Sanket’s Review: Ghanchakkar

Ghanchakkar drags along aimlessly. the film has a wafer thin plot which director tries to ignore by inventing some enigmatic characters. So you have Vidya Balan playing loud Punjabi Women, than you have rajesh Sharma (the only good performer of the film) and then namit Das who walks almost-nakes at midnight on road. If that’s not all, you have Emraan hashmi who seem to have lost his memory and forgets things. I feel he forgot to act as well.

What Ghanchakkar has are some comic shades in between which draw your attention. Some jokes really have that LOL thing in them. Forcefully added, the jokes comes like breathe of fresh air in this otherwise fragile comic drama. The climax is half-cooked, although it has a good suspense. But what was writer thinking about the film remains a wonder.

The film is very low on entertainment and the jokes come only intermittently. At 135 minutes long, Ghanchakkar is long by at-least 20 minutes. The film has some happening episodes though- The robbery scene is hilarious as well as gripping.

But its the incoherence tone of the film that rips apart all its effort. In one scene you seem to enjoy, but the other scene shatters down.

Rating- 2/5 (Average)

Its a mediocre film, with only Rajesh Sharma delivering his bit in a film that is packed with dependable shoulders. Go for it, if its the last option on a day you want to get entertained.

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  2. phoenix 11 years ago

    Was looking forward to this. 🙁

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