Sanket’s Review: Brothers

Brothers Now Brothers might ooze of aggression, brutality for major part but the underlining emotional ground in first hour gives the film its backbone. What keeps the film safeguarded is its terrific second hour that captures exquisitely shot fight sequences. But director Malhotra employs drama to the point of exaggeration at times. The film in first half boasts off some extremely well handled powerful drama especially the Akshay Kumar plot. But the writers keeps the dramatic tone to the highest degree for Shroff who plays like the main lead of first half. When at point you do get engaged in the plot but simultaneously the film grapples with overdone scenes.

The film takes flight post intermission. Although the film takes a lifetime to reach to the battling ring, but once it reaches it gives you some real high. If you keep the stupid commentary for the sport aside, the action comes across thrilling and authentic. You know what is going to happen and yet you are at your toes which reflects the hard work gone beyond the scenes. Only if the director’s favorite tool wasn’t excessive emotions, this film could have zoomed up purely on the strength of the MMA episode.

Jackie Shroff signs on an over-written character and the actual screenplay starts so late in the film that until then his character comes across more as a retard. Akshay is effective in the drama and holds the film throughout the first hour. He also gets the action part well and suits the tone. Siddarth lacks the dramatic chop but he redeems that with terrific sense of aggression in second hour. Jacqueline is surprisingly good in her brief part.

The fight sequences are done with finesse and deserves applause! The music works well within the rhythm. The dialogues should have been toned down a little. The commentary used for fight sequences might annoy you almost to the point of putting you off.

A little shorter, a little less overdramatic and Brothers could have been one of the best films this year. Yet, for whatever it is, its a satisfying watch thanks to a aptly done second half and some sincere moments in first half. Do give it a chance.

Rating – 3/5

  1. Ritz 6 years ago

    Sanket, whats your rating?

    I was expecting it to be good but many reviews are negative.

  2. Author
    sanket porwal 6 years ago

    Ritz – Edited the review with rating. I found it good. It has its share of flaws like any film but the fight sequences are extremely well done which makes up for some flaws. Don’t expect too much from it and chances are you wont be disappointed.

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