Sanket’s Review: Bombay Velvet

BombayVelvet Bombay Velvet is honest but without intensity. I enjoyed the bits between the lead pair and their enigmatic love story which made me smile. Kashyap surprisingly handled the love story with more effectiveness then his usual thriller part of the film.

But the film has shockingly weak screenplay. The scenes feel repetitive and the characters feel adjusted rather than used in the story which is not what one would expect in a film directed by a very fine director like Kashyap.

At 150 mins, its too long especially because lot of parts, especially second half just felt like scenes and not story.

What I loved is the music. Naak pe gussa is excellent and nicely blossoms with proceedings. Even the Fifi song is nicely put. The Bombay Velvet set is simply beautifully created and the jazz pieces comes across strongly. But one wonders in the mid-way that a film which was supposed to be about Bombay’s transition is nothing but just another love story. What a Waste!

Ranbir kapoor tries hard but not enough to give the vulnerability and earnestness to his part. Anushka wonderfully understates in some scenes. Karan Johar doesn’t show any great acting chops apart from that one terrific scene where he breaks into unstoppable laugh.

In the end, you somehow do get the feel in first half despite being overlong. But the film slips away considerably in second half and leaving you on an unsatisfied juncture.

Rating – 2/5

  1. sputnik 9 years ago

    Thanks for the review Sanket. I heard same complaints from others about it being too long and having bad screenplay.

  2. Author
    sanket porwal 9 years ago

    Yeah, I think that is across the board. I must say though that Amit trivedi’s music works well and the bombay velvet set is exquisite. But these things are not enough to make the film engaging.

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