Sanjay Dutt convicted in 1993 Bombay blasts case, gets 5 years in jail

Sanjay Dutt convicted in 1993 Bombay blasts case, gets 5 years in jail New Delhi: Actor Sanjay Dutt has been convicted by the Supreme Court today in the Arms Act case that he was booked under in connection with the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts. He has been given a 5 year sentence. He has served 18 months in jail already.

The actor was arrested in April 1993, a month after the serial blasts that ripped Mumbai apart and left 257 people dead and over 700 injured. Police said the AK-56 foundin his house was from the consignment of arms smuggled into the country before the blasts. He was arrested and booked under the Terrorist and Disruptive Activities Act (TADA) and sent to Mumbai’s Arthur Road Jail, where he did time for around 16 months before being granted bail.

Mr Dutt received partial relief in November 2006 when a TADA court absolved him of terrorism charges and booked him under the Arms Act for illegal possession of arms. In July 2007, the court sentenced him to six years in jail. He was arrested on August 2 and sent to Pune’s Yerwada Jail. He was granted bail by the Supreme Court on August 20.

In his confession upon his arrest in 1993, which he later retracted, the actor had said that mafia don Abu Salem visited his home in January 1993 with Samir Hingora and Hanif Kadawala, proprietors of Magnum Video and alleged close associates of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim.

Mr Dutt said they had brought three AK-56 rifles with ammunition, and he kept one to protect his family. He said that he had asked his close friend Yusuf Nulwalla to destroy the rifle after he heard about the serial blasts.

Murmurs that that Mr Dutt got away because of political pressure allegedly exerted by his family, including his late father, actor Sunil Dutt, have persisted throughout the case. Defence lawyers have questioned why the CBI did not question his acquittal.

The verdict will no doubt bring gloom to the Bollywood fraternity. Three films, Policegiri, Zanjeer and P.K., are under production and nearly Rs. 70 crore is riding on Sanjay Dutt.


  1. Reddemon 9 years ago

    Munnabhai toh gaye jail. Now who will do the next part?
    Ye Munnabhai series panauti hai. Jab jab MB3 ka announcement hua hai Sanju baba ko jail ho jata hai.

  2. phoenix 9 years ago

    I read an article that said police while interrogating Sanjay Dutt, threatened to rape his sister infront of his eyes … And that is why he confessed. Anyone here has followed the Bharat shah case involving Chori Chori Chupke Chupke?

  3. phoenix 9 years ago

    Sanjay Dutt interrogation, this is what I read….

    People would immediately think SRK was involved in underwold…. Shetty of NG said, SRK was interrogated for investments in B4U/ which were intern funded by Bharat Shah and Sunil Mittal. That news was being spread by RSS mouth piece who wanted Hrithik was hindu hero against the allegedly muslim mafia funded Khans.

    But tapes reveal SRK was under threat.

    Hakla (Shah Rukh) to… zindagi beet chuki

    Rizvi complains to shakeel about Shah Rukh Khan

    India Today: Return of the Dons: Do something to his car

  4. Alia Bhatt fan 9 years ago

    anyone sympathises with sanjay here? i dont think he carried ak56 to kill common ppl. it was wrong nonetheless but was for safety. if tmrw a girl carries unlicensed revovler in delhi night to protect herself from rapists, will she be convicted?

    • Author
      sputnik 9 years ago

      The Tehelka report says ” he was arrested on charges of acquiring three AK-56 rifles, nine magazines, 450 cartridges and over 20 hand grenades “.

      Why would someone need 20 hand grenades for protection? And why did the underworld guys give all that to a Bollywood star?

      May be he had the gun for safety as his family was receiving death threats or may be it was a toy to show off for him or may be thought that its like films where he will carry big gun and all.

      • Alia Bhatt fan 9 years ago

        you never know what can happen under sensitive times like riots. an ex-MLA with good political conections like jafri was cut into pieces in Guj riots. this after he tried everything he could to avoid it. who can guarantee one’s safety? what could a person do if a mob of 100 something attack his house altogether? i am not saying what sanjay did is right but we dont know what was his situation. should he think about his father and his life or abiut being a law abiding citizen?

