Satyamev Jayate Full Episode 4

  1. Baba Ji 9 years ago

    Finally a good episode in SMJ! I liked it a lot,very informative.I liked the part about diabetes medicine cost and also that thing we have with Pak GDP comparison.Aamir is back.srk fans be damned!

  2. Sneha 9 years ago

    Yah gud episode after a downer 3rd episode..

  3. hithere 9 years ago

    Some valid points…

    Kher has some advice for Khan. “Aamir is extremely well-intentioned and bright, but he appears studied and pensive. The viewer connect suffers in this case. You can’t talk at people; you have to talk with them.”

    I thought today’s episode was better…may be because there was good amount of material.

    Liked Talwar on hot seat…He still didn’t commit to anything.

  4. aryan 9 years ago

    SJ Episode 4 touched my heart and I sent one sms also.

  5. cr7 9 years ago

    best episode till now..still i think the show haven’t reached the maximum potential . talaash is delayed to make this show perfect..hard to believe..

  6. fearlesssoul 9 years ago

    The Uploader has not made this video available in your country :mad2: Saala I haven’t been able to watch even a single episode of SMJ till now angrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  7. Serenzy 9 years ago

    This has been the Best Episode as of now.

    Loved it!!

    Magician is Working Wonders again.

  8. Author
    sputnik 9 years ago

    Finally saw the whole episode. Agree that the “episode was better…may be because there was good amount of material.” and also may be because this is something that everyone has faced at one point or another. The best part of the show was the doctor who talked about the financing scheme for the poor.

    Aamir still sucked as a host though. He seriously needs to stop acting on a TV show (deliberately wiping off a tear, etc). When you have good material why do you need theatrics and that camera deliberately panning to audience expressions as if giving cues to viewers.

    He needs to stop pretending that he is a common man (asking for the laboratory’s guy’s address and giving exclamations for half a Crore). You are making 3.5 Cr a episode and you make 100-125 Cr according to your own admission. He is asking ordinary people to not come into medical profession to just make money. That is fine but how about donating some of your own money and building a hospital or may be a generic pharmacy?

    Aamir is saying that their intention is to not pronounce judgement as the case is subjudice but then why bring people on the show to tell only their side of the story. It would be better if he brings people who have already won cases. I think that will go well with the theme of the show too – Truth always wins – Satyamev Jayate.

    Fraudulent doctors who unnecessarily operated should be punished and their license permanently cancelled. The tie up between doctors and pharma companies and labs is already common knowledge. Some doctors accept medical reports from only the lab they prescribed. I think there should be some law prohibiting that.

    Its easy to say there should be more govt hospitals and more govt medical colleges but who’s going to pay for all that. It will have to come from taxpayer’s money and when the taxes go up people will again complain.

    I don’t know if all medicines can have a generic equivalent or not. And if there are generic medicines by small pharma companies available all around will there be research by bigger pharma companies which invent new drugs?

    Lastly the pharmacy guy said his maid’s son died because she could not pay money for prescription and they were out of town. So they close the pharmacy when they go out of town? Why did she not go to their generic pharmacy?

    • Ritz 9 years ago

      “He is asking ordinary people to not come into medical profession to just make money. That is fine but how about donating some of your own money and building a hospital or may be a generic pharmacy?”

      This sounds like SRK asking Sunil Gavaskar to buy his own team if he wants to criticize anything on IPL 😛

      • Author
        sputnik 9 years ago

        Ha Ha. No that was John Galt saying u cant criticize Satyamev Jayate because you are not doing anything 😉

        This is like Gandhiji saying burn foreign clothes and wear Khadi but I will wear foreign clothes 😉

        • Ritz 9 years ago

          😀 Gandhiji anology is wrong as he is not a social activist.

          Well lets agree to disagree over here. Sorry to say but I find ur criticism about him or be it Baba Ramdev or Anna very juvenile and cynical and childishly cynical.


          • Author
            sputnik 9 years ago

            He is a doing a TV show and asking people to do things – that is social activism to me.

            I don’t agree that its ok to make lots of money while asking others to donate money or profiting while asking others to volunteer basically.

            Anyways I’d rather be cynical than naive 😉

          • Ritz 9 years ago


            In my experience, bit of naivness and so called “foolish” idealism is what makes people do good things.

