Satyamev Jayate Season 2 Episode 5 – Criminalization of Politics

Check out Satyamev Jayate Season 2 Episode 5 – Criminalization of Politics. Todays episode will not be liked by BJP, congress and all other criminal party fans. Just watch the first 10 mins to see how many criminals are serving in Parliament and LA most of them are from the major parties.

I say to BJP/Congress fans – go to twitter and recirculate the haj pics of Aamir with Afridi and call him a terrorist/Pakistani agent and try to convince each other and feel happy.that is all you can do

  1. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    Cast your vote
    Dont vote your caste

    • sputnik 10 years ago

      Well said.

      Good episode. The statistics shown in the beginning clearly showed all the major parties with criminal candidates. Some even have 100 % criminal candidates. Congress/BJP are the same and if people still vote for them they will have only themselves to blame.

      The parents of the daughter who was murdered part was good. Good that they had the politician who was also their relative convicted.

      Ajit Sarkar part was the best. The High Court has acquitted Pappu Yadav by giving him the “benefit of doubt”. Link

      Instead of some of the guests just telling anecdotes they should have shown how some politicians polarize voters by giving hate speeches using caste/religion.

      I had heard about poor people being given money to vote but it was kind of shocking to see even somewhat well to do people willing to sell their votes.

  2. stewie griffin 10 years ago

    this aamir is such a underhanded sly guy..indirectly endorsing aap..btw kejriwal himself has criminal cases against him no?

      • stewie griffin 10 years ago

        B team of congress is more AK can be added it seems 😀

    • Ipman 10 years ago

      he is speaking about the right thing to do. inddently it coincides with what aap has also been saying. it doesnt mean endorsing the party. it means endorising whats right and whats logical and good for us. B team of congress is aap? i thought it was pakistani agency.or was it CIA agent?

      • stewie griffin 10 years ago

        with such a short span of time,aap already have an impressive list of criminal candidates no?aap might have had good intentions,but kejriwal has made it into everything they didnt want it to be..check the link out btw

        • stewie griffin 10 years ago

          also what aamir is saying is don’t vote at all,as all parties have criminal mps..right?

        • Ipman 10 years ago

          i saw the video. its as crap as saying kejriwal is a pakistani agent. they are hallucinating anything out of thier ass.

          have you checked the videos uploaded by that account over a course of time? all are heavily pro-modi and bjp

          • stewie griffin 10 years ago

            but isnt tht an aap member who is accusing..or is it tht only wen u r a member tht u r pure,as soon as u get out everything is a lie..jaago ipman jaago

          • Ipman 10 years ago

            he called him a CIA agent, now is calling him congress agent.tomorrow he may say is agent 007! some days ago, sputnik had posted a video of a lady who was ex-bjp member, the joined aap and then again left it. now she keeps badmouthing aap like this guy.

      • stewie griffin 10 years ago

        ofcourse ak49 jibe must have hurt aap sentiments..i could see kejriwal crying on twitter as soon as modi made tht jibe..forgetting how kejri himself has insinuated a lot of unwanted things on modi..modi has kept silent..he wanted modi’s attention,he got it and couldnt handle it 😀

    • sputnik 10 years ago

      Where did he say that all parties have criminal MPs so don’t vote at all? He said don’t vote for criminal MPs. So if there is a good clean Congress/BJP candidate did he say don’t vote for them?

      And anyways if every one contesting from a seat is criminal then people should not vote for anyone. The Supreme Court itself ordered the Election Commission to provide the option to vote for NOTA (None of the Above). Aamir should have infact talked about NOTA.

      ” “For democracy to survive, it is essential that the best available men should be chosen … for proper governance of the country. This can be best achieved through men of high moral and ethical values who win the elections on a positive vote.” Thus the NOTA option would indeed compel political parties to nominate sound candidates, said a Bench of Chief Justice P. Sathasivam and Justices Ranjana Desai and Ranjan Gogoi, while allowing a petition filed by the People’s Union for Civil Liberties.

      Writing the judgment, the CJI said: “Giving right to a voter not to vote for any candidate while protecting his right of secrecy is extremely important in a democracy. Such an option gives the voter the right to express his disapproval of the kind of candidates being put up by the parties. Gradually, there will be a systemic change and the parties will be forced to accept the will of the people and field candidates who are known for their integrity.”

      The Bench said the NOTA option “will accelerate effective political participation in the present state of the democratic system and the voters will in fact be empowered.” The right to cast a negative vote, “at a time when electioneering is in full swing, will foster the purity of the electoral process and also fulfil one of its objectives, namely, wide participation of people.” ”



      Political candidates can have criminal cases for protesting but what is important is that they do not have serious cases like murder/rape/kidnapping/dacoity (don’t remember one more which was shown in the episode). If any candidate has these cases against him then people should not vote for him. So does Arvind have any rape/murder charges against him?

      And so you believe an ex-AAP member saying something against Arvind but you won’t believe when a BJP MLA Haresh Bhatt says that Modi gave them three days to do whatever they want during the riots? You won’t believe what Babu Bajrangi a convict has to say about Modi. Nobody died because of what Arvind did.

      “TEHELKA: What was Narendra Modi’s reaction when the Godhra incident happened?

      Haresh Bhatt: I can’t tell you this… but I can say it was favourable… because of the understanding we shared at that time…

      TEHELKA: Tell me something… Did he…

      Bhatt: I can’t give a statement… But what he did, no chief minister has ever done …

      TEHELKA: I won’t quote it anywhere…For that matter… I am not even going to quote you

      Bhatt: He had given us three days… to do whatever we could. He said he would not give us time after that… He said this openly…After three days, he asked us to stop and everything came to a halt…

      TEHELKA: It stopped after three days… Even the army was called in.

      Bhatt: All the forces came… We had three days… and did what we had to in those three days…”


      Modi called Arvind a Pakistani agent. What is the proof? Its the same shameless nonsense that Modi supporters indulge in calling people who do not support them Anti National or Pakis. BJP Supporters were calling Arvind a CIA agent because his organization took money from Ford Foundation. When pointed out that the Gujarat govt itself took money from Ford Foundation and Modi was himself the chairman for them they won’t talk.

      Modi had alleged about AAP – “On the party’s official website, the map has given off Kashmir to Pakistan” Link

      If you go to and search for India map you will get one with POK and if you go to you get one without POK. Link

      BJP was itself found using the same google maps API which shows POK on their official website. Link

      So they now added a disclaimer that the map is from google maps. :large” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Link

      I can’t believe how people can just go on believing someone just because they support them. Apply same standards for your favorite candidate too when criticizing other candidates. Go research on the net and try to fact check from neutral or news websites.

      • FS 10 years ago

        They won’t and the hardcore supporters of Modi are hardcore because of his Gujarat kaand not because of Gujarat Development and they intentionally supporting knowing all the facts. They just don’t want to admit openly at present but they will after he wins the election.

        Ask any common supporter of Modi about Gujarat Development and their answer from most would be the link’s available online from modi supporters. Ask them about their own state then they will give you links from wikipedia or google. Most talk about Gujarat Development as if they have spent their lifetime over there even though many might not even have been out of their own state.

        • sputnik 10 years ago

          I know. I just try to point out the flaws in their arguments for supporting Modi and show them a mirror.