        • Author
          sputnik 9 years ago

          hmm… I think many people probably own unlicensed guns but in his case it is a big deal because its a AK-56 rifle from a consignment of weapons which were used in the Bomb Blasts.

          Did they ever find any evidence at his place of a gun/grenades/ammunition?

          I don’t know why the cops make people confess because its not admissible in court anyways. So anyone will obviously retract it. Any normal human being will confess to anything if 3rd degree torture is used or if he is threatened that his family will be killed or his mother/sisters will be raped.

          Phone conversations are usually not admissible in court either unless tapping was authorized from before – so was that conversation allowed in court as evidence?

          I am not saying he is innocent but it appears that his lawyers did not do a good job if there was no evidence directly pointing to him except the statements of other accused.

    • Reddemon 9 years ago

      Why Sympathize only for Sanjay and not for the Others who are convicted?

      • Alia Bhatt fan 9 years ago

        i am not sure of rest but sanjay dutt doesnt seem an anti-nationalist from what i hv seen of him over the years. but then who knows the truth

  5. Author
    sputnik 9 years ago


    Have heard that tape before. Sanjay Gupta and Mahesh Manjrekar was also on the call with him during the conversation.

    ‘In fact, Dutt maintained till the very end that his son was implicated thanks to his own rivalries within the Congress, particularly with Sharad Pawar. When all doors were closed on him, he approached his “personal friend” Bal Thackeray. It was alleged that Thackeray had demanded his pound of flesh, Dutt would not contest the next election from Mumbai Northwest that the Sena wanted to desperately win. As it turned out, Dutt did not contest in 1996 and 1998. It was Sonia Gandhi who persuaded him to return in 1999. He did and wrested the seat back from the Sena. The 2004 victory was his fifth from the constituency.

    Slightly agitated after all these years, Dutt said in an interview last year: “I did not compromise in any way. I did what any father would do for his son in trouble. I went to a very good personal friend and requested help. There was no compromise because I wouldn’t make any.” Now, the secret, if any, remains with Thackeray. ‘

  6. Author
    sputnik 9 years ago

    Sanjay was shooting in Mauritius in April 1993 when his name figured in the case and he was asked to return to Mumbai. Priya says she was surprised to see a large police team at the airport when she arrived to receive her brother.

    “We thought some VIP was coming. We later discovered that they (the police) had come to arrest Sanjay.”

    Priya says Sunil would sometimes be overwhelmed by a sense of guilt, thinking that had he not resigned as Lok Sabha member or protested publicly against the communal riots in Mumbai following the Babri Masjid demolition, Sanjay might not have been targeted by the authorities.

    In the book, Priya recalls the communal violence of December 1992 and January 1993.

    “The situation was getting worse. Dilip uncle (actor Dilip Kumar) and Saira aunty called and told me, ‘Priya, we have news that both our homes are going to be attacked’.”

    Panicky people were calling the Dutt home to say: “They are coming to kill us; they are dragging our children out of the house.”

    Priya writes that the family felt helpless. “All we could do was make a telephone call to the local police station, begging for help. In the days that followed, we kept hearing horrific stories about people getting massacred.”

    Sunil was known for his opposition to Sharad Pawar, who was chief minister when Sanjay was arrested. Till his death, Sunil felt that Pawar had not done enough to bail out his son.

    But unexpectedly, Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray came out in support of Sanjay, declaring publicly he did not believe that any member of the Dutt family could be anti-national.

  7. Author
    sputnik 9 years ago

    A Tear For Yakub Memon Thanks to Shetty for these links.——–/208589/0

    From the above link.

    “In contrast to the Memon convictions, a Tiger gang member who was involved in all three aspects of the conspiracy—arms training in Pakistan, smuggling of arms and explosives to India, and loading and deploying of bomb vehicles (his car near the Shiv Sena headquarters killed four people)—was pardoned by Kode. Badshah Khan (an assumed name; his real identity is protected) got married after the bombings, has three children and lives comfortably in an upmarket Mumbai suburb. ”

    So the “Badshah Khan’ from Black Friday turned approver he was totally pardoned and no sentence at all. Something sounds fishy to me.

    Why were others not allowed to be approvers? Yakub and his family did come back and surrender but he still got the death penalty. Looks like they decided they will make others from the family pay because they did not get the two main guys Tiger and Ayub.

