Sanket’s Review: “Dangerous Ishhq” cringe you in embarrassment.

Cast: Karishma Kapoor, Rajneesh Duggal, Jimmy Shergil

Director: Vikram Bhatt

Length: 2.10 hours approximately

To scrutinize how patient you are, DANGEROUS ISHHQ is a good way to test it. You feel exhausted when you come out watching this film, and it’s quite like you have successfully performed a challenge thrown to you for sitting throughout DANGEROUS ISHHQ for its unforgivably long 2.10 hours duration. Yes 2.10 hours isn’t quite much, but going through the film’s script standard, 2.10 hours seems like 3 hours. Largely flawed and unmistakably boring, it’s a film which gives you hope of something to happen in next reel, but never ever that happens!

As a fantasy drama, the film has an incoherent script and dialogues which are done to death. Surprisingly even Bhatt’s execution seems to lack aesthetics of making the film. Both first and second half are equally annoying and unappealing. The plot structured itself is so conventional and convoluted, that it distracts the viewers to invest interest in the film. Even the finale is poorly written according to the standard of script. The only part where the film gathers momentum is in Punjab when partition is on run.

The explosions in the film are very usual and indifferent. HImesh Reshammiya’s music doesn’t work. Even the background score is loud and irritating. The script and screenplay are too poor for the film to start with. Bhatt’s direction has no particular spark and his direction doesn’t lift the poor script! Dialogues, as mentioned above, are very unintentionally funny.

If anything is to be boasted, then its Karishma Kapoor’s gorgeous look and her earnest act. Rajneesh Duggal’s expression is very artificial, and he does his act quite like acting. Rest Jimmy Shergill, Divya Dutt is ordinary in their respective roles, or caricatures for that matter.

DANGEROUS ISHHQ is colossally disappointing even with modest expectations. It cringe you in embarrassment and leaves you exhausted. Watch it to know how bad a film can be!

Rating- 1.5/5 (Poor)


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