Sanket’s Review: ABCD2

ABCD2Noise, noise and more noise! ABCD2 is a film that is high on noise and low on excitement. The film has so many dance pieces and hence so many songs, that it tests patience. Not less than a dozen of songs, this film turns out to be an ordinary film that leaves you rather unexcited.

No, it’s not an unbearable film. Its in fact watchable. But one can’t help but question the need to put a song every few minutes! It feels uneasiness to witness a introduction song not just for the lead but also the side actors. Of course I knew its a dance film and there are gonna be lots of them but the problem is the additional unnecessary songs like the one that goes into beautiful locations but just a love song, or the one that introduces Lauren.

Coming to the positives, some dance performances really amaze us. It feels very good to see the levels of performance shown in some of the acts. Also, the tone of the film is breezy and accommodates some comedy. But the Prabhu Deva subplot is clichéd and done to death without any purpose.

Varun Dhawan is powerhouse of energy. He brings so much to the screen in the scenes than the dances. Shraddha has effective presence. But Prabhu Deva’s performance still requires lot of polishing given the awkward screen presence he posses.

All in all, if at least 3-4 dance pieces were chucked out and the length was shortened by 15-20 minutes, Abcd2 could have been a good time pass and not just an average one. The prequel wasn’t particularly good, but its spirit was visible throughout and was slightly more engaging.

Rating – 2/5

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    Ritz 6 years ago

    So ABCD2 is a bad film. If younger generation like Sanket also didnt like it.

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