Sanket’s Review: Hero

Hero It’s not everyday that Bollywood serves us new faces in a regular potboiler. But its also not every time that rank newcomers get such staunch backing. HERO, which is supposed to be a showcase episode of Sooraj and Athiya, is a half-hearted film that fizzles out post intermission.

The film is very safe in its own ways – a remake of blockbuster, a chartbuster song, superstar support. But this is perfect example of how so many silver linings still cannot distract you from a dark cloud. The film frankly has fine tuning initially. The story, although clichéd, has pace and the momentum is maintained for large part in first half. It also helps that there’s too much happening which engaged me. Also the likeable light hearted moments amidst snowy locales, gives HERO a push. One may find Athiya over-the-top at just about too many scenes, but after first few minutes, she falls in a bubbly, ditsy bracket which Bollywood has given us a lot in past and Athiya has it in her to fall right in there. The chemistry has some sparks of humor too which salvages from over used songs.

But second half has too many cracks in the path. The forced stereotypes of villains chews away too much of screentime. Also by the time it’s climax, you feel exhausted with half dozen songs, repetitive scenes.

The action sequences have the tempo and Sooraj’s finese aides the action. Also the locales are eye pleasing though it’s not convincing enough to see the film jumping from Mumbai to the Jammu. The music however is mediocre if you keep the chartbuster title song aside.

Sooraj unfortunately has a muddled role and his cold screen presence mars the film’s merits. Athiya is surprisingly at ease and provides lot of comical elements.

The film falls flat on expectations thanks to ill-handled second hour. It is although watchable film for its well packed first hour, but that is not much saying.

Rating – 2/5


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