    Interview with Badshah Khan.

  8. Author
    sputnik 9 years ago

    Sanjay Dutt’s 1993 confessional statement in the Mumbai blasts case

    The confessional statement of Sanjay Dutt in connection with the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts case was recorded under Section 15 of TADA on April 26, 1993 at 15:30 hrs (First Part) and on April 28, 1993 at 1600 hrs (Second Part) by Krishan Lal Bishnoi the then DCP, Zone III, Bombay.

    Extracts from the confession:

    (i) I am having three valid license for fire arms and possess 3 fire arms as mentioned below:

    In the statement, recorded by the the then DCP, Zone III, Bombay, the actor confessed to possessing three fire arms.
    Read: Sanjay Dutt’s 1993 confessional statement in the Mumbai blasts case

    (a) 270 Rifle of BRUNO make;

    (b) 375 Magnum Double barreled Rifle; and

    (c) 12 Bore Gun of Double Barrel

    (ii) I purchased these weapons due to my fondness for hunting. I normally go for hunting with one friend of mine, viz., Mr. Yusuf Nullwala as he is an experienced hunter. I also know one friend of Yusuf Nullwala by name Kersi Bapuji Adajenia and met him three times

    (iii) In December, 1991, I had given dates for shooting to actor producer Firoz Khan for his film ‘Yalgar’. He had taken the whole unit for shooting in Dubai. During one of the shootings, Firoz Khan introduced me to one Mr. Daud Ibrahim and also to his brother Anees during another shooting session. After that, Anees used to visit us regularly during the shootings and also at the place of our stay

    (iv) Since Anees used to come frequently, I become well acquainted with him

    (v) I also know the proprietors of Magnum Video, namely Hanif Kandawala and Samir Hingora. I also signed for acting in one of their film ‘Sanam’. Samir is treasurer of Indian Motion Picture Association (IMPA). Hanif and Samir used to come quite frequently to my house for taking dates for shooting from my Secretary

    (vi) Hanif told me that if I so desire, he would make immediate arrangements to provide an automatic fire arm to me for my protection. Initially, I did not show any interest but when Hanif and Samir started repeatedly telling me to acquire a firearm from them, I gradually fell prey to their persistent suggestion and expressed my desire to Hanif and Samir. They said that they would immediately provide me with an automatic fire arm

    (vii) One day, in mid January, in the evening, around 9.00 to 9.30 p.m., Hanif and Samir came to my house along with one person by name Salem. I had met this Salem once or twice earlier also

    (viii) Then these 3 fellows told me that they were coming tomorrow morning with the weapons to be delivered to you. Then they went away

    (ix) Next day morning Samir, Hanif and Salem all three came to my house along with one other person who is not known to me

    (x) They came in a Maruti Van and parked it in a Tin shed which is used by us for parking our vehicles. One person was sitting inside the Maruti Van. After about 15-20 minutes, he took out three rifles and they said it is AK-56 rifles

    (xi) I got some cloth from my house and gave it to them. Salem and the person who has come with him wrapped those rifles in the cloth and gave it to me

    (xii) When I opened and saw it, there were three rifles some magazines and rounds, they have told me that there are 250 rounds. The rounds were kept in another hand bag fetched by me

    (xiii) On seeing three rifles, I got scared and told them that I wanted only one weapon. Then Hanif and Salem told me to keep it for the time being and in case it is not required, we will take away the rest of the two weapons

    (xiv) They have also shown me some brown coloured hand-grenades and asked me whether I want that also. I do not want these grenades and you may please leave my house immediately, I told them

    (xv) I kept these rifles and ammunition in the dickey of my Fiat Car No. MMU 4372 and locked it

    (xvi) On the same night, I removed the three rifles and ammunition, kept the same in a handbag which I kept in my private hall which was on the 2nd floor of our bungalow

    (xvii)Two days thereafter, since I had considerable mental tension, I contacted Hanif Kandawala and requested him to take away the weapons. He said that he would arrange to send somebody to collect the same. After two days, Hanif Kandawala and Samir Hingora along with Salem came to my house in the evening in a car. I returned two AK- 56 rifles and a part of the ammunition to them but retained one AK-56 rifle and some ammunitions with me

