Sanket’s Review: “Gattu” is strongly recommended.

Cast: Mohommad Samad, Jayant das, Naresh Kumar.

Director: Rajan Khosa

Length: 1.20 hours approximately

The kind of approach GATTU has is very appreciable. There’s no preaching, no emotional meltdown moments and yet the film touches your heart because of the exemplary performances and for the striking simplicity. Lasting for only 80 minutes, GATTU is strongly recommended because its so well directed and so well performed.

It starts with a really smart animation which has relevance to the plot the film carries. Based on very uncomplicated and yet an unconventional plot, it’s a film that’s engaging because of the inherent characters and the soft humor that jumps straight out of the realistic conversations between the protagonist and people around. Note that excellent scene where GATTU convinces his friends about that terrorism which may soon come to their school. Also a lighter twist in the end is convincingly brought in film.

But GATTU has its setback several times. The haywire plan of GATTU to just cut down a kite looks bit over the top. No doubt the plan also consists of some funny moments, but the haywire plan could’ve been improvised.

The background score is very good. Also the locations instantly transfer you to protagonist’s life. The dialogues are very realistic and enhance the humor as well.

Mohommad Samad as Gattu is very believable. He is unable to give clear pronunciation of words, but that part suited the role perfectly. Naresh Kumar as Gattu’s uncle does very good job. Rest all performers including his school gang and his principle does honest job.

GATTU is a must-watch because of its approach. The film doesn’t want you to stress your brains, but the film in turn stresses on your heart.

Rating- 3.5/5 (Very Good)


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