Satyamev Jayate Ka Safar – Special Independence Day Episode

  1. Bored 9 years ago

    Aamir needs to first do something abt ‘pissing in public’ issue … then he may shed a few fake tears on other ‘issues’.

    • Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

      Absolutely right. Then only we will start thinking about doing something for society instead of sitting and cribbing about everything others are doing (however fake it seems to someone).

      He First.

  2. Bored 9 years ago

    Gud luck to the biggest star who inspired his fanatics to pee everywhere. Truly Satyameva Jayate!
    Supporters of hypocrites are even more pathetic.

    • Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

      Just fyi, I have liked your above 2 comments 🙂 (I agree on supporters being pathetic – including me)

  3. Bored 9 years ago

    Both Salman n his fan base are very simple-minded. Aamir stuck a deal with Salman so tht Jai Ho does not release on Jan 1st and that they will promote each other’s film.

    Salman didnt realise that he let go of the right date to help D3, and look now at opening collections of Jai Ho?

    Aamir is the worst two-faced hypocrite out there (apart from that communal Modi).

  4. Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

    Aamir needs to first do something abt ‘pissing in public’ issue

    (Dont know what exactly you meant by this comment anyways)

    • Author
      sputnik 9 years ago

      Aamir had tweeted this pissing picture of his along with Salman. So just like Aamir says about the traffic guy who doesn’t stop at the signal may be these guys dont watch Satyamev Jayate. They make and star in Satyamev Jayate 😉

      “My favourite pic of Salman & me. “Do dost ek jhaad pe susu kartein hain toh dosti badti hai” 1 day to go…Jai Ho!!!”


      • Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

        Oh stupid, haha. He seems to have gone nuts in promoting. Kuchbhi.

        • 9 years ago

          in dono ki hair style dekh kar lag raha hai ke ye photo purani naheen abhi kuch dinon ki hai.

      • Bored 9 years ago

        @Sputnik – Thanks for being Kader Khan on my behalf!

  5. 9 years ago

    “Aamir is the worst two-faced hypocrite out there” – Absolutely right.

    He is very cunning and ghatiya person !!

    • narad_muni 9 years ago

      Yes, he and YRF are very cunning indeed. 3 open weeks in holiday period is unimaginable in today’s times. In fact, the releases after 3 weeks were also insignifacnt like Dedh isqiya and yaarian. So , basically 5 open weeks for D3. Dan-end feb 1st is not at all a good time to release a movie. Hopefully Sallu ll realize now

      • Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

        So now YRF and KJO are cunning for SRK fans. Waqt bahot kuch bata deta hai aadmi ke baare mein.

  6. Bored 9 years ago

    No point in blaming YRF or Dharma for shifting loyalties from SRK after what happened with YJHD and JTHJ at box office.

    But Salman kicked his own ass when he fell into Aamir’s sweet talk trap – he seems to be realizing it in his latest intv where he feels responsible for JH’s failure (if it doesnt sustain).

    • 9 years ago

      Yes, Salmaan should understand now how aamir has fooled him. In the past also he did the same during Talaash first release date but Ready could survive. Aamir is the one who was most unhappy guy when salmaan and SRK hugged each other.

  7. 9 years ago

    “So now YRF and KJO are cunning for SRK fans. Waqt bahot kuch bata deta hai aadmi ke baare mein.”

    hahahahahaha.! Good “Sab (hum) ko maloom hai jannat ki haqeeqat lekin, Dil ko khush rakh lene ko Ghalib ye khyal achcha hai”

    BTW I liked Talaash.

  8. Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago


    I agree on Modi. And I can understand your view about Aamir (as he is not very articulate and natural on screen but I know he cares for these issues.)

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