Sanket’s Review: Ankhon Dekhi is enjoyable comic satire

ankhondekhi Cast: Sanjay Mishra, Rajat kapoor, Seema Pahwa

Director: Rajat Kapoor

Length: 1 hr and 8 min

ANKHON DEKHI talks about family bonding, introspection, and it stretches along on same point for its run-time. But what makes it a nice watch is its terrific writing in first hour that engrossed me thoroughly. There is an inherent heart attached to the film’s premise which consists of an overlong family that is struggling on monetary terms, and has members that are instantly relatable.

The film begins terrifically. The moments that are thrown in narrative perfectly resonates to the atmosphere that the film has. The situations are pretty convincing and that is why one finds himself in the vicinity of ANKHON DEKHI’s world. I felt every nuance of the film and even at a slow pace, the film captured all feelings beautifully. The family tantrums, their commotion, their loud arguments, just about everything hit the bulls’ eye. There is an unmistakable charm that touches your heart- how often do you have such realistic projection of a poor family and that too without being too preachy? The humor is laced nicely throughout the first half.

But ANKHON DEKHI turns the other way post intermission when the laughs are out of the window for few moments. Thanks to the terrific performers in the film that doesn’t let the film go downhill in second half. But there are some moments even here that will crack you up at places and will touch your heart. The end however is too improper for this enjoyable comic satire.

The songs in the film are unusual although they don’t add any effect to the screenplay. The dialogues although give the rooted authenticity to the film and that alone evokes laughters and smiles. The writing although starts on a striking note, but it loses its sheen in second half.

The film is centered on Sanjay Mishra and he is in a fantastic form playing enigmatic oldie who is reluctant to believe anything, unless he witnesses himself, that happens around him- than be it gravity laws or mathematical theorems. Rajat Kapoor deosn’t really come out with the kind of performance that we have seen from him in past. But its Seema Pahwa who steals the film fro under the nose of everyone. She excels in every second that she has a part.

ANKHON DEKHI’s agenda, to be a clean good time-pass, is a quick statement that the film makes in first half. It does go out of the entertaining mould, but yet, in the end it satisfies your want to have good 105 minutes in theater. Its innocence and its integrity is what makes ANKHON DEKHI watchable and enjoyable affair.

Rating- 3/5


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