          Well some have moved out of their state and live/work/enjoy the benefits in another state but support Gujarat 🙂

        • Ipman 10 years ago

          bjp is going to win the election this year. so we will know very soon. i am happy that this time there is AAP to monitor each move of bjp. so bjp will win this year but will have to be careful about each step they take.the pressure is on them

      • stewie griffin 10 years ago

        same question reverse it to u..u believe this guy,but u dont believe the aap guy…?u think kejriwal didnt make baseless accusations? jesus christ the hypocrisy you guys are pouting out here..ipman himself said the guy in my link talked bollocks…so wat was kejriwal doing wen modi was royally ignoring him..the simple truth is you wanna blame some1 for the gujarat riots..and modi is ur easiest target coz he keeps mum

        • sputnik 10 years ago

          The guy did not get a ticket and is blaming Kejriwal. The MLA who is talking about Modi was still with BJP. A convicted person is not bashing Modi but praising him for helping him with the riots and in getting away. Can you see the difference?

          Which baseless accusations are you talking about? About Modi favoring Adani? Go research and come back and talk. About gas pricing go research and come back and talk. About foreign funding go research and come back and talk.

          So the head of the state who is named by the prime accused is not to blame? The BJP MLA is saying they got 3 days to do whatever they want and is not to blame? If those riots happened in Delhi under Keriwal and if the prime accused Babu Bajrangi said that about Kejriwal would have used the same line “you wanna blame some1 for the Delhi riots”.

          There needs to be accountability – when more than a 1000 people were killed and the police did not take any action – when investigations were dropped till the SC intervened – when people are acquitted till court cases had to be moved out of state. Modi doesn’t keep mum about those riots. He takes out a pride parade instead. When asked about those riots he starts sweating and asks for water and runs away from the TV interview.

          Yes Modi and his supporters can only make jibes at others. They can never argue on substance with proofs. When Modi made a jibe about AAP being B team of Congress Kejriwal made a jibe back at Modi saying “No sir. The unique experience was that BJP and Cong came together to defeat anti-corruption Janlokpal Bill.” and that got more retweets and got favorited more.

          Whatever lies an AAP supporter may be feeding on at least they are not feeding on lies which involve killings and rapes.

          • stewie griffin 10 years ago

            retweeted and favorited more…modi’s support can be seen in his rallies my lets not talk about retweets and favorites..kejri knew there was proper procedure to follow..he didnt and quit at the first opening…also about the gas pricing expose which kejri”supposedly” did,u do know tht it was written by the md of gspc..u do know tht GSPC is not the same as modi government right..?if you dont know please ressearch..gujarat govt is major shareholder but GSPC has full autonomy from gujarat govt on day to day matters..and modi doesnt micromanage GSPC..but obviously this fact got lost in the excitement of mr kejri in his haste to blame is like blaming sonia gandhi if ONGC supports a price hike coz govt of india is major share holder…but obviously how will AAP supporters know this simple truth…so the bitter truth is no matter how much modi tries to make the election about development,anti modi ppl want to make it about religion..even if its supreme court appointed sit who gave him the clean chit

        • sputnik 10 years ago

          “What’s the big noise on Mukesh Ambani, gas pricing, Rs. 25,000 crores loss and Gujarat all about?

          Let me take a little time to set down the facts. Of course, you can come to any opinion after reading what follows, but that is always the case in such contentious matters. So here goes:

          1. In the late 90s, an oil company, Cairn, made discoveries of significant gas in the Krishna Godavari (KG) basin. In an effort to create a level playing field to allow private and public companies to bid for the same projects – all on lands and seas owned by the government, the government created a New Exploration and Licensing Policy (NELP)

          2. Under the first NELP plan, bids were called for contractors to explore and develop these Government-owned potential oil fields. Reliance Industries teamed up with a Canadian firm, Niko Resources (90% Reliance, 10% Niko) and won the right to explore and develop 12 out of 24 blocks offered. (You can find details on the Indian govt website here:

          3. Since then there have been several more NELP bids, and Reliance has won a few of those.

          4. Reliance-Niko outbid ONGC, Cairn and others to these blocks.

          5. The basic bidding criteria – and you can read a sample bid document here if you have the interest and patience – was the amount of profit share offered to government of India by the bidder, and the lowest operating cost the bidder commits to that it can adjust every year. These bidding criteria have changed slightly since – but that is not germane to the issue.

          5. Here’s a simple way to understand it. The government owns the fields: some are on ground, some are in shallow water and some are in deep water but all in Indian territory. The winning bidder would explore and develop those fields at its cost. It would bid what its cost was – the lower the better. Once the gas was found, it was allowed to first recover its stated costs, and then pay revenue share to the government. If gas was not found, it would simply return the fields to the government – indeed 13 of those initial 24 fields were returned to the government. These two factors: committed low operating cost and committed high revenue share to government helped government determine who would win the fields – in each case, government calculated the most valuable economic option to itself.

          6. In effect, the winning bidder merely had a contract to operate on government property, then apply some fixed costs for equipment and some variable costs of manpower and ops – and produce gas for all of us.

          5. The first contracts were awarded in 2000, Reliance found gas, and signed its first long term contract in 2002 – for 17 years – with NTPC – another government undertaking – to provide it gas at US$ 2.34 per million British thermal units – or mBTUs. This is the price they committed to charge from 2002 to 2019 – which catered for all their present and future anticipated costs.

          6. A little after this time the Ambani brothers split – remember that? -and the big bone of contention then was that Anil wanted gas from RIL for his energy project RNRL and finally the agreement was that he would get it at the same price that RIL was giving it to NTPC at: $2.34 per mBTU

          7. During this time, the price of natural gas globally went up significantly. This wasn’t due to increased costs – it’s perhaps closer to supply and demand and also to how a cartel like OPEC operates – you set the price you think you can get away with, regardless of input costs.

          8. While this could be good news for countries like India with large oil and gas reserves – it shouldn’t really make much difference to an operator who has taken a government field on a lease – after all, his costs – of rig equipment and people’s salaries were reasonably fixed – or move in a slow band.

          7. Of course, this was a great opportunity – and Mukesh didn’t use it just screw the government-owned NTPC here, he screwed over his own brother too. He followed in his dad’s footsteps of “fixing” government to change all the norms once he had won the contract – and went and worked hard to break the contract in 2009.

          8. They asked Jaipal Reddy, the then concerned minister, to raise the price to $4.20 per mBTU and he told them to sod off. Their ostensible reason was increased cost of production – but, interestingly, at the same time, Reliance said in writing (that note here: : that their actual cost of extracting the gas and bringing it onshore was $0.8945 per mBTU – i.e. not even 90 cents – so while they were earlier making a profit of $1.44 per mBTU, they wanted to screw over the Government and Anil by making a profit of $3.30 per mBTU – more than double as much)

          9. Undeterred by the minister asking them to bugger off, Mukesh did the classic Reliance gambit – he got Jaipal thrown out of the Ministry and shunted elsewhere and replaced by South Bombay buddy Murli Deora. This dude in turn got Pranab Mukherjee – yes, our current President – to call some meeting of some temporary committee called the Empowered Group – to rubber-stamp Mukesh’s demand to charge $4.20 per mBTU – remember this is for gas produced on our land not Reliance’s – from now on.

          10. So Anilbhai and NTPC went to court about this. The case is still dragging through courts – and the Government isn’t backing its own company NTPC in the fight. Anil was likely neutralised elsewhere and hasn’t moaned too much about it lately.

          10. That’s what Mukesh is being paid now. And that price, for our gas produced from our land and our seas, is what we pay from our taxes – and that impacts the prices of the inputs to our fertiliser plants, and impacts the price of our foods, our transport systems – and our monthly expenditure. But, hey, that’s not enough. Senior Ambani found a way to screw us over again.

