Sanket’s Review: “I me aur main” serves well as a sleeping pill.

Cast: John Abraham, Prachi Desai, Mini Mathur, Chitrangada Singh, Zarina Wahab, Raima Sen.

Director: Kapil Sharma

Length: 1.45 hours approximately

Even at just 105 minutes long, you feel like you have been made to sit through an endless saga called I ME AUR MAIN. Packed with trite idea and bromidic characters, it’s a film that serves well as a sleeping pill. In its cool, buoyant, urbane outlook, I ME AUR MAIN suffers from sluggish pace and dull moments. The major setback is that the director unfolds things too easily and the conflict or the dispute is never really felt.

The film starts off well but by the time it reaches the half mark, within just 45 minutes that is, it loses its spark. Focusing on the personality traits of a self-obsessed man, the film also sneaks into family bickering and office rivalries. And the love triangle is largely predictable with all the female characters plodded as stereotypes. Couple of moments however does strike chord. Like the one where John tries to flaunt his well toned exercised physique by jumping off from 10 feet, or the one in building corridor where Prachi Desai teaches John to say sorry! But, unfortunately moments like these only stays for evanescence, because what follows in second hour of the film fades away all little positives which the film built over the cost of first half.

It becomes difficult to sit through the second hour of I ME AUR MAIN where the film tracks heavy drama. Everyone is shown sad and in depression but not even once does the emotions looks out of superficiality. The screenplay almost eats into film’s major portions like the whole idea of Prachi Desai’s sudden plan to Paris. The dialogues are so conventional that at times you giggle even in intense moments.

Songs of the film are good while the background score is light and breezy. The script and screenplay however is a major turn-down. Not a single character manages to woo you despite at-least two of the women playing such sugar-coated role that would have easily gullible you emotionally had the characters been well penned and well filmed.

John Abraham looks super confident in initial sequences but soon his character looks more caricaturist, thanks to his poor show of acting is emotional parts. Prachi Desai plays that bubbly, funky, fun girl but with no zing in her act. She does well in couple of scenes, but as a whole she could not really bring the freshness to her part. It’s only Chitrangada Singh who manages to give a restrained performance even in a half cooked role.

I ME AUR MAIN is partly boring and partly unmoving. It does have good looking people in it, but than that is it about the film. What made the makers believe in this film is really a question that becomes a million dollar one! Go, if you want to examine the amount of endurance you are blessed with.

Rating- 1.5/5 (Bad)

  1. Serenzy 10 years ago

    Main naa Kehta tha Sanku… 😀

    I cud Predict the Graph and where it will all End of this Movie from Trailers itself!

    Upar se John in Dramatic Roles… >.< Khali Prachi Desai ke Naughty Cuteness and Chitrangada ke Arse pe thodi naa Public Kharcha karegi 😛 😛

  2. Serenzy 10 years ago

    John Abraham, Shahid Kapoor, Viviek Oberoi, NNM, Arjun Rampal, Abhishek Bachchan and Saif Ali Khan[Inspite of an ‘Odd’ Cocktail and Race-2] can Never Ensure a GURANTEED Success.
    Kitna SOLO Success Carry kiya hain??

    Abhishek and SAK Had Gained Momentum but Lost along the Way.

    Even Imran Khan and Emraan Haashmi look More Comfortable and Confident wrt BO/Rank Standings.


    Had Commented in Another Post that :-

    In Such Contemptary Rom-
    Com and Dramedy Themes/
    Genres[Based in Mumbai
    oftenly], The Recent Movies
    that I have Liked are:-

    Bheja Fry
    Life in a… Metro
    Pyaar ke Side-Effects
    Wake Up Sid Rocket Singh
    Dil Chahta Hain
    Rock On!!

    • Serenzy 10 years ago

      Heck, Even Aftab Shivdasani after a Prolonged Absence had a 22cr-Mini Success with 1920: ER 🙂

    • Reddemon 10 years ago

      Even SAK can Guarante success with avg budget and hez much ahead of imran khan.

