dont we all know it? no one comes forward to help in such cases. infact most of us wont. but this type of experiment can cause harm if you know what i mean.

    • sputnik 7 years ago

      Anti Social Experiment Qtiyapa – new video by TVF

      • Anjanpur685Miles 7 years ago

        Maa behen ki galiya bakunga. (answering to the last question in the video)

        Well done, but this social media/social experiments stuff is going nowhere. I am happy I am not part of this social media madness.

  17. sputnik 7 years ago

    Madhya Pradesh seems to be the leader when it comes to rapes.

    Woman gangraped, paraded naked in Madhya Pradesh

    In a shocking incident, a 30-year-old tribal woman was gangraped by at least six persons, including her estranged husband, all in an inebriated condition, paraded naked and even forced to drink urine at a village in Madhya Pradesh’s Khandwa district.

    The incident took place in front of the victim’s 10-year-old son at village Bilai Khedi under Piplod police station area, some 60 km from the Khandwa district headquarters on June 10, delayed reports reaching the state capital said.

    The victim, police said, was living separately from her husband, Kailash Bhil (35), for the last couple of months due to some property dispute. According to the victim, she was called to a place in the village by her husband on the pretext of thrashing out the differences between them.

    When the woman, along with her son, went to meet her husband, who along with other men was waiting for her, she was thrashed and gangraped. Not only that, they also paraded her naked and forced her to consume urine.

    The victim narrated the ordeal to their parents and thereafter petitioned the police, who swung into action and arrested nine people in this connection. Further investigations are on, police said.

    Madhya Pradesh has witnessed a spurt in rape cases, with the state recording 4335 rape cases in 2013, according to state crime control board’s figures. The highest number of 3425 rape cases was reported in the state in 2012, according to figures of the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). In the first quarter of this year, MP has registered 1078 rape and 2455 molestation cases.


  18. sputnik 7 years ago

    Shah Rukh Khan’s Driver Held for Raping Actress’s Maid

    Superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s driver was arrested by the Bandra police yesterday for raping a minor. The 17-year-old survivor used to work as a maid at the house of a Bollywood actress.

    The accused, Rajendrakumar Gautam alias Pintu Mishra (34), a resident of Asalpha in Andheri (East), allegedly befriended the survivor on the pretext of offering her a job and then lured her to a hotel in Nallasopara, where he raped her.

    According to the Bandra police, the 17-year-old had come to Mumbai five months ago from her hometown, Latur, where her mother stays. She got a job as a maid in the house of the actress.

    Gautam spotted her somewhere and decided that he wanted to meet her at any cost.

    Gautam managed to get hold of the girl’s number through a common friend and called her up on June 18. He said he could get her a good job, where she would get a high salary and work with a superstar.

    The girl and Gautam then started speaking to each other regularly and he even took her to Shah Rukh’s bungalow once.

    In the course of their conversations, Gautam convinced the survivor to quit her job, which she did on June 20.

    Officials said she then came to meet Gautam, who had promised to take her to his home in Nallasopara, despite not having a house there.

    They spent some time in Bandra and left for Nallasopara in the afternoon.

    Gautam took the girl to a hotel and when she asked why they weren’t going to his house, he said his family was home and they wouldn’t let her in.

    Officials said Gautam raped her the same night and threatened her with dire consequences if she spoke of the incident. Devastated, and with nowhere to go, the girl came back to Mumbai on June 21. She gathered some courage and filed a complaint against Gautam yesterday.

    “The girl was inconsolable and traumatised. She has no one here in Mumbai and is the only earning member of her family. She has now decided to move back to her home in Latur with her mother,” said an officer from the Bandra police station.

    Gautam was arrested in the afternoon and has been charged under Section 376 (Rape) of the IPC. He will be produced in the Sessions Court today.

    ‘Part of SRK’s convoy’

    A source close to Shah Rukh Khan said, “The driver arrested has nothing to do with SRK or his family. He has driven the car for the kids on a few occasions. Otherwise, he drives one of the vehicles that are part of Khan’s convoy.”

    The girl was inconsolable and traumatised. She has no one here in Mumbai and is the only earning member of her family. She has now decided to move back to her home in Latur with her mother – An officer from Bandra police station.


  19. cr7 7 years ago

    Going Home: A film by Vikas Bahl feat. Alia Bhatt

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