          11. Remember, there was a clause which allowed the operator to first take back the money equivalent to their set-up costs, and then deliver profits to the government after that? When Mani Shankar Aiyer was Minister, in 2004, Reliance had asked for and got approval to spend Capex of $2.39 billion to produce 40 million metric standard cubic meters of gas per day. (That’s MMSCMD for you, if you’re a fan of abbreviations.). This basically meant that Reliance was first allowed to claim this $2.39 billion – some Rs. 10,000 crores – before it paid a paisa of revenue share to the government.

          12. In just two years, however, they managed to find friend Murli Deora in the seat of Oil and Gas power in 2006 after poor Mani Shankar Aiyar was shunted out – and magically got him to approve almost 4 times the earlier approved amount of Capex – US$8.80 billion – or Rs. 50,000 crores for just twice the capacity. One would expect that the relative cost of Capex would go down and efficiency would go up as you simply double the capacity on existing wells – as happens everywhere else in the world. Especially in a fanatically-cost-efficient organisation like Reliance (we all know how they never pay their suppliers on time.)

          13. But no – Reliance apparently wanted to eat more money for itself – maybe Antilla was being built – before we got our own money back from our own oil fields. This basically means that we the people see nothing from our own property till Mukesbhai gets his Rs. 50,000 crores first. When asked about this wonderful generous gift of Rs. 40,000 additional crores to Reliance, Murli Deora claims no memory – see the interview at 09.00 onwards here if you want to see his apparent innocence where he says “You don’t expect Ministers to remember small details” (like 40,000 crores here or there I suppose)

          13. Further proof of padding or “gold-plating” came in the CAG report – and in an investigation done by the Indian Embassy in Singapore, about a mysterious organisation called Bio Metrix which was a beneficiary of Reliance’s inflated costs which suddenly invested Rs. 6,500 crores into Reliance from Singapore based on loans given to it by an Indian back on no declared collateral. Imagine that – walking into an Indian bank as an unknown company in Singapore and asking for Rs. 6,500 crores in loans to invest in equity of Indian companies. And getting it Of course, the company was controlled by known Reliance network figures – and seems to be a clear case of over-billing in India, having your own benami company as a vendor, paying it overseas and then circling the money back into India, into your own companies. Sweet, na?

          14. And you know what happened after that – the investigation by India’s own embassy goes nowhere and the CAG Vinod Rai was shunted out and replaced by Shashi Kant Sharma – the prior defence secretary, well-known in arms circles for routing kickbacks. Our man’s ability to fix governments is amazing.

          13. Oh, but it doesn’t end there either. The Ambani greed and ability to fix the Congress government continued. Reliance jockeys for a higher price than the $4.20 – from our own wells, mind you. And to show it means business, it suddenly claims a huge drop in production – in other words, it’s a threat. “Give us a higher price, or we’ll go on strike, on your wells”.

          14. The government, as always, is very accommodating – it dusts off a well-meaning bureaucrat, Rangarajan – and he does some laughable calculations and determines that the new price should be $8.40 per mBTU – an exact 100% hike. Imagine this – paying 4 times more for gas from our own fields – when the capex was long-invested and gone and opex hasn’t gone up anywhere near this much. In fact, in the only gas market in the world, the US, the price is even currently well below $5 per mBTU, including all profits from owned wells. But we want to pay our man more than twice that for gas he is getting out of our wells. (You can see how much more we are paying by looking at all historical prices here:

          15. Once this is lined up, Reliance magically discovers and announces that its capacity will go back up in the future – its stock price nudges up. By now our man has BJP and Congress on his side. But when the AAP problem happens and the unspeakable occurs – all these people and Monseiur Ambani included have FIRs registered against them for gross theft and corruption, he pulls the strings and both the BJP and Congress collude to make the AAP government fall in 72 hours after the FIR.

          16. That doesn’t stop the process though. The ministries push for a price hike from $4.20 to $8.40 per mBTU starting April 1 – a clear attempt to push the change before the elections and before the public makes a big deal out of it, who knows what the results will be.

          17. Arvind Kejriwal and the AAP pick up on it, petition the Election Commissioner – and he sees sense in the complaint and orders a halt to the hikes for another 60 days. Pretty much till June 1. But guess Ambani isn’t much worried – he has moved his focus from Congress to Modi now – and I guess he feels it’ll be pushed through after the polls.

          18. But $8.40 isn’t where it ends either. You can glimpse the master plan in little bits. The puppet-master has now moved his strings to Modi – as is now apparent, with a Gujarat government-owned gas company now petitioning the government that the price be raised to – believe it or not – $14 per mBTU. That’s 4 times the international market price. Copies of the documents from the Gujarat government body are available for you to see at

          This is an additional Rs. 25,000 crores a year from our tax money we have to donate to the owner of Antilla, because he is now the guy in the shadows behind Modi. (Heaven knows how much more we have to donate to Adani, the man who is now flying Modi all around India.)

          That’s a higher cost for gas into all our industries – from fertiliser to transport to coal and more. And hey, when that happens, we’ll pay the higher price for that in the things we consume too. Of course, on the plus side, Antilla will grow even taller, Mr. Ambani will move higher on the Forbes listing, and we can all be even more proud of it.

          All this is if the Modi / Gujarat gas price hike proposal goes through.

          Of course, your vote and your activism can help or help stop this.

          Hey, maybe a vote is too much, but even your share of this could help.



      • stewie griffin 10 years ago

        also about the ak49 jibe,modi was giving kejri a taste of his own medicine..khud pe aaya sawaal toh rone laga kejri..modi was cool enuff to ignore him..but kejri wnated modi’s attention..he finally got it but got screwed

      • stewie griffin 10 years ago

        also its ironic wen an aap supporter asks for proof,wen they themselves have been feeding on baseless lies

  3. Ipman 10 years ago

    just checked few of the affidavits uploaded on this site

    most of them write the cases where it shows them in good light. like they have protested against govt or did some hunger strike for “social cause” . yaani yeda banke peda khaane waale log.

  4. aryan 10 years ago

    Liked this episode and liked the idea of Aamir’s tied a thread for not to vote criminals.

  5. sputnik 10 years ago

    You were praising a jibe of Modi and when pointed out that his jibe failed and Arvind’s jibe in reply got tweeted and favorited more then we have to see modi’s support in his rallies.


    “kejri knew there was proper procedure to follow..he didnt and quit at the first opening…”

    Same lie that Congress and BJP opposed because Kejriwal did not follow the procedure.

    “”This is gross constitutional impropriety by the Delhi L-G. The Assembly is supreme in the state. The prior sanction of the L-G is absolutely not necessary as per provisions of Article 255 of the Indian Constitution. The L-G has jumped the gun in this case,” said senior lawyer Dushyant Dave.”

    “However, the legal stalwarts did not give in to this reasoning. “The state laws can be in conflict with the Central laws. If the President gives his assent it is a good law, if not it is a bad law but it exists. It is sad to see both Congress and the BJP using the office of the L-G, and the Solicitor General for their own purpose,” Dave said.”


    Also read this.

