Sanket’s Review: Talvar

Talvar In Bollywood its not often that a terrific film is manufactured purely out of qualitative and clever storytelling. Here comes “Talvar” by Meghna Gulzar who springs pleasant surprise by her deftly handled storytelling. In this film there are scenes which had to be repeated again and again to prove a point but not even once does the film feels repetitive. Each repeated scene of a tragic episode, based on double murder case of Aarushi Talwar, brings nasty insights leaving us choked.

The film never creates space for any drama. The film is unapologetically demeaning to the sensitive incident and hence one never really gets to dive into the emotional turmoil of the parents’ pain of their daughter’s loss. The screenplay is prominent and right from the beginning the film grabs attention. There are twists and turns unfolded quite a few times and yet the film doesn’t seemed cinematic in its approach.

The detailing in the second half of the film wins brownie points – there are so many scenes describing a same incident and yet you are hooked into each of the scene because by that time you yourself feel involved in solving the case and wearing your thinking caps! What also works in the film’s favor is it doesn’t shy away from painting dark colors on the characters in the film which we know for a fact that they are real-life characters. This is why the film is intrusive for most of its parts.

The only problem is in the plot that involves Irrfan and Tabu that felt forcefully injected into the screenplay.

Bhardwaj’s music works wonderfully at the intermission point and towards the end giving us a lyrical account of the real world that we are living in. Also the dialogues in the film are worth mentioning.

Irrfan Khan expectedly knocks it out of the park. His expressions feel authentic when he is disturbed, frustrated, amused…just about every-time! Konkana Sen Sharma although under-utilized still has strong hold in the few scenes she gets to do. Dependable Neeraj kabi also gets his role right and his emotional breakdown moments are worth applauding.

But the real hero of this film is the storyteller Meghna Gulzar who nicely infuses flashbacks and could-have-been-possible episodes without confusing the film’s basic premise. Talvar, easily one of the year’s best films, will leave you intrigued, disturbed, but more importantly – satisfied, to have witnessed such a terrific film. Don’t dare miss it.

Rating – 4/5

  1. sputnik 8 years ago

    Thanks for the review Sanket. Nice to know that you liked it a lot.

    I was looking forward to this one but its not playing close to me. But I will definitely watch this one soon and comment.

  2. Author
    sanket porwal 8 years ago

    Welcome Sputnik. Yes, I loved it. Would like to know your views whenever you see the film.

  3. sputnik 8 years ago

    Interview with CBI Officer Arun Kumar Who first probed Aarushi Talwar Murder. Irfan Khan’s character in the movie is based on him. Arshad Warsi’s character from the underrated film Sehar was also based on him.

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