Sanket’s Review: “Blood Money” lacks intensity.

 Cast: Kunal Kemmu, Amrita Puri

Director: Vishal Mahadkar

Length: 1.50 hours approximately

This week’s BLOOD MONEY is a film which clearly displays how aimlessly the film is executed. The film has a decent plot to speak off but the director never quite utilizes the intense elements in the film which should have been included. So, BLOOD MONEY lacks intensity and there is where the film slackens. The film boards off with a boring murdering scene and soon falls into the married couple who has just come out of the country.

The film takes no time to move with the story, but the efficiency in the film lacks big time. Yes, the first half does have some good dramatic portions and also the music gels up well within the momentum. The film cycles away the first half smoothly though it doesn’t actually surprise you.

The second half wanders because it goes too slow and editing isn’t crisp. But it accelerates in last 30 minutes, though the climax is bizarre. Take the climax, which does have few unexpected twists but they are so clumsy and convoluted that one cant do anything but laugh on it. To give away the flaws I have to push away the spoilers and so without going in much detail, its just not made well. Logic is something which is thrown out of window forcefully and here is where the film wraps up as unintentionally funny!

Few scenes though are noteworthy like the one just before the interval in the hotel room when Kunal’s boss asks him to choose between truth and happiness! It’s a terrific scene and it suits well in the narration. Also few dialogues in the climax where Kunal Kemmu attempts his Dabangg act and delivers some amazing dialogues to the antagonist. Sadly, there are very few such offerings in this thankfully short film.

The songs are good and remain with you even after the show is ended. The cinematography is fine. The story could’ve been better but nonetheless it is well written. The director could have taken care of petty things and could’ve used it in the climax but unfortunately he goes with a smooth path and hence the conflict is never quite realized. The background score is terrible because its too loud and too uninteresting.

Kunal Kemmu surprises and how! He shows how good he can be when given the proper material. He slides well in this role and remain a silver lining of this silly fare! Amrita Puri is strictly average. Rest all has no quality of talent.

BLOOD MONEY is watchable if you are going with no expectations. Partly fair and partly boring, BLOOD MONEY is nothing more than an ordinary film.

Rating- 2/5 (Average)


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