Sanket’s Review: “Special 26”- The finale gives the boost.

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Anupam Kher, Manoj Bajpai, Jimmy Shergill, Kajal Aggarwal.

Director: Neeraj Pandey

Length : 2.20 hours approximately

One will surely have high hopes from the director who made A WEDNESDAY in past. Unlike that excellent thriller, SPECIAL 26 is far from excellence. That doesn’t imply it doesn’t work, in-fact S26 makes its mark, thanks to its unpredictable climax, but the director and writer could have done so much more. It doesn’t help the film adding lip sync songs and that puerile love story angle which only distracts you from the poignant moments of the film.

The film begins well and the director grabs your attention right away. But as pointed before, the moment the story takes heads in the wrong direction, SPECIAL 26 simply gets off the track. Even the comic interludes, which are not much funny, during taut portions of the film squirms you. But the first half has those two con scenes which make up for an ordinary first half.

Its second half where S26 scores all its points. The episodes are enthralling and the dialogues, especially those mouthed by Manoj Bajpai are clap-worthy. Although, the director does add unnecessary sequences to extract sentimental values, but it doesn’t really help you to get disturbed especially because the film has taken its flight with brisk pace. However, what makes SPECIAL 26 actually a must-watch is its finale. Its shocking and smart ! The curveball th director throws at the end gives the film a who new angle.

The songs are neither ear-pleasing nor do they take the narration ahead. The background score however is impacting. The cinematography is beautiful and it takes you back in time with those real-like places captured amazingly. The script and screenplay deserves a special mention for writing a very good script, if not for that love story which takes too much of time in the film. Neeraj Pandey yet again executes his film smartly and brings out some brilliant performances from the leads. He is a maverick, which is confirmed!

Akshay Kumar dives in the role very well. He understands his character and act every bit accordingly! Its not easy for an actor to de-construct his image of being a buffoonery, goofy guy and play such role. Anupam Kher is in form and that reflects in his expressions. Note that scene when he is encountered by the original CBI officials in a hotel room. He shines there! Jimmy Shergill packs up his act well and despite of having less room in the film, he still makes his presence felt. But unimpeachably, the man who stands apart is Manoj bajpai. His energy in scenes are incredible and his expressions are cent per cent authentic.

SPECIAL 26 have a major blotch of love story, which frankly could have been easily avoided. Yet, it’s a film that deserves a chance for its originality, its climax, its director, and if not for anything than Manoj Bajpai. Try not missing it.

Rating – 3/5 (Good)

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