Sanket’s review: SHAMITABH is fun until it takes itself too seriously

shamitabh The film starts very well. The scene where Akshara and Dhanush meets BigB for first time is excellent and funny too. But The film gets repetitive at lot of places but not boring!

Second half is bumpy because towards the end the film ends up being too serious and gets contrived. Also the drunken scenes of Amitabh are overused despite the actor being in good form. Dhanush is just passable. Akshara surprises and how!

The film has loopholes galore. Akshara supporting Dhanush going out of her way is abruptly put without any logic. Also the whole technological aide was too unconvincing.

Still, the film has some genuinely terrific moments, the best one being the school one. But only if it was consistent till end, then the film would’ve been much more than a one time watch.


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  1. Baba 9 years ago

    might see this tomorrow. dhanush is an interesting actor. amitabh should not have been in this. he is amitabh in all his films and he simply has not been able to reinvent himself

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