Sanket’s review: “Saheb Biwi aur Gangster returns” isn’t exactly satisfying, though has a high share of positives.

Cast: Jimmy Shergill, Raj Babbar, Mahie Gill, Irrfan Khan, Soha Ali Khan.

Director: Tigmanshu Dhulia

Length: 2.20 hours approx.

Now the prequel to this film that released in September 2011, wasn’t exactly great film, but it had a strong story-line which kept the moments glued and the film engaging. What lacked there was the sort of performances which would have taken film much higher. Apart from Randeep Hooda, no one really managed a noteworthy performance. The sequel has different thing to say. The film has terrific performances but saddles down with the script and screenplay.

The film starts very well with each character being described smartly. But the film drags along a lot with few scenes. Despite of humorous dialogues imposed at most of the places, yet, the scenes in this half particularly look dull. The film goes on and on and on and at-east two times gives you chance to peep into your watch. At 85 minutes first half, there are scenes which could have been easily trimmed. Too much time is given to express Mahie Gill’s bold and seductive character. However, there are few scenes that will leave you in splits like the one when the Politician gets worked up at-least twice, once when he isn’t able to get the adjustment of the webcam and the next time when he is unable to exit while he is watching porn. Also the scene where Irrfan tries to extract a modicum amount of blood out of his finger, with abundance amount of fear gearing him.

Dhulia opens his cards post-intermission where he does just about enough to incorporate plot twists, though predictable at times. The film keeps its pace highly brisk and the real aim of each character is well explained. However the climax may find its share of criticism because it looks unconvincing. It does gives a room for another installment, but the real purpose of the film, that is the revenge genre gets only defeated. Therefore, no real sympathy can be devoted to even a single character despite several double-crossings.

The film has poor music and the item song filmed on Mugdha Godse has no relevance to the plot of the film. The production values are top class to be frank. And the cinematography is simply amazing. It’s eye-pleasing to see the nature captured so beautifully within the story of the film. The dialogues are one real weapon apart from exemplary performances that SAHEB BIWI AUR GANGSTER RETURNS benefits from. The writing however doesn’t exploit the strength of its character. It doesn’t scoop up the betrayal portions with any emotional values. Betrayal occurs and the focus shifts to next sequence. Dhulia however knows the art of direction truly well. The way he handles his scenes is one qualitative mark which he boasts off. The scene where Irrfan Khan confronts Jimmy Shergill for the very first time, tells lot about the sort of credibility Dhulia carries on his shoulders.

Irrfan Khan strikes the chord. He doesn’t only make his character humorous and enjoyable but also gives that menacing shade with equal blend. He is most enjoyable when he stumbles during some of his conversations in the scenes. Jimmy Shergill is excellent as the manipulative, selfish, lovable Saheb and he does his part with sheer energy. Unlike the previous part, Jimmy handles the intense situations amazingly. Mahie Gill and Soha Ali Khan are efficient although they look weak in the same frame as the two men.

The writers couldn’t make up where the film should head. From bedroom politics, to betrayal, to revenge, the film travels along everywhere, but without any purpose solved. That leaves you dissatisfied despite its high share of positives coming from two staunch performances, several excellent moments, engaging episodes from second half and the smart wit in dialogues. Go in, you won’t be bored, but make sure you don’t expect anything memorable.

Rating- 2.5/5 (Above Average/ Decent)


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