Sanket’s Review: “Teri Meri Kahaani” fizzles post-intermission.

Cast: Shahid Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Prachi Desai.

Director: Kunal Kohli.

Length: 2 hours approximately

In this not so happening love story, there’s one hilarious scene of 2012 portion where in a party Shahid Kapoor discovers that her nagging girlfriend is posting all his wild snaps on a social networking site and which is displayed in the party! It is not only funny but so well executed that it sucks you for that portion. The problem with the film is the placement of three stories.

The 1910 track fails miserably and it becomes worsen because that track falls in second half and thus the film spares you with sour taste. The first half though is enjoyable as well as speeds up briskly without getting too much on the dramatic portion. The 1960 track has some is lovable and bring some smile on your face. Shahid Kapoor and Prachi Desai part is fantastic because it has few hilarious moments between them. The Charlie Chaplin tone of 1960 track isn’t suiting but still the romance part sails through. But the 2012 is the best thing happened to this film. The fast, peppy, modern outlook of this part helps the film to gain some positives.

But as pointed, the film fizzle post intermission. The 1910 part has few amazing poem but that is it about this story. And what comes off as climax is disappointing as well as weird. The three stories doesn’t connect anyhow despite the director tries so in the finale. Discordant and completely pedestrian, the second half plays the spoilsport over the whole film.

The music is strictly average. “Mukhtasar” “Uff” “That’s all” are decent songs and all are placed in first half. Whereas the two mediocre “Humse Pyaar” and “Allah Jaane” disturbs the pace of the film! The dialogues deserve special applause. The script lacks any sort of exciting moments in it. The finale is so shoddily penned that it cringes you and you leave the theater exhausted. Kunal Kohli’s direction isn’t any great. After a painful FANAA and good HUM TUM he comes up with an ordinary TERI MERI KAHAANI.

Shahid Kapoor is excellent in 1960 and 2012 part. In-fact he submits the exact expression and he does it so well that you instantly gel to his character. But it’s silly and boring material written for him for the 1910 part which restricts its performance to get even more enhanced. But in overall observation, he is superb and also the film rests too much on his shoulders. Priyanka Chopra also does very good in some scenes. She fills the gap in the 1910 track as well, but the director focuses too much on Shahid’s histrionics and thus Priyanka’s act somewhere gets unnoticed. Prachi Desai and Neha Sharma are good in their respective roles.

On the whole, TERI MERI KAHAANI could be watched at theaters, but do not expect yourself to get entirely entertained. A smarter script and a convincing culmination would have changed everything for the film.

Rating- 2/5 (Average)

  1. Author
    sanket porwal 11 years ago

    Sputnik, the review is of TMK and you had put the poster of GOW 🙂

  2. Author
    sanket porwal 11 years ago

    Sputnik- No sorry please! I should be thankful that you make my all reviews look interesting by adding a poster to each.

    • sputnik 11 years ago

      No problem. Its not a big deal.

      So you did not like the movie that much especially the 1910 part. hmm And you say the ending is bad but Taran Adarsh was praising the ending on twitter.

      So do you think it will work or is it one more flop for Shahid?

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