Sanket’s Review: Revolver Rani is an awful attempt to make a dark satirical comedy.

Revolver_Rani Cast: Kangana Ranaut, Vir Das, Zakhir Hussain, Piyush Mishra

Direcor: Sai Kabir

Length: 2 hrs and 12 mins

If one has to live through REVIOLVER RANI, cotton for ears, and a pillow for your brain is mandatory accessory you might require. Set in a hinterland of India against the background of two political entities trying to take pot-shots at each other for victory. But what they do to reserve their victory is written in pattern of shoddy screenplay where predictability is written all over even if the pretends to have wooed you with the interval twist.

The film starts to drag down from the word go. The first couple of scenes involving Zakhir Hussain and his two good-for-nothing nincompoop companions is stretched to death. I felt I watched half the film in first 10 minutes itself. When Kangana arrives in the film, you expect the film to catch a flight and raise a momentum. But alas! REVOLVER RANI has nothing in its kitty. The abrupt incestuous love sparkling between Vir Das and Kangana too doesn’t help the film either especially given the kind of person Kangana plays who is virago-esque. But the film only looks struggling although amidst all the bumps and hurdles there are few sharp dialogues that one can crack a chuckle.

Even post intermission, which starts afresh after a sudden U-turn in the story, starts to succumb to old revenge format of our Bollywood and quite unconvincingly so. The only moment I remember from this film is the one where Vir Das’ character is compelled to do stuff which is far away from what he is looking at in life. You’ll know that when and if you watch the film. The climax of the film where all pretentious heroics of our heroine creeps in reminded me of another poor women-centric drama released few weeks ago called GULAAB GANG: the similarity is both the film is trying to glorify women’s power but with an inane plot.

With terrible songs and background score it only helps in deteriorating the overall impact of the film. The film’s crux i.e. the screenplay itself is filled with clichés and failed attempts of writing whacky characters which are far from funny even if they do help you have some laughs in couple of scenes.

Vir Das is the only bright spot in this dreadful film. I enjoyed watching his scenes even though he is capability is far better. Kangana Ranaut couldn’t develop a single emotion in viewer’s hearts even while she is going through deep trouble in throughout the second half. She never justifies the role, which was a new one. Her bewildering expressions would have been apt for rather a horror film.

In the end, all I can say is REVOLVER RANI can be missed with pride. And if you’re a Kangana fan, then you must skip it- this is not a performance any fan would like to see of his/her star.

Rating- 1.5/5


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