      Along with the above mentioned movies i also like PKP and Mujhse fraandship karoge in same “Generes”

  3. SYED IMRAN 10 years ago

    Akshay Kumar also falls in the same category… he can never guarantee the success of his movie no matter whether it is a class or massy movie… you can consider the case of khiladi 786..or for dat matter joker… even special 26 which is an outstanding movie did not take the required initial and ended up just being a semi hit.. looks like ppl are still left with the hangover of all khans and roshans…sometimes i wonder when the time will come when ppl will stop watching khans movies and when a superstar willemerge who can beat the likes of khans/roshans…. is there any answer for this…

    • Reddemon 10 years ago

      Its not fair to compare akshay with khans b’coz of the no. Of movies he does every. He is in a different league with Ajay devgn whoz giving him tough competition. SAK is catching with them with 2 semi-hits and Rambo rajkumar likely to be another one. 🙂

  4. Aditya007 10 years ago

    lol.. Its not matter for Gaurantee of Success , S26 was an Offbeat film with Competion every week with Good trending movies like ABCD, KPC etc, decent music still manage to Cover 65cr , and k786 was always crap script since begning of movie . If U r talking about khans, roshans for ‘Gaurantee of success’ then dont forget about Guzarish, kites , MNIK, billu, ,Don2 JTHJ, Talaash etc ! Yaar Sua ki sidhi ek baat ek 100% success ke liye evrything should be fine !

  5. Aditya007 10 years ago

    please dont include srk in main khans league now because of his recent track record isn’t allowing for even with Saif Ali khan ,John and Ajay devgn is way above than him ! #Fact !!!!

  6. Aditya007 10 years ago

    *Means Khans league now reduce with only two khans i.e Salman , Aamir .

    • Reddemon 10 years ago

      I doubt whether you are Stating fact or trying to Vent out your frustration?

      Are you sure Aamir with a 90cr semi-hit Talaash is ahead of SRK who has 3 back to back 100cr grosser??

  7. Aditya007 10 years ago

    why not ; Agree Aamir khan back after 3 years and still only manage 90cr due to talaash was an low promoted offbeat serious cinema and You’d back what was happen with Srk had tried with MNIK , then Distributors suffered from loss ,even recent example with JTHJ (101cr) just managed to cross 100cr barrier with 6 day long weekend with 2 open weeks , don2 collected only 106cr?

    • Reddemon 10 years ago

      Using the term ‘offbeat’ has become a fashion now i guess.
      Earlier people used to call an Ankur, koshish, paheli or a Bandit Queen as Offbeat cinema but nowadays Every other movie is called offbeat. If talaash was Serious Cinema for you than i would like to recommend u some real serious cinema.

      Kahani an “offbeat” thriller went on to become BB which shows that Talaash was not “Offbeat”.
      None of the out and out romantic film has managed to become a HIT in recent times but JTHJ is a 100cr HIT thanx to SRK fans.
      JTHJ had 2 open weeks? Go home dude ua drunk!

  8. Alia Bhatt fan 10 years ago

    there is nothing like a “khan” league now. its just a bunch of stars at the top now 😀 they change every friday

  9. Serenzy 10 years ago

    “Saif Ali khan, John and Ajay Devgn is way above than
    him ! #Fact !!!!”

    John Abraham – 😛 😛

    Ajay Devgn – JTHJ Beat SOS by 12/14crs.
    RA.One > “Rascals+Aakrosh+Tezz+OUATIM+ATKJ”

    Everyone Knows Rajneeti kiske ‘Dum’ pe chali[Let Devgn Cross 100cr with SATYAGRAHA]

    Anyways, we will compare Himmatwala and CE’s Opening, India Nett and Trending as this will give a Proper Indication abt SRK v/s Devgn with Both Movies having Numerous Similarities on Many Fronts.

  10. Serenzy 10 years ago

    SAK – Don2 has Netted Better than Race2 and also has Better WOM/Trending[That too Post-RA.One].

    Agent Vinod’s[Slick Genre like Don2] Total India Nett is Less than 1st Weekend of Don2.

    JTHJ did 104cr wrt Cocktail’s 75cr and LAK’s 67cr.

    For Every ‘Langda Tyagi/Nikhil Arora(Nick)’ there has been a ‘Mohan Bhargava/Aman/Kabir Khan’ 😀

  11. Aditya007 10 years ago

    ”JTHJ had 2 open weeks? Go home dude ua drunk”

    Dude JTHJ had have with huge 6 day long weekend and around 10 days first week ; and total 17 open days ,till 30 november and still manage only 101 cr !

  12. Aditya007 10 years ago

    ”Ajay Devgn – JTHJ Beat SOS by 12/14crs.
    RA.One > Rascals+Aakrosh+Tezz+OUATIM+ATKJ”

    You shouldn’t to be said about SOS ; yaar you know better ,sos had released with low screens (even movie got B-C grade small screen, not something A- type ) as compare to JTHJ , still movie collection reached near to JTHJ which had an sympathy factor also , and dude JTHJ collected only around 101.25cr not 104cr !

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