    ” There are similar provisions to s.22(3) of the NCTD Act in the Constitution. Articles 117(3) and 207(3) place a similar requirement on Parliament and State legislatures. Under Art.117(3), the recommendation of the President is required before Parliament can pass a Bill that would involve expenditure from the Consolidated Fund of India. Similarly, Article 207(3) requires similar action from the Governor for a State Assembly to pass a law when expenses from the Consolidated Fund of a State are involved. However, this does not mean that the President and the Governor can stop the passing of a Bill by Parliament or a State Assembly. That would not be possible because the President and Governor are bound to act on the aid and advice of the Council of Ministers as required under Articles 74 and 163 of the Constitution. There is a provision similar to Articles 74 and 163 that governs the relationship between the Lieutenant-Governor of Delhi and the Council of Ministers of the NCTD. Article 239-AA(4) states that the Council of Ministers of the NCTD shall aid and advise the Lieutenant-Governor. The Lieutenant-Governor, while seeking to rely on s.22(3), cannot seek the advice of the Central government and must act in accordance with the aid and advice of the Council of Ministers. While there might be other provisions concerning the administration of the NCTD that require the Lieutenant-Governor to consult the Central government, s.22(3) is certainly not one of them.

    There is a proviso to Article 239-AA(4) that allows the Lieutenant-Governor to refer a difference of opinion between the Lieutenant-Governor and the Council of Ministers on any matter to the President. However, the Lieutenant-Governor, by explicitly stating that this is not a disagreement about the contents of the Bill, has foreclosed this option. Given the Lieutenant-Governor’s reliance on s.22(3) of the NCTD Act, the only difference of opinion that could arise is why the expenditure from the Consolidated Fund of the Capital is not called for in this instance. And it is very difficult to see the Lieutenant-Governor biting that bullet. ” Link

    And Sheila Dixit’s Delhi govt had “tabled at least 13 Finance Bills in the Delhi Assembly without seeking prior sanction of the Centre”. Link

    The truth is that Congres and BJP joined together and stopped the Jan Lokpal bill from being tabled. Please don’t act as if BJP does everything constitutional. BJP came into prominence at the national level by doing something way more unconstitutional. I am not going to point out what it is as everyone knows what it is.


    Gujarat govt has 95% stake in GSPC and you are telling me that it has full autonomy from Gujarat govt on day to day matters and that it was written by the MD? Those letters were written to Vivek Rae, secretary, union ministry of petroleum and natural gas over one year. You are telling me that the major stake holder did not know about that?


    “so the bitter truth is no matter how much modi tries to make the election about development,anti modi ppl want to make it about religion..even if its supreme court appointed sit who gave him the clean chit”

    As I said many times before development does not absolve crime. Criminals cannot say we will now run on development so please don’t talk about our previous crimes. There are lot of issues with the SC appointed SIT giving clean chit (already posted the red flags in a comment in the other Kejriwal thread) and the case is now in High Court. The Amicus curiae appointed by the same SC said Modi should be prosecuted. And most of the development claims have been proved to be lies and exaggerations.

    • stewie griffin 10 years ago

      that jibe ak49 trended all day and arvind kejriwal is recognised more for his nickname than his own name and has found a place in twitter folklore..:D so once again lets not talk about twitter this link and maybe ull actually understand things about gas pricing a little bit than the pure stupidity that kejri is spreading and not just believe in wat you want to the video where there seems to be a genuine focus on modiwid the camera zooming somewhere else wen the names are taken..but forget about tht you believe in this guy naming modi..but u take out reasons like not getting ticket for the guy going against aap?? selective cherry picking isn’t it..specially wen its so bloddy obvious tht aap is actually a b team of congress..and gujarat development proven to be lies,seems you guys too believe a guy goes to gujarat for two days and declares it severely underdeveloped posting pics of other places as gujarat,wen an aap member herself had gone to gujarat a year or so before and praised its development,hell even precious yogendra yadav who is playing the dirtiest form of vote bank politics had positivity about gujarat development..but obviously u will believe a guy who exaggerates his rally pics by showing pics of other countries crowd as ppl from his rally..main beef wid aap and their followers are their holier than thou attitude..and if you dont support aap, u must be corrupt philosophy..also about aamir khan’s biasedness,u can clearly see wen they omit aap from the criminal list very cleverly wen its clear that their members too have criminal charges

      • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

        @Stewie Griffin

        “also about aamir khan’s biasedness,u can clearly see wen they omit aap from the criminal list very cleverly wen its clear that their members too have criminal charges”

        In the show first 10 mins only they showed they are not considering section 144 or some such which are convenient for politicians to claim they are clean.

      • sputnik 10 years ago

        I had already read that gas pricing link that you have posted. Do you know who the author Kartikeya Tanna is? In another article that he wrote on FP where he was defending the Adani deals they gave this disclosure in between. (Disclosure: The author represented Gujarat Government in the Justice MB Shah Commission of Inquiry where these allegations and GoG resolutions were addressed threadbare.) Link

        When someone who has represented the Gujarat govt in another case comes and defends the Gujarat govt there needs to be a proper disclaimer which there isn’t in that gas pricing link. And you are believing what the lawyer for Gujarat govt writes as if he is some neutral guy?


        Those Tehelka tapes were investigated and were found to be authentic and was infact used to convict Babu Bajrangi. Had posted details in the other thread. So stop using nonsensical stuff like zooming and all that to suggest that they are doctored.


        There are lot of news articles online which debunked the Gujarat govt claims about development. I think I had posted it in the other thread. “its so bloddy obvious tht aap is actually a b team of congress..” is only BJP supporter’s lies. There was a NDTV video that I posted in the other thread which itself showed how developed Gujarat was including the other side of the Sabarmati river front. (check that thread I am not going to paste the same stuff in this thread).


        Stop believing fake pictures posted by BJP supporters. The picture that BJP supporters are tweeting does not show that AAP tweeted that picture. BJP supporters were posting pictures before the rally started in Varanasi as proof that there were low turnout when the fact is that there is a live video with full crowd which was posted in the other thread. They are tweeting pictures like this for their negative propaganda.


        “main beef wid aap and their followers are their holier than thou attitude..and if you dont support aap, u must be corrupt philosophy..”

        I am just amazed at the reasons that BJP supporters use to like Modi or hate Kejriwal. They say like Modi was bashed a lot so they started liking him but but they never like Kejriwal for same reasons. They say they are angry at AAP’s holier than thou attitude but they don’t get angry at BJP’s holier than thou attitude when they were bashing Congress when the truth is they have more criminal candidates than Congress and they have had corruption scams too and have given tickets to corrupt candidates.


        “also about aamir khan’s biasedness,u can clearly see wen they omit aap from the criminal list very cleverly wen its clear that their members too have criminal charges”

        Did you watch the show properly? Just call Aamir biased because he did not show AAP. Those statistics were from ADR and the first guest from ADR (Association for Democratic Reforms) explained (around 9:30 min) that they got that statistics from the affidavits of the candidates on the election commission website. The election commission website does not have the details. When I tried to check for Varanasi it has no information on the candidates. Here is the link to the election commission website.

      • sputnik 10 years ago

        This is the statistic that was shown on Satyamev Jayate. It is Party-wise percentage of MPs who have pending criminal cases. AAP has not contested Lok Sabha elections before so they obviously are no MPs forget ones with criminal cases and as you can see below the source is ADR. And you were calling Aamir biased for omitting AAP 🙂

  6. hithere 10 years ago

    There are political allegations and there are corruption and criminal charges. I think we should overlook political allegations. There are charges against relatively clean Harsh Vardhan and even Kejriwal himself. I don’t want Pappu Yadav, Raja Bhaiya, Mohammad Shahabuddin, Mukhtar Ansari in fray. But then I also don’t want to pad the statistics.

    There is a criminal case against Gopinath Munde and Narayan Rane (who ironically is in Congress) to kidnap a Congress MLA during confidence vote.