    (xviii) Around September 1992, during one of my shooting at R.K. Studio, one Kayyum, who is a member of Dawood Ibrahim gang, who had also met me in Dubai at the time of shooting of the film Yalgar approached me with a stranger. They offered me a 9 mm pistol with ammunition. When I saw it, I liked it and had a strong desire to purchase the same. They offered it to me for a sum of Rs 40,000/-. I paid the said amount in cash to them at my house and purchased the same. I do not know the name of that person who was brought by Kayyum. However, he was aged about 35-38 years, apparently, Muslim, dark complexion, height about 5’8″, fat built, moustache, medium curly hair, wearing shirt and pant. I will be able to identify him if brought before me. He also handed over 8 rounds of the said pistol

    (xix) On 2nd April, I left for Mauritious for shooting of the film ‘Aatish’. There I was informed by a casual contact that Hanif and Samir have been arrested by the Bombay Police for their complicity in bomb blasts

    (xx) On hearing the news, I got frightened as these fellows had given me the AK-56 rifles and they may tell my name to the police to involve me in the bomb blasts case. I contacted my friend Mr. Yusuf Nullwala on telephone and asked him that something is lying in a black coloured bag which is kept in my hall at the second floor of my house and it should be taken away immediately and destroy the things completely which are there in the bag, otherwise, I shall be in a great trouble. By this time, the news about my possession of AK- 56 rifles had appeared in the press and on coming to know about this, my father asked me about the truthfulness of this news, but I denied the same. My anxiety about the whole episode became unbearable and I decided to return to Bombay in between. My father informed my flight details to the police and I was picked up by police as soon as I landed at Bombay and I confessed the whole things to them.

    “Dutt Sr always believed that it was Sharad Pawar who had fixed his son because he himself had not supported the latter’s candidature for prime minister during the struggle in 1991 with PV Narasimha Rao. Dutt had sought to keep himself equidistant from both candidates and was convinced that that’s why even Rao had abandoned him in his hour of need. ”

    “Pawar, on the other hand, hated Dutt for his fierce loyalty to the Nehru Gandhis – and more for the fact that no matter what he did, he could never manage to have Dutt defeated from his own constituency. It was Dutt Sr who made all the difference when he swept his own Lok Sabha seat in 1999 and five other assembly seats for the Congress. The Shiv Sena came in second at 71 seats to the Congress’s 76, thus giving the party an unexpected government in Maharashtra and handing a defeat to the saffron alliance then from which they have yet to recover.”

  9. ank_16n 9 years ago

    What about this——–????

  10. ank_16n 9 years ago

    why the image is not showing as i m using HTML code???
    please fix it..!!

  11. aryan 8 years ago

    Nana Patekar slams Sanjay Dutt’s parole extension

    Not with standing the support of Bollywood bigwigs to Sanjay Dutt, Nana Patekar today slammed the extension of parole to the jailed actor, saying he would never work with the convicted star.

    The 63-year-old actor said the least he can do is boycott the films that Dutt stars in.

    “I have not worked with him in 22 years of my career, I will not work with him in future too,” the actor told a news channel here.

    “Government will do whatever they want. They are saying that it is legal, you can’t say anything about it. But I will do whatever is in my hands,” he added.

    Dutt, 54, was convicted by the Supreme Court for illegal possession of arms in connection with the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts case and was sentenced to six years of imprisonment.

    He had earlier served 18 months of jail and had surrendered himself before a Mumbai court on May 18, 2013 to serve the remaining period of his imprisonment.

    “You will watch his films and make him a hero and later you say he shouldn’t get parole. Things don’t work like that. What can I do? Who will listen to me? People think he is only an actor. I am also a common man but who will consider that,” Patekar said.

    Patekar had spoken out against Dutt even at the time of his sentencing, saying he should not be given a favourable treatment for being an actor.

    Dutt has drawn flak for getting parole of almost 100 days during his current jail term.

  12. Saurabh 8 years ago

    Both Nana and Sadashiv Amrapurkar, who had worked with Dutt in Sadak have denounced him. They don’t play the B’wood game and are known for their outspoken views. It’s no wonder why they don’t work that often these days, coz B’wood is filled with hypocrites, and criminals such as Dutt and Salman, who inspite of their muscles and all the macho image, are just wimps in real life.

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