            Over-citicism and tu-tu mai-mai serves no purpose to urself or to others.

  9. RajeevB 9 years ago

    A very good episode indeed!

    Aamir did well as a host barring one or two instances. The information was presented in a very simple manner which made it more effective.

    Agree on most of the counts with Dr. Gulati. The major problem is with the priority accorded to health. With a meagre 1.4 % of GDP expenditure on health , even the basic medical facilities are not affordable for the large part of population. Out of the 25000 crores allotted to heath this year a major chunk will be spent on govt schemes like NRHM. The whole expenditure is less than the fund allotted in social schemes like MNREGA. It isnt that much difficult to open govt. medical colleges. No major taxation is required. The problem is more with the low priority accorded to health. Expenditure on defence is more than five times that on health

    The generic medicine scheme was launched in Oct 2011 in Rajasthan. The maid’s case told by the senior IAS officer( he isnt some pharmacy guy) may be prior to that.

    • Author
      sputnik 9 years ago

      The show said the generic medicines were started by ex collector of Chittorgarh Samit Sharma. So I wrongly assumed that he started/operated the pharmacy. He is the managing director of Rajasthan Medical Services Corporation.

      Since he did not mention any dates so cannot be sure. He did not mention that this was what caused him to start the whole generic pharmacy thing either.

  10. Ritz 9 years ago

    Generic Drugs – facts you need to know

    Generic drugs are sold everywhere including your local chemist. To buy them one simply has to ask for generic version of a branded drug though they don’t have them for all medicines. The department of pharmaceuticals of the government is responsible for promoting generic drugs but they haven’t done a very good job. To promote cheap drugs in 2008, the government had set up a scheme called Jan Ausadhi whose purpose was to set up generic drugstores around the country. Their initial plan was to set up 3000 stores but four years later only 300 of them exist. Here’s a list of all Jan Aushadhi stores in the country.

    • Author
      sputnik 9 years ago

      I have seen some people who read the drug composition already buy Paracetamol and Amoxycilin directly.

      Here in US most insurance companies pay only for the generic equivalent and if you want the branded drug you have to pay more. As the link says “In the USA, when a new drug is launched only the company that holds the FDA patent are legally allowed to sell the drug , thus giving them market monopoly”

      But in India there were no proper patent laws until 2005 and anyone could copy and make the generic drug. They created a new patents law but they deliberately put in rules that Indian generic companies still benefit.

      I think it is wrong to let someone else copy someone’s invented product just like that. The original inventor has to get benefit for his invention for at least some time. Why would a drug company spend so much on research to create a new drug when anyone can just copy your drug and sell it for less?

      Here are some links.

      • Ritz 9 years ago

        “Why would a drug company spend so much on research to create a new drug when anyone can just copy your drug and sell it for less?”

        Main thing is how much they spend on research and no control on pricing. They certainly can afford at lesser price but major chunk goes to middlemen. (medical representatives / docs chain)

        • hithere 9 years ago

          Cost is very high because of regulation (atleast in US). To get one drug approved by FDA take outin retail market takes 10-15 years.

          One of my colleague was saying one of their acquaintance wents to doctor 9in Indore) for stiches and they gave her some “in test” medicine without being told and she died in 10 minutes.

          • Tulmul 9 years ago

            Its not just cost but US of A is driven by 2 Mafia/lobbies namely Oil and Drug and to get one side of that perspective, better to watch Michael Moore’s ‘Sicko” an Eye opener in some way..

            Its not that high costs are justified coz of regulations and research but monopoly also…

            2 cases

            when cipla reduced the prices of AIDS drug on initiative of clinton’s Africa AIDS project to fight AIDS there and recently again on Blood cancer drugs, which big MNC used to sell for 1.2L for month treatment…

            How can one not see the deadly and potent mix of all different parts of health services… Its all Money and its money that talks, walks and breathes…

          • hithere 9 years ago

            There are redundancies in any system but a drug from start to finish takes more than 10 year.
            I haven’t seen Sicko but I have friends in Biotech companies.

            When you are in Business you guard against risk of failure also. And there are many failures when you develop drugs which are never published.

  11. Author
    sputnik 9 years ago

    While Aamir did use some filmy language like “hamari swast seva bimaar hai” he also brought the good doctor and highlighted the positives. So I support Aamir on this and the Indian Medical Association is being ridiculous.

