Satyamev Jayate Full Episode 2

  1. Baba Ji 12 years ago

    saw it in gym along with people.When that guy said “mera balaatkaar hua tha” ,everyone started laughing.sadly the program turned out to b e unintentionally funny.aamir tried to infuse life but when the script is hollow,there is nothing much one can do.For the second time in a row,show was again poorly researched.Aamir needs to stop chatting with select people and visit such places where chikdren are sold for sex.and shoot them into episodes,that would make some impact.this is not working.trp will go down unfortunately,it is boring.

  2. Author
    sputnik 12 years ago

    Watched the 2nd episode (missed the last part). The topic was very powerful – child sex abuse but I think the whole 53% responding that they were abused is nonsense. This is plain exaggeration.

    The show seemed very engrossing for the most part only to be ruined by some silly stuff like the camera panning to some women’s shocked/crying expressions.

    The girl’s story was good but then she is singing some song. The guy who is talking of abuse is almost smiling. Aamir is joking about him being a young parent. Things like this trivialize a serious issue.

    Aamir was better in this episode than last episode but he was still acting at places. He is deliberately wiping his tear while the camera zooms onto his face. It seems fake. The guy was talking about the first time he spoke to his mother about abuse and Aamir is wide-eyed and giving expression like it is some good thing. This is not 3 Idiots.

    I did not understand why some male relative was giving bath to a 7 year old boy.

    A guy is talking about oral sex and being sodomized? Should this be coming during day time?

    • hithere 12 years ago

      Some of the parts are too rehearsed.

      “A guy is talking about oral sex and being sodomized? Should this be coming during day time?”
      There was viewer discretion warning at start.

      It is a tricky issue, How much you want to tell your kid that he or she is safe but at same time want them to enjoy childhood also

      • Author
        sputnik 12 years ago

        Yes there was but then you said Rakhi’s show was moved to late night because she was discussing adult stuff right?

        I think the issue is adult stuff (though its about child abuse) and one cannot explain things like child sex abuse without being explicit.

        • hithere 12 years ago

          I knew you would come back with this while I was typing. But you know the context difference 🙂

          • Author
            sputnik 12 years ago

            Ha ha.

            Actually my initial comment about day time appropriateness was keeping your Rakhi comment in mind only. I just did not quote you 😉

  3. Author
    sputnik 12 years ago

    Watched the rest of the show.

    Cilemasnob tweeted about this and I agree. Shouldn’t the doctor who created the workshop have been on stage doing it or at least be on the stage?. Aamir does the workshop and says the Doctor helped them and the camera just pans to him?

    The guy who came on the show Harish Iyer is not some guy who just came on this show and revealed all this for the first time. Correct me if I am wrong but did they say on the show that he is a a gay rights activist? His story was already used in the movie ‘I AM’ and he was already on the show Zindagi Live from which Aamir’s show is supposed to be inspired. I have no doubt now that Aamir’s show is copied from that show.

    Here is Harish Iyer on that Zindagi Live show talking about his child abuse and about coming out to his mother that he is gay.

    • hithere 12 years ago

      I think he needs to be more natural..That is one thing I find jarring..Similar Zindagi Life host is very natural..

      • Author
        sputnik 12 years ago

        Yes. I just told Baba the same thing in a offline conversation that “The host is good and Aamir should try to be like her”.

  4. Author
    sputnik 12 years ago

    I have not watched the video but Pradeep Menon tweeted this “The complete workshop on child sexual abuse by Dr.Bhushan. Aamir missed some key points.”

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