  7. stewie griffin 10 years ago

    btw lets forget our differences for a moment and celebrate AAPril fools day guys 😀 #kejriwaldiwas mubarak ho…hehe

    • sputnik 10 years ago

      Ha Ha LOL

      Happy April Fools Day. Modiyapa is trending today 😉

      Modi talking about how people can see Chinese army movements on google maps 🙂

      • stewie griffin 10 years ago

        kejridiwas has beaten pappu diwas as the top trend 😀 hehe…neway nice discussing politics wid you guys..indian politics is so fascinating right now

      • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago


        Chetak ghode ki maa gujarati thi.

        Google map par saare nagrik dekh rahe the ke china ..


    • AAPtard 10 years ago

      i hope the month of AAPril belongs to AAP. election season is about to start

      • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

        @Baba, I have high hopes and dreams. But I am also realistic. I will be very happy even if 15-20 members of AAP go in opposition. Jeena haram kar denge feku sarkaar ka.

        • AAPtard 10 years ago


        • stewie griffin 10 years ago

          forget about 10-15 will be good for aap if they win seats in delhi 😀 btw nice collective orgasm among aapians 😀

          • AAPtard 10 years ago

            having collective orgasm is a nature of human. people with similar mentality form groups. so you will have modi bhakts having collective orgasm on fb and twitter, you get AAPtards here . dont know if congress has any group left now!

  8. sputnik 10 years ago

    The girl’s parents talked about her killer Bhaiya Raja (not to be confused with Raja Bhaiya) who was Samajwadi Party MLA and his wife a BJP MLA who was involved in burning her maid.

    Here is more info on both the cases.

    Former Madhya Pradesh MLA Bhaiya Raja, 4 others get life sentence in murder case

    MP don Bhaiya Raja’s wife BJP MLA Asha Rani gets 10 year jail for killing maid

  9. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    1 hour of full entertainment and feku stuff in “English”

    • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

      At 17:30 Modi almost admits that Gujrat development is fake.

      I must admit his point about doctors in villages is good. (I dont know how true is that). All other points about education , electricity, water are all BS. There are other states doing better than that.

    • AAPtard 10 years ago

      LOL at his english. hear him at 19:00 “friends during june mahina…err. month”

      • stewie griffin 10 years ago

        i must admit..tht part was funny…june mahina ..month..hehe

    • AAPtard 10 years ago

      at 28:00 he is talking about generating electricity in rural areas, he says he asked for funds from “co-operative sectors” ( he means corporate sector, excuse his english there) and he got 10,000 crore from the corporates who are connected to bjp. but what he does not tell us is why will the corporates just give away such a huge sum of money without any gains? that answer is given by kejriwal

  10. Bored 10 years ago

    @Baba: Love ur new alias – awesome!

    • stewie griffin 10 years ago

      in other news : Gujarat minister Babulal Bokharia has been exonarated by the Supreme Court in a 2005 murder case. The apex court quashed order summoning him as accused.
      also sonia gandhi appealing muslim voters not to split secular votes..and no outrage here?? and they say modi is divisive..haha

      • stewie griffin 10 years ago

        also heard news that evm was tampered in favour of bjp…really worrying signs that..if evm can be tampered

    • sputnik 10 years ago

      Did you read the link you posted? You are telling me that if a woman’s father goes to Modi and says I want surveillance against my daughter because I doubt the guy who she is going out with then Modi will employ state apparatus to do the surveillance? The girl’s father asking Modi to snoop has always been BJP’s defense so there is no sensational twist about it.

      Gujarat minister Babulal Bokharia has been exonerated in the murder of a Congress leader nine years ago. I did not know that he had a murder case going on too. He has been convicted for in the illegal mining case by a lower court and is out on bail.

      You want people to outrage about Sonia’s appeal while you don’t outrage over worse things from Modi? Sonia meets Bukhari and Modi meets Dawoodi Bohra religious leader – same difference. But Modi will still be more divisive because of his involvement in riots. Media might think that people vote for some party just because some religious leader said so but it does not work that way.

      • stewie griffin 10 years ago

        read the last part where it says even the lady in question knew about the surveillance for her wen the said lady’s father supports,u say he is bjp supporter…so its only wen som1 is anti bjp tht they are right?
        also about sonia and modi there is one vital difference..sonia openly appeals to muslim voters not to split muslim votes..kjeriwal has been caught on tape about using vote bank politics…modi is the only one tht talks about muslim and hindus and all religions fight against poverty neither you nor I know what’s exactly in their hearts..but we make judgements on what we see of them on interviews and their speeches..and until now modi is the only one that speaks about betterment of ur country are al about vote bank politics and their main manifesto is stopping modi

        • stewie griffin 10 years ago

          and if you had some damning evidence about modi’s actual invovement in those riots,i m damn sure u wouldn’t just be arguing on a politics must have been a reason why modi wasn’t convicted..that is called lack of

        • sputnik 10 years ago

          It doesn’t matter whether the girl’s father or the girl herself requested surveillance. Telephone tapping can only be done on certain conditions. According to the Indian Telegraph Act –

          “On the occurrence of any public emergency, or in the interest of the public safety, the Central Government or a State Government or any officer specially authorised in this behalf by the Central Government or a State Government may, if satisfied that it is necessary or expedient so to do in the interests of the sovereignty and integrity of India, the security of the State, friendly relations with foreign States or public order or for preventing incitement to the commission of an offence, for reasons to be, recorded in writing, by order, direct that any message’ or class of messages to or from any person or., class of persons, or relating to any particular subject, brought for transmission by or transmitted or received by any tele- graph, shall not be transmitted, or shall be intercepted or detained, or shall be disclosed to the Government making the order or an officer thereof mentioned in the order: Provided that press messages intended to be published in India of correspondents accredited Central Government or a State Government shall not be intercepted or detained, unless their transmission has been Prohibited under this sub- section.] ” Link


          “kjeriwal has been caught on tape about using vote bank politics…”

          I am just posting part of my comment from the other thread – “The reporter talks about 80% of people being the main vote bank and he agrees. Did he refer to Muslims or Dalits or some specific vote bank? Does he say anything bad like yeh 80% ****iye hai or something? ”


          “sonia openly appeals to muslim voters not to split muslim votes..”

          Sonia is worried that Muslim voters who are unhappy with Congress and who hate Modi will vote for AAP.

          And this is what Modi says. “”We have a responsibility toward Hindus who are harassed and suffer in other countries. Where will they go? India is the only place for them. Our government cannot continue to harass them. We will have to accommodate them here,” he said.”

          “Mr Modi said that there were two kinds of people who came from Bangladesh to Assam; those brought as a part of a ‘political conspiracy’ for vote-bank politics of a particular party and others who were harassed in the neighbouring country.

          He said that those brought for vote bank politics and smugglers from Bangladesh should be pushed back, while the second category must find a place in the country.” Link

          This is not vote bank politics? Imagine US saying that we will allow those illegal immigrants who are Christians.


          “and if you had some damning evidence about modi’s actual invovement in those riots,i m damn sure u wouldn’t just be arguing on a politics must have been a reason why modi wasn’t convicted..that is called lack of”

          I already said in another thread that even Hitler would not be guilty for the Holocaust using the logic that the SIT used for Modi. Anyway how many big politicians have been convicted by the Indian courts? The cases go on for years and they are usually acquitted by a higher court even if they were convicted by a lower court.