    I won’t apologise to doctors: Aamir Khan

    Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan today refused to apologise to the Indian Medical Association which has accused him of defaming the medical profession through his popular TV show “Satyamev Jayate” and said he is ready to face any legal action threatened by it.

    “I am very comfortable if they (IMA) plan to take legal action if they feel that I have done something wrong. Of course, the courts are available for them. My answer is no, I will not be apologising,” Aamir told NDTV.

    The actor denied IMA’s charge of defaming and insulting the medical profession. “I deny that I have done that. I have the highest respect and regard for the medical profession,” he said.

    In an episode, aired on May 27, the 47-year-old actor highlighted the malpractices in the medical profession. The IMA had demanded an immediate apology from Aamir and warned him of legal action if he failed to do so. “Aamir Khan should apologise for having defamed and given one side of the story on medical profession. If he does not we are contemplating to take legal action against him for defaming and demoralising the medical profession in his TV show,” IMA Secretary General Dr D R Rai had said.

    Aamir, who has been focusing on social evils through the show, said his show is not against doctors or the medical profession. “If the medical profession has been insulted and defamed by anybody, it is probably by those who are indulging in unethical practises,” Aamir said.

    Aamir said he had received two kinds of responses from the medical profession after the episode was aired. One was the kind of response that IMA has given while the other one has been “extremely positive” from doctors.

    “I have received letters from various doctors saying that they are so happy when they saw the show that finally someone is talking about this because this is something they were upset about and did not know how to deal with,” he said. These doctors were unhappy about various “unethical practises” which were going on in the medical profession. “They have actually thanked and congratulated me for having done what I did,” he said.

    Aamir said that doctor K K Talwar, head of the Medical council of India (MCI), who was on the show, had written a letter to him which was very encouraging. “I can imagine it would not have been easy for Dr Talwar to face the tough questions that I had for him on the show that day but he faced those questions and wrote the letter after the show was televised saying that he really liked it,” the actor said.

    Talwar said that everything would be done by the MCI to improve the situation. “A statement like this really encourages me because I feel he is someone in a position of power at this point of time. If he has a positive attitude towards bringing about change, then that is wonderful to hear and know,” he said. Aamir said he was aware that a few doctors were unhappy with him. It is upto the medical profession to take action to remove this disrepute that is faced by this noble profession. ”


  12. hithere 9 years ago

    Swast seva would include Doctors, Pharmacist, drug companies, Labs, colleges, professors. Just not only doctors. But yes its is a sweeping comment.

  13. Author
    sputnik 9 years ago


    Drugs don’t get manufactured overnight. There is lot of research and trials in production of a new drug. “And there are many failures when you develop drugs which are never published.” as hithere said.

    Once something is invented the manufacturing cost of it is less as it is already known what to do. Using that one cannot argue that it costs only this much so why are they charging so much?

    Up until 2005 anyone could reverse engineer and copy the original drug and produce its generic equivalent. Even the new law is still beneficial to Indian generic companies according to the link below (I had given it in my earlier comment too).

    • hithere 9 years ago

      There is a Prostrate Cancer drug which is increases life by 4 months ..cost $93,000

      They started in 1992 and got approval from FDA in 2010

    • Tulmul 9 years ago

      Still they should not cost sky as these drug companies sell them at.

      The best example as far as Indian case is citrizine, when it was decided by govt to bring some medicine under regulation. they found that one strip of citrizine costs Rs1.40 and sold at MRP 28 and so many such cases were reported but as usual govt allows things to drift and doesn’t take decision..

      rest My cousins are in drug industry, more so in research part and they narrate know how much they(company) spend and how much they earn…

      • hithere 9 years ago

        Generic and branded always had different prices..Cost to make any medicine is dirt cheap. If the IPR has lapsed then the medicines should be cheap.

        My point is if drugs companies don’t make money like other businesses, they have no incentive in doing reserach and making better medicine. Of course they can not charge arm and leg. But I have seen how products are priced in different industries..the markups are usually 400% or more..

  14. Author
    sputnik 8 years ago

    Fire in the Blood Trailer

    The untold true story of how an unlikely group of people took on giant pharmaceutical companies and major Western governments to stop ‘the Crime of the Century’ and save millions of lives.

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