Sanket’s Review: Bajrangi Bhaijaan

bajrangibhaijaan Bajrangi bhaijaan is a refreshing change in Salman’s repertoire. The film although is as mainstream or commercial as his other films, but this time the ingredients are from different bottles.

The film nicely shapes its plot initially and it entices especially when we see Salman and the kid bonding. The humor sparks out of the light religious commotion. But problem starts when you know the film is just sliding in same loop. The things start dragging and the screenplay weakens. The humor gets repetitive until a shocking twist on pre interval leads to a terrific emotional moment.

Second half considerably picks up. The film takes flight especially when Nawaz enters the story and his part with Salman takes to the screen like fish takes to water. The chemistry crackles. The climax though takes haywire and predictable route but has heart tung strongly.

Munni’s role plays the card of emotion. She wins hearts with her expressive eyes and her acting. Even if I try to ignore her cuteness, which is just a hyperbole, I still felt for her character.

Salman khan is charming and gives a very likable performance. Nawaaz yet again enjoys meatiest of the one liners and yet again he makes most out of it and steals the film towards second half.

The soundtrack works beautifully for the film. While Sami’s Bhar Do Jholi remains best of the lot, even soothing numbers like Tu Jo Mila and Zindagi Kuch Toh Bata also leaves lot of impact. The other thing that gives the film a push is the beauty of Kashmir which is breathtakingly shot.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan’s emotional turmoil is its ace card. The chemistry between Salman and kid will be savored for longest time. Only if it was trimmed well and would have avoided the repetitive screenplay, the film would have zoomed big time. Yet for whatever it is, a very enjoyable and heartwarming experience which also has good repeat value.

Rating – 3.5/5

  1. sputnik 8 years ago

    Thanks for the review Sanket. Looks like it is getting positive reviews from everyone.

  2. shan 8 years ago

    Just back from the movie. Loved it. Had gone in with low expectations in spite of the good reviews and was pleasantly surprised. The movie has a good plot, good direction and great performances from everyone including bits and pieces parts. The little girl is supercute and very expressive. Kareena imoresses in a small role as do Sharat Saxena and Rajesh Sharma. Salman is wonderfully restrained and emotes well foe a change. He doesn’t get any over the top dialogues or action scenes yet manages to deliver a very good performance. Nawazuddin is the scene stealer in the second half and does a brilliant job. He gets the best lines and delivers them with aplomb. Cinematography is very good and music is used well, especially the slow tuneful numbers. Overall, a very good movie. Should click big time with family audiences.

  3. hithere 8 years ago

    The movie has good story to tell. You know you are being emotionally manipulated but you let director take you on ride. I think main issue is some lazy writing and scenes feel contrived and predictable. If you throw some/many of the illogicality it is a good ride. I found it better than other Salman movies in terms of flow.

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