Sanket’s Review: Gulaab Gang is a Pointless Film

madhurigg Cast: Madhuri Dixit, Juhi Chawla

Director: Soumik Sen

Length: 2.15hrs approximately

We all know that there’s a grace in Madhuri Dixit’s dancing which can woo off many guys and the girls too. But GULAAB GANG director seems to have taken it too seriously who tries to find a place for song when there is no need of one. Even if overlook this understandable glitch, there are lot of other problems the film consists of. The erroneous script in itself create half the path of hurdle and the director could not really salvage a stumbling film like this.

The film is pedestrian from beginning itself. The narration is punctuated with aplenty slo-mos and haunting background score. Each time a dialogue is cracked, there is indulgence of loud sound to lift the intensity level. How I wish they had concentrated on the dialogues which themselves would have made an impact. The action scene placed right before the intermission leaves you clueless of what exactly the film is dealing with- a group of strong women who can fight only with goons or a group of women trying to fix the problems of women. I was confused!

From what could have been a tight, engaging social drama, GULAAB GANG turns out to be your regular hero vs villain structured within political dimensions. It’s a shame that the writers used name of a Real-life “Gulaabi Gang” only to serve you a full-fledged Bollywood action affair. Even when the good people are killed in the film, you find it a task to sympathize with any of the character. It mostly rounds around rape victims and their fight-backs. In one honest scene were Madhuri’s character visits a educational class to ask donation, she gives a key speech about hunger management. It’s a well thought of scene, but alas there are hardly any such moments in the film.

The action is strictly sub-standard as it is filled with pathetic lust for heroism and no realism. Its just too much! The music is plain boring and remain pointless portion of the film. Doesn’t matter…the whole film is pointless. The story is packed with lazy twists and the director fails to extract even a single winning performance from his cast.

Madhuri Dixit seemed tired and exhausted in some of her scenes as she is given a much unexplained shape to her character. Although Juhi Chawla is comfortable in a role where she demands her assistants to do some of the silliest stuffs. Its not a great performance by any measure, but she does have her moments of sparks which relieves at some places.

GULAAB GANG feels tad long film even at a modest run-time. The basic premise of the film is itself a biggest setback for the film which couldn’t do even an inch of justice to this real life group of women. Miss it!

Rating- 1.5/5

  1. cr7 10 years ago

    It looked lame from the first trailer itself .Madhuri is making terrible choices since her comeback .Even She looks very fake & boring in her interviews,tv shows.

  2. Serenzy 10 years ago

    Still… Madhuri Dixit of the 90’s and DEVDAS is unbeatable and that smile will always remain the most charming ever *sigh*

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