Sanket’s Review: Roy has assembly-line of loop-holes in the story

roy Cast: Arjun Rampal, Jacqueline, Ranbir Kapoor.
Director: Vikramjit Singh
Length: 2hrs and 25 minutes

In the film, Arjun Rampal’s character is film-maker who is constantly conscious about his film’s story. How we wish the writer of ROY had lifted a modicum amount of inspiration from his protagonist. The film’s plot is so haywire that by the end it looked even the director had no answers to the “Inception-esque” story he tries to convey in ROY by having a story within a story. Its one thing to keep audience guessing and other to keep them confused! Needless to say ROY falls in later bracket and leaves you disappointed.

To be frank, the film looked interesting for first few reels, say 30 minutes because very less is known about the story and its character and the plot looked thick initially. But soon we realize that the film is revolving in the loop with not much of intensity and intrigue. First half is still bearable at best, thanks to couple of songs and not-so-bad pace.

But the second half takes a real beating. The screenplay is so convoluted and narration even worse, that ROY reaches the bare minimum. Even at modest 145 minutes of run time, ROY tests endurance with its assembly line of loop-holes.

The songs are sort of silver lining in the black cloud. “Tu hain ke nahi” and “Sooraj Dooba” stands out although the same cant be said about their filming.

Arjun Rampal looked dull and unattached to the character resulting in a cold performance. Jacqueline Fernandes’s subtle character looked funny with her lethargic performance. Ranbir Kapoor tries really hard but he is muddled with a role that’s just so forced.

Even a mediocre script could’ve saved the film, but ROY suffers to find any path in the story leaving with confused story which is neither romantic nor dramatic. Its plain boring!

Rating – 1.5/5

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    sputnik 6 years ago

    Thanks for the review @sanket-porwal

    Looks like the movie is really bad. Saw a couple of comments on FB and they were saying the movie is horrible.

  2. Avatar Author
    sanket porwal 6 years ago

    Sputnik- Its indeed bad. God knows how can they green-lit such films and put 55crs on it. The story is so bad that I feel I or anyone with basic knowledge of film-making could’ve written a better story.

    • Avatar
      sputnik 6 years ago


      Is Ranbir in the lead/supporting role or a extended special appearance?

      • Baba
        Baba 6 years ago

        rex said he has 50-60 min role. that is very big length for 2 hr 25 min film

  3. Baba
    Baba 6 years ago

    so two back to back flop films from ranbir after yjhd. katrina will save him in jagga jasoos

    • Avatar
      sputnik 6 years ago

      I read that Jagga Jasoos is supposed to have 25 songs and that Ranbir and Katrina will converse mainly in songs. If that’s true then there is a chance that might flop too.

      “The characters played by Ranbir and Katrina share a warm friendship which eventually blossoms into love,” informs the source. “What adds to the charm of the relatonship is that the duo mostly converse through songs. The film is a musical with as many as 20-odd ditties composed by Pritam. They are a mishmash of several genres. This is an experiment, both for Anurag and Indian cinema.”

      • Baba
        Baba 6 years ago

        yes there is a small chance. but having many songs in bolywood is safer proposition than having no songs. but 25 songs is way too much. i think this news might be exagerrated. my guess is katrina and ranbir wil annouce their engagement during jagga jasoos release to hype the film around release time

  4. Avatar Author
    sanket porwal 6 years ago

    Sputnik – He has decent enough screen space and can be considered his film. He is not in lead role but he has good screen space unlike Akshay in OMG or Akshay in SHaukeens where he played extended cameo.

    This film will trend terribly.

    • Manish
      Manish 6 years ago

      iam taking 55-60 minutes role as said by rex for ranbir in roy

      please watch OMG again .. akshay has almost 55 minutes of screen space in 2 hours movie ..

      shaukeens is 30-35 minutes

  5. Baba
    Baba 6 years ago

    To khan fans:

    Bismilla hir Rahman ur Rahim

    Assalmo alikum wah rahmatulahe wa barakatuhu

    Abhi abhi khabar mili hai ki ranbir ki film roy ka day 1 8.5 cr hua hai aur ke sun kar khan fan group bada khush ho raha hai. main is mauke par khan fan group ko ye mashwara dena chahta hun ke apne coments, apni insecurity aur apni fikr khans ki filmography aur unke poor script sense par lagaye. …. kyunki Baba Ji tab tak aap ki giraft mein nahi aa sakta jab tak bollywood se boi aur hindi films se khans waapas nahi jaate

    • Avatar
      halakoo 6 years ago

      to him all khan fans are muslims, lmao, true baght of Modi the killer.

    • Avatar 6 years ago

      hahahahahahahahahahahahaha……! nice one Baba..!

      Baba you mean khan Mukt hindi film Industry ????

      • Avatar 6 years ago

        its going to happen soon. Only one more dhoom 3, one more HNY and one more Kick and Indian film Industry will be Khan Mukt Bollywood.

      • Baba
        Baba 6 years ago

        😀 its a joke. i am glad you appreciated it 😉

        • Avatar
 6 years ago

          Baba even if it was a joke from u, I was serious. Fed up with bull shits from those 3 khans.

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