          On the gas pricing thing its politics. Kejriwal can also demand an apology from Modi for calling him a Pakistani agent 😉


          “u r also making a case for ur own hypocrisy with the above comment”

          No I am not. I said in the other thread “If the courts and police were perfect in India then majority of our politicians would be in jail now.” Politicians involved in 84 riots and 93 riots were never punished either.


          “dude..this is elction season..of course ppl will talk about politics in a political related thread of a show by a bollywood actor..just like ppl will get excited over a major release…
          and u comparing this site to taran adarsh? to be honest even though this site is highly hostile to a modi supporter 😀 the discussions are quite high standard..atleast imo..and civil arguements takes place and the arguements are highly informative especially to som1 like me even though i may not agree wid most of them..this is one of the better sites for discussions on anything”

          Thanks for your support. You are the first Modi supporter who doesn’t mind the political discussions here 😀


          “Lastly har har modi :D”

          Looks like you misspelled “Haar” as “Har” 😉

  11. saurabh sharma 10 years ago

    hi sputnik, though i understand that u dnt like modi, but just asking have u got any proof which says that he was behind the riots. if u have then y cant u go to court. or u are above to the court…
    if u say court was sold then u can think of that option.
    but i thought u have some sense when u are bashing modi,
    also would like to tell u that highest number of criminals arrested in gujrat riot. u can do research,. and its almost 12 year…
    y dont u ask y kejri is fighting election agianst modi, when we all know sonia and rahul are more corrupt… or he is doing just for getting more publicity… so that his political dream may come near…
    if u say he is clever than what is the much difference in him and others…
    y dnt u ask over his stand over bhatkal encounter…
    anyway leave it coz that is not my point….
    here i want to be clear that i m not saying this guy who is speaking against is saying all true.
    but please if u have some point, then go to court… i think u really solved the case…
    also forgot to say that court may not know abt these videos,

    bashing somebody on a point which make sense is good..
    my point is this-
    also i would like to say it coz i used to like this site, ur site says that its the best movie site.. but recently i see more political comments rather than on movie.. actually it started putting me off about ur site… though its ur site and u have full freedom to run it as u wish, but if u discussing politics then please remove description that it is the best movie site.. otherwise there is no much difference in taran adarsh and ur site..
    also i m not saying this coz many of u support aap and are against modi.. but even if u praise modi then also i will say anything…

    u can say like if i want to see movie posts there are threads running separately . but actually i though its a movie site and i dnt hv to search threads….

    thanks u..

    • AAPtard 10 years ago

      when movie posts are made, you disappear

      • saurabh sharma 10 years ago

        sir actually i am always here.. i dnt comment coz i dnt get the enthu to comment as i have lil more work and i generally come late.. moreover i dnt like to comment when i see stupid fight over bo… and also start wars.. whenever i feel urge i do… and nobody is bound to comment.. also i know if i comment than it will be good,,, as i m not bound sputnik is also not bound to make only movie posts…
        but as i used to like/love this site, and frm one month i m seeing this political thing, today i felt urge to comment so that if somebody cares than may be they stop this politics bs.. as this site is said to be best filmy site…
        i just expressed my concern, i express my concern to sputnik.. i thought he will take this into consideration….
        even if he dnt take then its grt as this is his site…
        but i didn’t know u will be so hurt, sorry for that… keep commenting like u do…

        • AAPtard 10 years ago

          there has not been a bo war since ages on tq. dont know which site you loved so much for the movie posts which you mysteriously never came across! there were lot of interesting movie posts but only the usual members participate in are concerned about the site but you cant find time and enthusiam in yourself to participate in so many interesting topics that was posted. what is the use of such love?

    • sputnik 10 years ago

      There is a court case going on. But tell me how many big politicians have been convicted in India?

      “when we all know sonia and rahul are more corrupt… ”

      How do you know that? Have Sonia and Rahul been convicted by any court? If you have any evidence against them go to court till then don’t pronounce judgements that they are more corrupt. See its easy to give advice and not see your own hypocrisy.

      “but recently i see more political comments rather than on movie.. actually it started putting me off about ur site… though its ur site and u have full freedom to run it as u wish, but if u discussing politics then please remove description that it is the best movie site.. otherwise there is no much difference in taran adarsh and ur site..”

      There is one political thread where most of these comments appear. Have posted every SMJ episode here since its beginning and people have commented about those episodes. Since this week’s episode was about elections if the comments are about AAP/BJP/Congress then can’t help it.

      On the main page there are 12 latest posts and there are 4 posts per each major category. The Recent comments on the sidebar have comments from different threads. You are telling me all these are political posts? People don’t comment here regularly and when someone else comments they have a problem with their comments.

      • stewie griffin 10 years ago

        u r also making a case for ur own hypocrisy with the above comment

    • stewie griffin 10 years ago

      dude..this is elction season..of course ppl will talk about politics in a political related thread of a show by a bollywood actor..just like ppl will get excited over a major release…
      and u comparing this site to taran adarsh? to be honest even though this site is highly hostile to a modi supporter 😀 the discussions are quite high standard..atleast imo..and civil arguements takes place and the arguements are highly informative especially to som1 like me even though i may not agree wid most of them..this is one of the better sites for discussions on anything

      Lastly har har modi 😀

  12. saurabh sharma 10 years ago

    ok thanks…. for responding….

  13. sputnik 10 years ago

    Aamir Khan questioning Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi(BJP), Abhishek Singhvi (Congress) and Manish Sisodia on giving tickets to candidates with criminal cases. Liked Aamir’s style of questioning once again. Manish Sisodia says they have withdrawn tickets to Narendra Mohanty (28 Cases) and another candidate from Bihar who have criminal cases against them. He says they are revisiting 8 more candidates with criminal cases to see if they have any serious charges like murder and will decide on them in the next two days.

  14. Bored 10 years ago

    This is a good episode. But not sure how effective it will be – SJ season 2 has 25-30% reduction in viewership compared to first season (but online buzz is much higher):

  15. sputnik 10 years ago

    AAP withdraws tainted, laggard candidates
    Apr 5, 2014, 03.44AM IST TNN[ Himanshi Dhawan ]

    NEW DELHI: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) recently dropped five candidates, including three in Uttar Pradesh, after negative internal reports. So far, 15 candidates have been withdrawn by the party.

    Candidates for Robertsganj, Fatehpur Sikri and Ambedkar Nagar in UP were asked to withdraw their candidature when senior party leaders realized that they were not campaigning effectively, while a Bihar candidate was dropped from the poll race after it was found that he had a case of kidnapping against him that he had not declared. Similarly, bowing to public perception, an Odisha candidate was asked to withdraw when it came to light that there were 28 criminal cases pending against him including one of murder.

    While the UP candidates will be replaced, the constituencies of Karakat in Bihar and Kandamal in Odisha will remain vacant as the last date of nomination has passed. The names of Ram Dhyan Bharti from Robertsganj, Kramveer Chakravarti from Ambedkar Nagar and Mahaveer Singh Solanki from Fatehpur Sikri have been withdrawn and will be replaced, a senior party leader said.

    The party asked Narendra Mohanty from Kandamal and Ghulam Kundanam from Karakat to withdraw their candidature following pending criminal cases that came under public scrutiny. With this, the party is contesting from 424 seats in the Lok Sabha elections.

    “We receive daily candidate reports. If we find criminal or corruption charges against any candidate, we will withdraw them even at the last minute like we have done for the Odisha and Bihar candidates. The seat can go uncontested but we will not field tainted people,” a senior AAP leader said.

