Sanket’s Review: Sairat (Marathi)

Sairat‪‎Sairat‬ (Marathi) is primarily a love story. A love story that has been done to death in every kind of cinema that exists. The poor-guy-rich-girl love story. And yet this film brings out some of the key emotions that these frivolous love stories fail to chalk out.

The first one hour is a complete hoot. The love story that blossoms is so wonderfully penned and enacted that you are overwhelmed with exuberance. The love feels real when its raw and young. It feels relatable. And that is what makes the first hour extremely gripping and heartening. But when things get serious, we discover that the writer-director has a lot to say.

In second half, the pace is chopped off. There are too many scenes that don’t have dialogues. Yes, the film considerably loses its mark in second half. It’s also because a lot is repeated and the pace is slow. But amidst these scenes, director makes a silent commentary on a lot of social issues mostly pertaining to women’s role in society. It’s a well intentioned and well thought of second half. It just demands a little more patience.

Ajay-Atul’s songs are wonderfully weaved in the story all in first half. The songs alone demand a separate viewing for this film.

Akash Thosar is excellent. Especially in former portions when he is wooing his girl. Rinku Rajguru is first rate. She infuses enough confidence in her performance to leave a great impact.

In all, Sairat is a very good film. It does get long and slow, especially in second half. But watch-out for that fantastic development of love story in first hour which feels so real, so relatable and so entertaining. And of course the music, the performances are another few reasons why it’s a must watch.

Rating : 3.5/5

  1. sputnik 6 years ago

    Thanks for the review Sanket.

    A lot of people were praising the movie on twitter. Will try to watch it if I get hold of it with subtitles.

    Fandry is in my Netflix queue for some time. Have to watch that one.

    • Author
      sanket porwal 6 years ago

      Yes, its got good response from audience and critics. And its doing extraordinary at box office too. This film has released with subtitles all over. So it wont be difficult to watch it. Fandry is yet another very well made film.

      • sputnik 6 years ago

        Finally watched the movie and agree with you completely. Excellent review. Here is my comment on the movie.

        “Watched the movie Sairat finally. The first half is excellent. The second half drags a lot and bores a bit but the ending is excellent. The love story in the first half felt so real and the songs were used very well in the movie. The second half is set in Hyderabad and it was nice to see many known locations in the movie.

        Rinku Rajguru was excellent as Archi. Akash Thosar was excellent as Parshya. Tanaji Galgunde as Pradeep and Arbaz Shaikh as Salya were very good too. Suresh Vishwakarma was very good as Archi’s Father Tatya. Suraj Pawar was good as Prince.”

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