Sanket’s Review: “Chaar Din Ki Chandni” is watch-and-forget kind of film.

Cast: Tusshar Kapoor, Om Puri, Kulraj Randhawa, Anupam Kher, Chandrachur Singh, Farida Jalal.

Director: Samir Karnik

Length: 2.15 hours approximately.

It seems director Samir Karnik is very obsessed with the success of YAMLA PAGLA DEEWANA (YPD) because in his new film called CHAAR DIN KI CHANDNI the story reminds you of YPD of lot many times post-intermission. The resemblance is so crystal white but despite that, the director never wishes to bring any change till the film culminates. In this film we have a lover boy disguising himself as Punjabi (Bobby deol in YPD) also the plot has many characters arriving in frame and disocvers somenthing’s wrong in the premise! YPD stamp all over it!

Though not thoroughly boring, this film does provide few genuine laughs. The film starts very slow and there’s hardly any motion in the story pre-intermission. the few noteworthy scenes are the one in Gym where Tushar kapoor boasts about his gyming brothers to Kulraj so much that with every one boast he adds up a 20kg bar to their lift-up. Its an hilarious scene. Sadly, the film draws very few such scenes.

The second half anyways does not bore you because the film does have some corny twists in the plot. the climax of this film also reminds of YPD because of the funny action set-up. The Dirty Picture dialogue is with good humour and does evoke a laugh. The film surrounds around such a bizzarely written screenplay, that everything that comes on screen cannot be taken seriously even if its an serious emotional sequence. Thankfull, not many sentiments are forced in the film unlike many films and thus it helps to have a command on the pace.

The film is shot in some fantastic locations and they are treat for eyes! The music is average. “Chandni” track is fine, but “Kangna” stands apart. Rest songs are not pleasing. The film also has some songs from old movies to add to the comedy, but its an lame attempt which is tried in dozen of films before. Samir’s narration is quite flat and there is nothing like excitement.

Tusshar Kapoor simply falls flat on face with his acting skills. He does well in Punjabi version, but overall he disappoints big time. Kulraj’s acting finally is noticeable. She does get neglected post-intermission, but she has spontaneous tone in her act. Om Puri is the best amog the lot. Chandra Chur Sing is wasted. Anupam Kher goes over the top at times. But the scenes between him and Om Puri are funny! Johnny lever in a brief character is not so funny.

Watch it and forget it, is all what you can do with CHAAR DIN KI CHANDNI. It could’ve been better had the jokes been more funny. Watch it for yourself and decide.

Rating- 2/5 (Average)


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