    In the last one month, Abhilasha Jatav has returned the party ticket from Jalaun, Iliyaas Aazmi from Lakhimpur Kheri, Iqbal Mustafa from Faizabad, Asharfi Lal from Shahjahanpur and Khalid Pervez from Moradabad. The party had also asked Dilip Yadav from Etah, Ravindar Singh from Agra and Ajay Somani from Ajmer to withdraw from the race.

    In Delhi, AAP fielded Rakhi Birla in place of Mahendar Singh from North-West Delhi after a case of his arrest in a case came to light while it has fielded Gul Panag after Savita Bhatti, who was initially given ticket, refused to contest in Chandigarh owing to opposition to her candidature by local party workers.

    Meanwhile, AAP announced its 15th list for the Lok Sabha polls on Friday with 14 candidates in the fray. The list includes candidates from Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal. The list includes old AAP loyalist Dinesh Waghela from Ahmedabad East.


  16. sputnik 10 years ago

    Election Commission impounds 1.08 crore litre of liquor, Rs 218 crore in cash

    In hot pursuit to stop the obscene play of ill-gotten money in the ongoing general elections, the poll watchdog has so far seized a whopping sum of Rs218 crore in cash and 1.08 crore litres of liquor from the wheeler-dealers of nearly all political parties.

    This could just be the tip of the iceberg, say EC officials, as a lot of unaccounted money is expected to be exchanging hands through people who do not come in the tax net.

    Andhra Pradesh that is witnessing assembly polls along with general elections has surpassed every other state by far, and tops the infamous chart with a seizure of Rs118.5 crore in cash as on April 11.

    Uttar Pradesh stands a distant second with a seizure of Rs21.5 crore in cash followed closely by Tamil Nadu at Rs19 crore.

    And as if, the ugly act of wooing voters through money power alone was not enough, the wannabe MPs continue to drench gullible electors in liquor in the hope to get votes despite a clear ban on the movement of liquor by the election commission.

    The officials of EC that have fanned out in critical constituencies of every state have so far impounded a shocking 1,08,52,521 litres or 1.08 crore litres of liquor –or enough to fill 9 overhead tanks supplying water to 3,000 families of five people each.

    EC officials said the liquor seized includes both bonded Indian liquor and country made. Pegged at prices between Rs150 and Rs200 per litre, the cost of the impounded liquor alone is a staggering Rs162 crore to Rs220 crore. In 91 constituencies that went to the polls on April 10 in the third phase, the election observers managed to seize Rs29.25 crore in cash and impounded Rs1.21 lakh litres of liquor, said PK

    Dash, director general of Election Commission looking after expenditure trails.

    To check the unbridled flow of money and liquor the EC had roped in 800 experienced IAS and IRS officers to enforce a level playing field among political parties.

    To make the impossible task possible, each Expenditure Observer is being accompanied by 2-3 assistant expenditure observers, 7-8 micro observers and about 8-10 paramilitary personnel.

    Before going in for a haul, the expenditure observers looked at the past elections trends and sat with the local income tax and excise officials to draw a list of probable offenders and critical constituencies.


  17. sputnik 10 years ago

    45km from Gurgaon, rigging by ‘consensus’

    A strange case of poll rigging has surfaced in Mewat, a Meo Muslim-dominated district 45km from Gurgaon. It was all apparently done through consensus after a “pact” between village heads and a local political leader.

    Several women here didn’t cast their votes with the men instead doing so on their behalf. In some cases, poll agents of political parties reportedly did it.

    “Why must everyone go to the booth when the whole family has to support one candidate? This is how it happens here,” says Munfaid, 22. “We have 1,563 votes in our village and 1,510 voted for one candidate,” says Irfan Khan.

    After polling on April 10, both BJP’s Rao Inderjit Singh and AAP’s Yogendra Yadav, candidates from Gurgaon, had alleged widespread rigging in Mewat.

    INLD’s Zakir Hussain, a Meo Muslim, and Congress’s Rao Dharampal were the other two main contenders in the fray.

    On April 10, as votes were being cast in the third phase of the ongoing Lok Sabha elections, this TOI correspondent visited a polling booth — No. 104 — in the region and witnessed firsthand how the system was subverted to suit a particular political party (see pics, right). Such was the lack of security that no one objected to this correspondent entering the booth and clicking photographs.

    Returning officer Shekhar Vidyarthi and state chief election officer Shrikant Walgad didn’t reply to TOI queries.

  18. sputnik 10 years ago

    Aamir Khan’s Interview after casting his vote.

  19. to the bjp and congress motherfuckers:

    today was voting day in mumbai. normally i would have liked to have an extended afternoon sleep in my AC room today . but this time I had an option to vote for a good party. so i went out on a hot sweaty mumbai summer afternoon and voted for Sundar Balakrishnan of AAP. Thankfully i remembered the symbol of the party 😉 they dont write the names of the party on the voting machine so you need to know the symbol.

  20. “Balakrishnan, who has a masters’ degree in financial management from the Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies at Vile Parle, was working as the chief executive at the Sca group of companies in the logistics and shipping industry. After a 30-year-long stint in management, in April 2013 he resigned from his cushy job and decided to work for AAP.”

    • hithere 10 years ago

      Tagodia has Masters in Surgical Oncology! Education helps but should not be main judging criteria.

      • togadia has hate speeches and many serious criminal charges against him as well. osama bin laden was also a well educated man. ofc education was not the main criteria but nonetheless a bonus for me. i voted for AAP the party

  21. sputnik 10 years ago

    Over 180000 names missing in Mumbai Elections list

    • Chaalu-Chaiwaala 10 years ago

      Amol Palekar, Salil Kulkarni and Atul Kulkarni also had their names being missing. Just saw part of Atul Kulkarni’s interview on a marathi channel.

      This is shocking to say the least ! If this can happen in Pune and Mumbai – what about other downtrodden cities of India !?!

      • sputnik 10 years ago

        Apparently some celebs have not voted this time and have gone to IIFA instead. This includes Javed Akhtar and Shabana Azmi who were Rajya Sabha MPs and Anupam Kher whose wife contested on a BJP ticket.

        • Chaalu-Chaiwaala 10 years ago

          Yes, I got to know that from some links. But these celebs I mentioned like Amol Palekar and Atul Kulkarni are connected with social causes and activism for long and they are not “typical” celebs. The anger and sarcastic way in which Atul was talking was something else…

        • Chaalu-Chaiwaala 10 years ago

          Its a pity that ppl like Anupam Kher / Javed Akhtar and his wife did not vote. They could have adjusted their schedule.

        • Bored 10 years ago

          Those who are not performing dance shows @IIFA cud have easily adjusted their schedule to vote and then leave Mumbai (like Farhan did) … and they dont have any excuse of contractual obligation.

  22. sputnik 10 years ago

    Mumbai Sena candidate’s wife booked for assault

    The police have booked Mumbai south-central Shiv Sena candidate Rahul Shewale’s wife and 16 party workers for allegedly assaulting a policeman on duty. The incident happened in the Trombay area of the city.

    According to the police, on the eve of Mumbai polls, a group of Shiv Sainiks led by Mrs. Kamini Shewale tried to stop a car in Trombay. They claim the car was used by the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) for ferrying cash that was meant to be distributed amongst voters in the area. They then allegedly pelted stones, injuring a policeman.

    The policeman identified as Ashok Thorbole was rushed to Joy hospital in Chembur where he is currently recovering.

    “A call was made to the police station on Tuesday midnight. The caller claimed that a car belonging to an MNS party worker was carrying cash for distributing it amongst voters. Mr. Thorbole and others went to the spot to search the vehicle. The two groups clashed injuring the constable,” senior police inspector of Trombay police station, Vijay Kadam told The Hindu.

