Sanket’s Review: “AkaashVani” often dodges between boredom and lovable.

Cast: Kartik Twiari, Nushrat Bharucha, Gautam Mehra, Sunny Singh, Sana Shaikh.

Director: Luv ranjan

Length : 2.30 hours approximately.

To tell a very simple message of simple people, Luv ranjan makes his protagonists go back and forth in their relationships and the story goes so haywire that at one point you realize that their problem could be solved with just one meeting where all can sit and have a talk! To drag the film to 2.30 hours when the story has plot holes from all sides, it becomes impossible to sit through! Thanks to the warm chemistry our lead pair shares, AKAASHVANI has moments packed up nicely, but in between the delightful moments there are scenes which are lazily shot. That particular scene on Railway station where the pair sits and cries on endlessly will help you laugh out loud!

The film coasts along breezily for first 30 minutes or so. That interesting scene where the love birds discuss their future honeymoon and the actor can’t help but crack some puerile but funny one-liners! The humor is lit by double meaning jokes and sexual indications, not that I am complaining but then it sets the wrong tone for the film. The film draws very heavy dramatic situations several times after our lead pair is send off back and separated from each other! The songs aimlessly thrown at every moment gets on your nerves especially because they do not carry the story ahead, instead they only add up to its excessive length!

Second half starts with modicum of respite. That husband-troubling-wife portion, although over the top, gets engaging because its more fun than watching the actors crying for no rhyme or reason.  The film takes too much of time to do simple things and it doesn’t help you enjoy even good moments to the fullest. Thanks to the supportive set of friends the love birds has, the camaraderie between this group has realistic shades.

The songs are placed severally, though few are good. Camera work is good for sure. The execution by Luv Ranjan is affected because the writing is major culprit. Add to that few dialogues which not only cringe you but also makes you cry for mercy! Awful writing!

AKAASHVANI though is not entirely unwatchable. In-fact it often dodges between boredom and lovable. The lead pair has good acting genes. The film is major focused on the female lead played competently by Nushrat Bharucha. She performs very well and tries every bit to make the character believable, but the script and screenplay lets her down! Kartik Tiwari again makes a positive impact and supports to make their chemistry work at times! Their friends played by Sana Shaikh and Gautam Mehra play significant part to add breeze to the proceedings. Sunny Singh is reasonably okay.

Watch it if you there is nothing much to do. But yes, get ready to be exhausted by its length.

Rating – 2/5 (Average).

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  1. Serenzy 11 years ago

    Just as I Thought so…

    Now, I Understand why the PKP Makers were sooo Quite about this One.

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