Sanket’s Review: “Kai Po Che” has unfeigned charm.

Cast: Sushant Singh Rajput, Amit Sadh, Raj Kumar yadav, Amrita Puri.

Director: Abhishek Kapoor

Length : 2 hrs approximately

Borrowed from the written material of Chetan Bhagat’s “3 Mistakes of my life”, director Abhishek Kapoor’s cinematic adaptation KAI PO CHE remains mostly faithful to the novel. The film traces various situations which draws wedge between the three friends with different ambition and different responsibility. What makes KAI PO CHE a must-watch are the beautiful and heartfelt moments that stays with you for an eternity.

Not taking even a single minute to spoon-feed about the characters, the film starts remarkably well. In-fact the proceedings are so easy to relate that it is only in the intermission period when you find your own breathes. The first half is simply excellent with the scenes being supported hugely by Amit Trivedi’s musical magic. The solemn situations create the tension and the intermission point will leave you uneasy. So far, so brilliant!

Its only post-intermission, like many films, KAI PO CHE takes bit of a backseat. In-fact, to be more precise, its only in last 30 minutes where things goes bit off the mark. The portion where the female lead gets pregnant is too contrived and unwanted in the film. Yet, there are moments in second half which may pull tears out of you. Like that innocent and magnificent scene on the terrace where the sister consoles her short-tempered brother. Its bits like these which brings unfeigned charm to KAI PO CHE. The climax however could have been crispier.

Amit Trivedi’s music plays substantial part in raising the momentum. Songs like “Meethi Boliyan” and “Manjha” glues the emotional constraint to the film and that is what touches your heart! Fantastic work there by Trivedi. The cinematography is another technical feat that KAI PO CHE boasts off. Diving in Navratri functions to Kite fights to busy temples to political cavalcades, the camera work is appreciable. Abhishek Kapoor once again tells a simple story by uttermost sincerity and yet again derives some memorable performances. The dialogues of the film are another plus-point. Original, relatable and refreshing, the dialogues recapitulates the sequences.

Sushant Singh Rajput remains the heart of the film. His screen presence is charming and he conveys his emotions mostly through his eyes! Its incredible to see such work from the first-timer! Raj Kumar Yadav is fantastic especially when he splutters when he is flustered. He has many layers to his character but he sketches his character with believable expressions. Amit Sadh shines in many scenes and especially in the climax. Amrita Puri plays the bubbly girl convincingly and she shares good presence with Raj Kumar Yadav.

Humorous, exhilarating, sparkling, heart-touching and emotionally surrounded, KAI PO CHE is well adapted tale of friendship. In two hours while tracing topics like religious difference, political culture, cricket-maniac, and male bonding, the film gives you a completely original film and a film which makes you feel good. Don’t dare missing it.

Rating – 3.5/5 (Very Good)

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  1. narad_muni 9 years ago

    thanks for the review Sanku.
    I am going for this one but after a week.

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