    “We have booked 17 people including Mr.Shewale’s wife. After verifying the facts, arrests will be made,” Mr. Kadam added.

    It took no time for the incident to be politicised by Mr. Shewale’s opponents.The Congress candidate Eknath Gaikwad paid an early morning visit to the hospital. Link

    • they attacked a policeman on duty on election day. but you wont see a single goon getting any punishment . sab ke sab bach jaayenge hamesha ki tarah

  23. sputnik 10 years ago

    Shabana’s excuse sounds so phoney. And Anupam Kher says he would rather talk about his film as that’s important.

    • Chaalu-Chaiwaala 10 years ago

      Most stupid reply is by Anil Kapoor (and his accent also is irrtating).

    • Chaalu-Chaiwaala 10 years ago

      BJP supporters will not see this or ignore it. If it was done under Modi/BJP sarkaar they will make posters on this.

      • Bored 10 years ago

        Its not just those who r dancing, most of these guys like Javed, Anil are paid to attend IIFA events and contracts had been drawn long before CE revealed Election Calendar. As for the stars who r performing, they are contractually obliged to reheaerse at FL today.

        Media shud ask the middle class why so less voter turnout?

        • Chaalu-Chaiwaala 10 years ago

          I think reply on a wrong comment. But I got your POV 🙂

        • actually its the highest turnout since 1991

          • Bored 10 years ago

            Its still quite pathetic. In a democracy, voting cant be optional, it shud b a must. Defaulters shud b forced to pay substantial financial penalties or jail time without any provisions for bail.

            No one shud b allowed to hv jobs without transfering voter cards according to current job locations.

            And why no adequate provisions for those traveling for work to vote? Anil raised a valid question. Otherwise EC shud b declaring election dates at least a year before, instead of a couple of months.

          • hithere 10 years ago

            I am against compulsory voting. If it then people should be able to register easily and should be able to vote from anywhere.

          • Bored 10 years ago

            With so many IT giants being in India, is it a big deal to hv an online voting system?

            Anyways, if people choose to be irresponsible, then it has to be imposed. Whats the logic behind not supporting compulsory voting?

            It has to be through strict regulations and punishment. Giving out an opinion without logically validating is silly drawing room discussion, why bring it on a forum?

            Also, those who are working overseas shud hv their work/student visas cancelled if they dont vote online.

          • hithere 10 years ago

            You are suggesting I shouldn’t have opinion (however ridiculous) without proper logic?
            Opinion doesn’t always need validation. It could be based on belief, it could be just to score points…

          • Bored 10 years ago

            Only fools have ‘opinions without logic’.

          • hithere 10 years ago

            well the assertion “Only fools have ‘opinions without logic’.” is also an opinion. Where is the logic? It is based on your belief. I hope you get my logic 🙂

  24. sputnik 10 years ago

    There are only a few countries which enforce Compulsory Voting. Wiki has good write up on Compulsory Voting – both for and against it.

    All parties make false promises before the elections and they never show up till the next elections and there is no accountability whatsoever. So what’s the point in making people compulsorily make a bad choice?

    Before Compulsory Voting is introduced we need Right to Reject and Right to/of Recall Link. The people should be able to remove a elected candidate before his term if he is not doing a good job.

    NOTA has been introduced but it is a waste. If NOTA gets the majority of votes elections should be re held making all the contestants ineligible for contesting at least in that constituency.

    US/UK already have absentee ballots and there should be that feature in India too. If voting is a constitutional right then the citizen should be able to vote from any place in India or abroad.

    I think online registration and online voting is the future.

  25. i do agree on boreds point that voting should be made compulsory but the penality for not voting needs to be thought about. it should be not be very strict. it can be a monetary penalty like say not paying taxes in time or not paying emi is the duty of citizens to vote just like paying taxes. but i agree with hithere that the process to register needs to be worked out faster. this year 180,000 people could not find their names in the list, isnt it?

  26. “Party wise, the largest numbers 98 or 35% of the 281 winners from the BJP have in their affidavits declared criminal cases against themselves. ”

  27. sputnik 10 years ago

    Ex chief election commissioner S Y Qureshi who appeared on the episode around 44 minutes supposedly got a plot in Haryana originally reserved for defense personnel.

    Ex-CEC figures in ‘Haryana’s Adarsh’

    Probe into Haryana’s own ‘Adarsh scam’ has thrown up more names of influential people who were allotted multiple plots under discretionary quota in areas developed by Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA).

    A list of allottees prepared by HUDA has revealed names of former ministers, MLAs and bureaucrats. According to the list, such allottees had allegedly procured more than one plot in various urban estates of the state in contravention of rules.

    A list of 36 such persons was submitted before the Punjab and Haryana high court by HUDA on Thursday. Prominent among those whose names surfaced on Thursday are former chief election commissioner (CEC) S Y Quraishi, former Haryana ministers Shanti Rathi, Jagan Nath, Kharaiti Lal, former MP Inder Singh Sheokand and others.

    Taking up the list, Justice Daya Chaudhary made it clear that the court would not spare anyone, however prominent or mighty they may be, if found guilty in the case. “It would be their misconception, if they feel that nothing is going to happen in the case,” observed the court. Justice Chaudhary, however, allowed HUDA to give an opportunity of hearing to those persons before registration of FIRs against them.

    When the matter came up for hearing on Thursday, counsel for the petitioner Jasjit Singh Bedi submitted that keeping in view of such a large number of multiple plots, some HUDA officials might be involved in the scam. He also argued that since HUDA was one of the respondents in the case, it couldn’t be expected to conduct fair investigations.

    Recording the contentions, the court observed that it would decide on how to complete the process of verifying HUDA records and complete the investigation in a given timeframe.

    The court asked all parties to come up with suggestions about possible solution for the issue on the next date of hearing. HC also directed Haryana police to provide requisite security to whistleblower S K Sharma, who had exposed the scam.

    The matter had reached the HC after a serving Colonel of Army, who was booked for such fraud, sought a stay on his arrest. Following the intervention of the court, HUDA had recommended registration of an FIR against all those persons who were allotted more than one plot under the reserved quota for defence personnel. As of now, 402 FIRs have been registered by state police on recommendations of HUDA against the persons who had got multiple plots.


  28. sputnik 10 years ago

    Aamir Khan – “Have just come out of my meeting with Honorable Prime Minister of India, Shree Narendra Modiji. It was very kind of him to spare his valuable time. I have shared with him the overwhelming support that we got from people across the country through Vote for Change Campaign on SMJ on the various issues that we tackled in our show. He has assured me that he will look into all the matters.”

    • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

      Modi is using Aamir to regain his lost short-term fame!

      Such a pity ! 😉 😉

      • FS 10 years ago

        Looks like the other way round

        • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

          It was a dig at SRK fans FS :/ !

          PS: I dont think Aamir is so shallow btw. But its all abt one’s perceptions. Maybe I am wrong.

  29. 10 years ago

    Is he the same aamir who made comments over gujrat riots ? Is he the same aamir who sat with Megha Patkar for narmada bachaao aandolan and spoken all those big during Fana release ?? Bullshitter of grade 1.

  30. 10 years ago

    This man in power has time for an actor but do not have 10 minutes for Kejriwal !

    • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

      True. And for the rape victim in Nihalchand case.

  31. 10 years ago

    Ticket rates for Mumbai metro will be increased from 1st July. Waqai mein achche din aa gayo re ! Ambani bhaiyon, loot lo jee bhar ke !

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