Salman makes great copy, I don’t: Akshaye Khanna

“Akshaye Khanna gets candid about life and films
You talk to the media only before your films’ release…

I started working as an actor in 1994. What is left to know about me that people don’t already know? I am not comfortable, being in the limelight and I think that’s fine. When I have to, I talk. Otherwise, I prefer not to.

Is that how you stay away from controversies?

Controversy is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s a good thing at times. It’s fun to cook up a story. It gives a high to certain actors. It doesn’t give me.

We never see you at parties or film events…

I find it very difficult staying awake after 11. Honestly, it would have been ok if the parties started earlier by 8.30-9 pm. Nothing starts before 10.30 it doesn’t suit my body cycle.”

“You are playing a common man in your next release Gali Gali Chor Hai?

He is a guy who you see everyday on the street, he works in a bank as a cashier. He loves to act and plays Hanuman in Ram Leela in his free time. He is a very Bhola fellow and with no mistake of his own, gets entrapped in the system. It’s not about corruption but the system. It is a pure Hindi masala film. It’s a poke at the system in an entertaining way.

We heard that you’ve shifted to your Alibaug farmhouse and travel to Mumbai whenever needed?

That is not entirely true. That is only on weekends. I am not an interesting person. SRK makes for a great reading piece. Saif interview is superb. Salman makes exceptionally good copy. There are certain actors who make boring interviews and I am one of them. Also, Mumbai is a city that once in a life you need to detach, recharge your battery and come back.

Your take on marriage?

I don’t think I am ready for marriage. I am only 36. I would get married around 44-45. Enjoy. I enjoy being single. I can spend two weeks, all on my own. I keep myself busy, I read a lot, watch a lot of TV, and do a lot of gardening. I do stupid stuff and I love it. I come out when my film releases and then I disappear.”



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