Sanket’s Review : Neerja

Neerja Neerja depicts a real life incident that involved the young girl who gave away her life while successfully attempting to save lives! It’s a very interesting story because it literally walks you through the minute details of that incident. Some of the details may have been tweaked, but the film is so well directed that everything that happens feels like real-life scenario.

But the film spans over 2 hours and there’s also an elaborate episode of her personal life with her family. Her scenes with Shabana Azmi are fantastic and one feels the emotions and relate to sentiments. Nicely established, and coherently followed up throughout.

But the film falls for back-story for too many times than what was required, especially in second half. However, its nerve-wracking climax grabs your attention fully and the follow up episode giving tribute to Neerja will make you reach for tissues.

The songs play in background. The songs don’t leave an impact apart from “Jeete Hain Chal”. The camera work is razor-sharp in the hijack scenes. The absolute mayhem shown in climax is cleverly shot.

Sonam Kapoor is wonderfully restrained as Neerja. She doesn’t have too many dialogues but she holds her own through her eyes and spot-on expressions. Shabana Azmi lends tremendous support in a pivotal role. Infact her performance, especially towards the end, gives the film its push.

Neerja is a satisfying dramatic thriller that packs in right amount of emotions and thrills and leaves you clapping for her. It’s the best film this year and we are still in February only.

Rating : 3.5/5


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