Sanket’s Review: “Ek Tha Tiger” is your “sip-the-cola-chew-the-corn-and-enjoy” film.

Cast: Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Ranvir Shorey

Director: Kabir Khan

Length: 2.15 hours approximately.

Over the roof action is one of the prime element of all action films that Salman stars in. EK THA TIGER is no different. This many can fly in the air just like crows, he jumps from one building to another as if he has just taken one step ahead and yes he also show away his body, his signature scene! . EK THA TIGER provides you plenty such things. But wasn’t this expected in a Salman Khan film? Surprisingly the Katrina Kaif fans will also get chance to see her doing some exciting action scenes towards the finale. In short, EK THA TIGER is definitely far away from perfect film, but it solves its purpose for sure!

The film opens with an overlong action scene. In all between the action scene you so want to know why is this action happening! As expected, it was just an introduction sequence to the film’s genre. Anyways, the first half has glitches in abundance. The humor is very low-brow and the romance isn’t really sweet to gallop. Yes, there are some fine moments between the couple but they are not just enough to make for a compelling love story! However, the problem lies in the story which never agrees to move forward. The intermission point, though bit predictable, gives some high expectations for second half.

And here you go- you get to a very good second half which is bound with too many twists and turns and an amazing last 20 minutes where you also get to see “Dabangg” moment of Katrina. The top class action definitely stays with you, no matter how unimaginable the action is! The pace is slick post-intermission and that adds too much to the positives. The finale alone manages to satisfy your high expectations. Overall, a solid second half!

The music is good. All four songs are very hummable and the choreography is just about fabulous. The cinematography is good. The action deserves some extra point. Especially the climax action is nail-biting and exciting at same time. The dialogues are fine, though the humor is bit underwhelming. The script takes good turn post-intermission and provides some good twists. Kabir Khan once again manages to entertain his audience, with a splendid direction. I would just like him to work on romance portion which lags here big time affecting the first half majorly.

Salman Khan does it very well once again. His expressions are very cool and his character is well sketched. Katrina Kaif delivers a sparkling performance. Apart rom looking fantabulous, her acting skills have got polished. She shines all through the film and manages to stand neck to neck to Salman khan. Ranvir Shorey gets very little to do. He is alright.

On the whole, EK THA TIGER is your “sip-the-cola-chew-the-corn-and-enjoy” film which gives you worth of your price for sure. How you wish, that the first half of the film was bit more enjoyable! Anyways, it’s a good one time watch entertainer for everyone. Recommended!

Rating- 3/5 (Good)

  1. Baba Ji 9 years ago

    “an amazing last 20 minutes where you also get to see “Dabangg” moment of Katrina. ”

    katrina goes topless??? this has got me excited 😉

    • Bored 9 years ago

      If Salman has graduated to Dhoom level with this one, then this will go past 200 cr. Its high time some movie does that.
      And if ETT does not not tank after the weekend, then Dabangg 2 will be unstoppable too.

  2. Jay 9 years ago

    If salu cant act(see ett romantic and emotional scene/blank face) in yashraj movie ,he cant deserve an waste of money.

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