Sanket’s Review: Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon

KisKiskoPyaarKaroon “Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon” reminds you of films like “No Entry” “Shaadi No.1” and “Sandwich” for its entire runtime of 135 minutes. Not that there aren’t other films in different genres that remind us of old films, but Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon comes across as entirely unoriginal and yet only moderately funny.

The film also has one of the most repetitive screenplay which the writers must have thought was justified just because there are 3 wives and same situation! But to give the film its due, the film does have some good amount of jokes, some of which might leave you in splits. The entire Arbaaz Khan episode is a complete joyride. Also the pre-climax is extremely hilarious until the film takes a complete detour in its treatment in last few minutes.

The dialogues of the film are sharp at places and Kapil Sharma is giftedly comfortable in his part delivering the irreverent, cocky dialogues. But the half-dozen songs used in the film puts the film completely on spot. Ofcourse we can expect songs in such films at any point, but here, the songs are extremely tasteless. The plot involving Varun Sharma and the maid however is funny while he one involving Sharat Saxena and Supriya Pathak is plain boring.

Kapil SHarma does extremely well as pointed above. Arbaaz Khan surprises in a small little role. Varun Sharma is effective although his science-theories bits feel overdone after a point.

To sum it up, its a film that neither leaves you exhausted, nor does it leaves you entertained enough. There are genuine gags in the film to hold the attention, but not enough to cover up for its lapses.

Rating – 2/5 (Average)

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  1. sputnik 6 years ago


    So how was the audience reaction?

    Looks like its doing well at the box office

    Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon Has Very Good First Weekend
    Monday 28 September 2015 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon has a very good weekend with business of around 24.25 crore nett. The first day opened strong with 8 crore nett but it was day which made the film a sure shot hit as it grossed 7.50 crore nett which was fantastic coming off an holiday. The business on Sunday was a solid 8.75 crore nett.

    The film is excellent in East Punjab with business of 3.80 crore nett. Other territories which have done very good business are Delhi / UP with 6 crore nett, Rajasthan with 1.66 crore nett, CI with 1.15 crore nett and Gujarat / Saurashtra with 3 crore nett. The collections in Nizam / Andhra, West Bengal and Mysore were weak. All three were below 1 crore nett for the weekend.

    The film has already done the job as its a 20 crore film and has already notched up a 12.75-13 crore distributor share in just three days but its still important to hold on Monday so that goes on to become a big hit. If collections can show a 50% apprx drop from Friday it would be a strong trend. Normally you want to be 40% down but here it was a holiday on Friday so close to 50% will do. The film has also done well Overseas especially Gulf where opening weekend may get into top five of the year.

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