Sanket’s Review: Bangistan

Bangistan Its hard to dismiss a film that is layered with sincere and relevant intentions and makes a brave attempt. But alas, intentions and audacity doesn’t necessarily make up for some good 130 odd minutes of a movie. Bangistan is so juvenile and pedestrian that it even puts someone of Riteish Deshmukh’s calibre in a backseat offering a cold performance in a muddled role.

The film has interesting premise, but it fails to catch up. Religious discrimination is darling issue of the movie and yet there’s no particular scene from which I could gather any interesting point of view on religion. Its that banal. For the entire running time of Bangistan, all you keep expecting is some emotion – laughter, pain, anger…anything! But it fails. What it does successfully though is keep adding characters to the plot to engage the screenplay. But just everything falls apart.

The film’s climax is absurdly stupid and unimaginative. Earlier this year there was “Welcome 2 Karachi” another film thriving on similar plot. That particular film wasn’t any good, infact hardly mediocre, but it gave some genuine laughs in its first hour. It had some interesting ideas. But just like Welcome 2 Karachi even Bangistan takes its plot too seriously and ends up in a regressive climax. I think it’s because they want to convey something serious and don’t wanna spoil it by just making the film more disposable by adding comic elements. I am not saying it shouldn’t be a serious toned film, but it shouldn’t be as regressive as the climaxes of two films mentioned that you feel you would rather have some forgettable laughs!

The songs are so-so and the background score is just fine. Although visuals of this film are eye-pleasing and captures some amazing scenery of Poland.

Its a film where in the end you don’t remember any performance or any scene for that matter. The film just goes on and on and on. And on. I will be generous about the rating of the film for its honest intent, but I must say its one of the poorest films we saw at cinemas this year.

Rating – 1.5/5


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